Zerofriends Opening

Lyejm Kallas-Lewis
Wed 10.16.13

We had a great opening with Zerofriends on the 11th. This show is truly one you do not want to miss with the delightufly diverse and dark body of work from Dave Correia, Jon Wayshak, Robert Bowen, Matt Ritchie and Alex Pardee. We always love when these guys come to town and in some crazy Zerofriends way they always manage to out do themselves. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported both Zerofriends and Cotton Candy Machine. Don't worry, the fun isn't over!! Not only is the show up until the 3rd of November but we still some amazing originals available from the show. Do not miss out!

Also check out all the awesome photos from the night of the opening at this link:

Check out some of the pieces from the exhibition!! And do not forget, these pieces are currently still available for sale! Wait what!? Yes, you did read that right.

Clink this link for the webstore listing of "Bloom 3" by Dave Correia

Clink this link for the webstore listing of "Subject 004" by Jon Wayshak

Clink this link for the webstore listing of "Freddy vs Jason" by Matt Ritchie

Click this link for the webstore listing of "New Biology Psittacidae" by Robert Bowen

Click this link for the webstore posting of "Hang In There" by Alex Pardee. We are selling the original line drawing along with a framed 18" x 24" Giclee print of the piece as well.

These are not the only originals still available either, so make sure and check the original artwork section of our website to see all the wonderful pieces we have available. We also have tons of giclee prints and apparel from them in store right now.  Stop by and see the all the work while it is still up, you have until the 3rd of November!

You can always find or reach us at

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Call us! 718.387.3844

Located in Williamsburg near the Bedford & Lorimer L,
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GelaSkins Galore

Lyejm Kallas-Lewis
Tue 04.02.13
Hey everyone,

No reason to stop the treats from coming after Easter! We have tons of new GelaSkin HardCases and Skins in stock.
Check out some of these awesome HardCases...

Here is a link to "Why Do I Do What I Do" HardCase...

For all you Andriod lovers out there we've got love for you too!
Check out this seductive skin for the Samsung Galaxy S III

Here is a link to this "Bunny Girl" skin.

And lets not forget those laptops with this sick skin for the 15" Unibody Macbook Pro.

15" Macbook pro unibody skin available here!!

Make sure and check out all of the awesome technology related products that we carry right here.

Tattoo Time!

Lyejm Kallas-Lewis
Tue 03.19.13
We always love having fans of Tara's artwork come through the boutique. And while all fans are adored equally it is always especially awesome when we find people adorned with Tara's work!! We have recently had a few inked up instore visits from dedicated fans and would love to showcase some of the great tattoos that we have seen lately.

Here is a great rendition featuring some of Tara's line work from her "Floating in Circles" silkscreen.

A full sleeve of Tara tattoos!! This time with the pieces "Laughing Through the Chaos"  as well as her Carina character. You can find a beautiful silkscreen of Carina here.

Still going... Here you get a great shot of "Bunny Kisses" which we have available as a sticker here.

Wait there is still more, do not miss Tara's "Snake Charmer". We currently have this artwork available as a one color silkscreen, and as a sticker.

A great black and grey version of Tara and Jeff Sotos collaboration for Pearl Jam.
Check out the official poster here.

We would love to thank all of Tara's collectors and followers for your support!! In you live in NYC or are visiting please do stop by and introduce yourselves and your ink if you got it, we love meeting all of you!

Have a great week everyone from all of us here at the Cotton Candy Machine.

A Little Knotty and Dead Inventors opening

Lyejm Kallas-Lewis
Sat 03.16.13

We would love to thank everyone who came out for the opening last Friday! It was a fantastic evening with tons of wonderful work by Dave Cooper and Troy Nixey. This was our first opening of the year and a great way to kick it off! We are very excited about showing with both of these awesome artists. This just happend to be Troy Nixey's first art show ever too! It is long overdue and we are overjoyed to have been a part of it.

Dave Cooper made a name for himself as an underground comicbook artist in the '90s with his graphic novels, "Suckle", "Crumple", "Dan+Larry", and "Completely Pip and Norton". Near the end of the 90s, with the release of his Fantagraphics Books series "Weasel" and subsequently, the graphic novel, "Ripple" Dave established his position in the field. The critical acclaim and general notoriety that his work attracted during this time lead to many interesting opportunities in toy design, fine art printmaking, animation design, illustration, and screenwriting. At the turn of the century Dave turned his attention toward oil painting. He's since had a number of successful, high profile solo shows in Los Angeles, New York, and Paris.

Troy Nixey is well known as an illustrator/writer of comic books. Notable comics include “Batman: The Doom that Came to Gotham,” “Batman: The Gasworks,” “It’s only the End of the World Again,” “Grendel: Black, White and Red” and “Bacon.” Nixey also co-created the comic mini-series “Jenny Finn” and the critically acclaimed comic “Trout.” His comic book background has been perfect for Nixey’s transition into a director of genre films, allowing Nixey to bring his unique design sense and storytelling ability to “Don’t be Afraid of the Dark” the Guillermo del Toro film he directed in 2010. Troy Nixey is currently in development on a few feature film projects but his love for drawing still runs deep.

Check out some succulent shots of opening below...

There was even live jazz music!!

Dave Cooper "A Little Knotty" full set

Dave Cooper's pleasantly pillowly ladies frolic about in an erotic playland. These curvacious women create a carefree world that is nicely juxtaposed by Troy Nixey's confident and calculated penmanship.

A close up of Troy Nixey's piece "Dead Inventor 12"

Here is the artists caption to accompany the drawing.
"Professor Gasplant was notorious throughout the department for ignoring memos but when his nose hair began to tingle and his eyes bulged he swore if he survived he’d never again forget that a) all memos are important and b) Wednesdays are bring your gasmask to work day."

Please be sure to stop by and check out all of the amazing work by these two! The show will stay up until the 7th of April so you still have plenty of time. We have also just posted on the webstore along with all of the originals from the show nine other small originals that Troy Nixey did as a compliment to his other pieces.

1. Pen and ink drawing on antiqued paper tag 2.25" x 4.75"
Each one of these smaller pieces by Troy Nixey is available in our webstore for just $75!

Many thanks to our fabulous photographer Riley Ziesig and to both Dave Cooper & Troy Nixey for making the treck to Brooklyn to be at the opening. Also another thank you to eveyone who has been able to stop by and see the show since then!

The show runs March 8th - April 7th

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Call us! 718.387.3844

Located in Williamsburg near the Bedford & Lorimer L,
Metropolitan G, and Marcy JMZ Subway stops





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