Photos from the Jeremyville and Buff Monster Sprout Up Opening on August 5th.

Chad and Christine

So much art on the walls!!

Andrew Bell

Giving out free cotton candy all through the night!

Buff and Jeremyville signing out front.

This little kid was so cool with his bart simpson tee shirt. 

Chaz from the London Police collecting sketches on his tee shirt.

Friend of mine from school showed up wearing one of my Mishka tees.  He picked some of Jeremyville's skate prints!

Jeremyville signing one of his LeSportSac bags that a fan brought to the opening. 

Lamour Supreme and the Sucklord

Kids loving the cotton candy. 

Buff Monster and Brian Ewing collaboration. 

Carlo McCormick, Jeremyville, and Tara

Eat More Vegatables!

Aaron and Catherine Wilson

You can check out more photos from the opening on the Buff Monster and Jeremyville Sprout Up Event Page. Just scroll down to the bottom.

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Daniel Danger Opening Reception

Sara Antoinette
Wed 07.13.11
Daniel Danger's solo event opened Friday July 8th, 2011.  Daniel showed a selection of silkscreened art prints, rock posters, and originals.  Here are some pictures from the party! 

You can see lots more pictures and artwork from Daniel Danger's Solo Show on our events page here: DANIEL DANGER
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Hey Brooklyn, big bridge themed weekend coming up! 

"It is a time honored tattoo parlor tradition to commemorate an auspicious date or event with a themed tattoo. Shops have long been inking“13”on arms when that date falls on a Friday the 13th, or offers for $31 dollar halloween imaged tattoos are abundant on October 31st. With this thought in mind, and because of the great success of last years inaugural event, Brooklyn Tattoo is proud to announce the 2nd annual Brooklyn Bridge birthday celebration. They have decided once again to honor one of their biggest inspirations, the Brooklyn Bridge, by offering $28 Brooklyn Bridge tattoos on Sunday May 22nd, 2 days before the Bridge’s 128th anniversary(May 24th). Also, since they have recently aquired the space next store to the shop, and created Urban Folk ArtŠ Gallery, there will be an adjoining group art show commemorating the Brooklyn Bridge through the eyes of many local artists and mediums."

The Brooklyn Bridge themed art show opens this Friday, May 20th and features art and photography inspired by Brooklyn's most famous feat of engineering.   Please join us for the opening reception 7pm - 11pm!

Participating artists include:
Omar Sanchez, Kaver LOB, Alecksander Batko, Sara Antoinette Martin, Robert Hernandez, Shoshanna Weinberger, Adam Suerte, Anthony Dance Jehamy, Keithe Thompson, William Suarez, Jason S#!thead, Rebel NSA, Alex Bershaw, Joe Russo, Tom Saffle, Victor Vinas.

Urban Folk Art Studios will be posting updates with the available flash designs for Sunday.  There will be lots of different styles to choose from, but no alterations will be made.  What you see is what you get! 

Get your $28 BK Bridge Tattoos at Brooklyn Tattoo!
99 Smith St (at Atlantic)
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 643 1610

I just want to note, while writing this blog and taking a break from creating my drawings for the show, I've been watching the Ken Burns 'Brooklyn Bridge' documentary on Netflicks instant quque.  The Brooklyn Bridge was a huge feat of engineering and a beautiful monument that defined an emerginf NYC. This particular documentary was made before I was born and my favorite visual part so far, is footage of a zeppilin flying behind the bridge. 

Heres a quick preview of what I've been working on for the show:

How to Cook Things from the Internet

Sara Antoinette
Wed 05.18.11

This video is a little long but totally worth it to watch it all the way through.

This is just demented.

PAPER VIEW Opening Reception

Sara Antoinette
Thu 05.12.11
Hello Cotton Candy Machine readers!  Sara Antoinette here, and its my first blog post.  Yeah! 

PAPER VIEW: A ZEROFRIENDS SHOW opened Friday May 6th, 2011.  Zerofriends is the creative collective founded by Alex Pardee and features the artwork of loads of talented artists. PAPER VIEW features prints and works on paper by Alex Pardee, Dave Correia, Skinner, and Robert Bowen.  The store was also fully stocked in Zerofriends sick tee shirt line.  Alex Pardee and Dave Correia were in attendance at the opening to sign stuff and eat twinkees (the cotton candy machine (the actual machine, not the store) was out-of-order).

Dave and Alex with our hosts Tara McPherson and Sean Leonard!

Alex Pardee and his lady Leah Busse

This lucky guy is about to purchase both editions of Alex's own Cotton Candy Machine exclusive prints.

Signing some tee shirts.

Our neighbor Tristan Eaton stopped by with his lovely girlfriend. 

 The proud owner of Dave Correia's awesome Skeletor print.

Anyone with an Alex Pardee/Zerofriends tattoo got a free raffle ticket!

Sean stole my camera for a hot minute, catching me pretending to be asian and Esao Andrews pretending to shotgun a beer. 

Serious Face!

Alex raffled off a production sample of his brand new unreleased book with a hand painted cover.  So awesome! Then we raffled off some random prints!


We were really happy that one of our amazing interns won something. 

Check out all these winners!

Link time!
You can see lots more pictures and artwork from PAPER VIEW on our even page here: PAPER VIEW: A ZEROFRIENDS SHOW.
Be sure to scroll all the way down. 
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