We are pleased to announce the release of a beautiful new Giclee by Tara McPherson. Created for her solo show Bunny In the Moon at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC, the original painting is oil on linen, stretched over panel and measures 60 x 48 inches. This painting depicts two pale elegant girls with a playful looking Kappa driving an Elephant. The Kappa is positioned as the mahout and refilling his head with a spray from his giant friend. The isolation provided by the natural spring pillar lends to a sense of peace and seclusion. The sky is full with a familiar view of space, one moon and a handful of stars. This little gang has nothing to fear in the "Safety of Water"

Taken from Tara's largest painting to date, we at Cotton Candy Machine are publishing our largest print to date with this gorgeous oversize giclee.

Safety of Water
by Tara McPherson

20" x 26" image size
24" x 30" paper size
Edition of 100
Signed and Numbered
Giclee on Velvet Fine Art Paper
Printed with Archival Inks

This will go on sale on Tuesday March 13th at 3pm EST (Noon PST).

Click here to preview Safety of Water

Have a good one!





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