Cotton Candy Cave

Nick Fiore
Thu 03.20.14
If you've been to one of the opening events here at the Cotton Candy Machine in the past six months, there's a good chance I've asked to take your picture. I'm Nick, the photographer/videographer of all things Cotton Candy Machine. When I'm not filming the openings, artwork, and insanely talented artists who come through CCM each month, I like to host a little web series called Smut Cave, in which I explore weird things on the internet with a twisted journalistic eye.

As luck would have it, many of the artists involved with Cotton Candy Machine have the sort of maniacal sensibilities I like to showcase on Smut Cave, and thanks to the support of the good people at this fine art boutique, I've been able to interview some of them in person on the show.

This glorious union, of Smut Cave and Cotton Candy Machine, has allowed for some VERY candid and VERY strange artist interviews, which I am pleased to share with you in all of their NSFW glory. HUGE thanks to everyone at Cotton Candy Machine who made this madness possible:

1. SKINNER - The first victim to wander from CCM down into the Smut Cave, Skinner really set the stage with a mock-satanic ceremony complete with bloodletting:

2. DIMA DRJUCHIN - Dima's Smut Cave interview actually took place before he had any shows CCM, but his greatness secured his place within the canon of legendary Cotton Candy Artists. Be sure to watch through to the climactic sci-fi laser battle:

3. ALEX PARDEE - One of the most well-known artists to ever grace the Smut Cave, Alex was exceedingly generous both in his interview and in bringing out the costumes and makeup that would help define this psychedelic vision:

4. NICK GAZIN - Although Nick has yet to show his work at Cotton Candy Machine, his prolific presence in the New York art scene and broad-spanning body of work (including illustrations for pretty much every band you've ever listened to) made him a necessary addition to the Smut Cave:

For better or worse, these artists bared the core of their souls and hit me with a number of surprising responses through each and every interview. None of this would be possible without the cooperation of Cotton Candy Machine; a collaborative effort so powerful that the host of Smut Cave is the same guy asking to take your picture at the next opening event. Come say hi at our next event, and tell 'em the Spelunker sent ya! Or don't, that's actually really creepy....





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