Dima Drjuchin

Dimitri Dima) Drjuchin is an artist/musician who was born in Moscow, but grew up making images and sounds in New York City. Wielding the culmination of human potential wrought from the depths of the bicameral mind, Drjuchin’s art is a hyperdimensional machine that invokes creatures who come bounding forward with affection and recklessness. These are not the Icons of the Byzantine Church—they are the new Incarnated Symbols of the Multiverse. Drjuchin allows us a glimpse into a fractulated moment of cultural hypnagogic modality and an opportunity to alter our perspectives of reality.

Dima's work was an incredible addition to our Brooklyn Biennial in December 2013, as well as our April 2014 show, also featuring Ciou and Malojo!

Go to Dima's site for more mind-blowing work!


Tour was off to a Rough Start

GicleesDima Drjuchin$70.00

Dima and the Vision Quest! Cassette

Other StuffDima Drjuchin$8.00

Return of the Wonderer

GicleesDima Drjuchin$30.00

Amazing Larry

GicleesDima Drjuchin$30.00

Old Kid Crashes The Party

GicleesDima Drjuchin$60.00

Fuck You, I'm Batman

SilkscreensDima Drjuchin$40.00

Fuck You I'm Batmania!

GicleesDima Drjuchin$70.00

Clusterfuck You I'm Batman

GicleesDima Drjuchin$30.00

Looks Like We've Got a Live One Here

GicleesDima Drjuchin$30.00
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