Tara McPherson Threadless Collection

Skylar Gerken
Wed 10.28.15
For the first time ever all of these beauitful designs by our own Tara McPherson are available for purchase through Threadless.

I am including some on my need to haves here, but you can check more opitions out for yourself on Threadless ! There are a lot of different options like Tshirts, V-necks, Tanktops, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Scoop-necks and Zip-ups for both men and women ! Along with all this beautiful art being released for the first time on Threadless we also have for the first time ever children's shirts ! Personally I think the Zip-up hoodies are awesome, you get a whole entire scene on the back, how exciting !! Show off your love for Tara McPherson's art through your love of fashion, statement pieces that will for sure be conversation starters.

Blue Bunny

Flying Bunny

Crystal Waterfall

Geroge Picking Skull Flowers

The Wanderers

Cyrstal Waterfall



Halloween Portrait

Lucius and his Mustache

Pink Puke

Wiggle Bunny

Laughing through the Chaos (Children's T-Shirt)

Men's Sizes
Tank Tops-S-XXL
Hoodies- S-XXL
Zip-up Hoodies- S-XXL

Women's Sizes
Tank Tops-S-XL
V-necks- S-XXL
Scoop-necks- S-XXL
Sweatshirts- S-3XL
Hoodies- S-XXL
Zip-up Hoodies- S-XXL

Children's Sizes
T-Shirts- XS-L





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