Jessicka Addams

Florida-born, Los Angeles-based artist Jessicka Addams (also known as surname-free Jessicka) has combined her fascination with Goth culture, all things John Waters, religious iconography, sea creatures and the Easter Bunny in her current body of work. Her work provides an exploration of identity, vulnerability, and loss of innocence while maintaining an element of absurdity that lightens the heaviness of her melancholy sculptures and paintings.

The self-taught artist is also the founding member and singer of such seminal indie rock bands Jack Off Jill and scarling. She is also the resident curator and researcher at Dark Dark Science. Her research interests include an ongoing investigation into the relationships between art and music with a continuing goal of creating her own art while gaining an understanding of the processes of others. Jessicka is particularly interested in the methods of individual visual artists and in the nature of their relationships with music and film.

Her work has been displayed throughout the United States and featured in numerous magazines.


Check out Jessicka's work from our May 2014 show, also featuring work from Lindsey Way and Lori Nelson.

Head over to Jessicka's site for more work!


Black Baby Jesus & White Baby Satan Set

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