We've got a story for you!

Tonight, from 7-11 pm, we will be hosting a solo show for a wonderfully fun and colorful Brooklyn-based artist, Chris Uphues. Showcasing his new original paintings, as well as installation pieces and tons of sweet merch, this show will absolutely bring a smile to your face. Utilizing familair images like cartoon hearts and bees, his work is accessible while still being rather prolific. As a veteran street artist, his original paintings often mimic the overlapped nature of wheatpaste art, showing just how well his work can transition from one setting to another. He is a street artist, a fine artist and so much more.

Some of the awesome original paintings for tonight's opening!



Chris Uphues’ art has now gone from wheat paste and street art to a huge collaboration that landed him in Times Square. "LOFT x Chris Uphues" marks the first ever artist collaboration for LOFT! With limited edition tee shirts and huge installations in their flag ship store and the nice slogan LOVELOFT, “LOFT X Chris Uphues” couldn’t be more perfect for the season.

With his iconic hearts all over NYC, Chris has become a real staple in the street art scene. Whether you are walking through Williamsburg or downtown Manhattan, you can't miss the colors, sweet expressions and general good vibes coming from his work. His collaboration with LOFT truly marks an amazing transition is his carreer, showing just how adaptable his artistic voice truly. Remarkably, this collaboration did not push Chris to alter his work or voice but, rather, to push his preexisting personal world into a new venue. From street to store, the work remains ultimately Chris's and we couldn't be happier for him.

Some of Chris's eye-catching street art.

These massive collaborations can take an artist’s work to levels and places that are other wise unobtainable. Millions of tourists will get to see and enjoy his installation in Times Square, Noho and Chicago. There is a fine artist behind these wonderful heart characters and we are hosting his first Cotton Candy Machine solo show here tonight!

I’d like to invite you to come and meet Chris Uphues.
"Small Gift" Solo Show Opening Event Friday February 13th
7pm to 11pm

Month Of Love Print Releases

Sean Leonard
Wed 02.04.15

New Releases from Tara McPherson

It's the Month of Love!! We have two new print releases and one super special Artist Proof for you all! Tara McPherson's work has revolved around people and their odd ways. Love, Loss and Longing are a huge part of the human experience and Tara's portraits capture her subjects in a place where all emotions are possible. Share love this holiday!

Use promo code HEARTHOLE to Save 15% on your orders!

We produced a small verson of this print as a timed release to help as relief from our apartment fire and it was a huge success and help so thank you! People have asked for a larger version ever since. We are now pleased to announce the release of this large beautiful print!

Bunny In The Moon by Tara McPherson

Giclee on Extra Thick Somerset Velvet with Deckled Edges, 36 mil
Signed and Numbered Edition of 100
23" x 29"

$150 Special release day price! Click Here!

"The event that inspired the title of this painting as well as the theme of the 'Bunny in the Moon' show, and the first time I was struck with the realization of the huge diversity in social perspectives, was while I was in Japan having a dinner with some new friends. We somehow began discussing the moon and I mentioned the man in the moon. My japanese friend looked at me with this quizzical face and said "A man in the moon? You mean the bunny in the moon don't you?". My face lit up at the notion that when we all look at the moon people in Japan see a bunny! The legend, in a nutshell, is about the bunny that sacrificed his life to feed a starving man that was actually a deity in disguise. In homage to the selflessness the bunny showed, the diety made the bunny's ashes fly up to the moon so all could remember his image and act for ages to come. Also while visiting Kilmainham Gaol, a former prison in Ireland, I found that the executioners used little pieces of paper pinned over the hearts of the prisoners so they'd have something to aim at. This image stayed with me so strongly. So in revisiting and evolving this myth and historical tidbit, this image is about how the the ultimate sacrifice of a life and death can be equated to love, to give yourself to someone so completely and selflessly. And will they love you back? Will they write you a love letter on the blank piece of paper over your heart, or will they use it as a target and stab you like an executioner?" - Tara McPherson

Up next is one of our favorite paintings from Tara's Lost Constellations solo show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Now released for the first time as a large print!

Sword Swollower by Tara McPherson

Giclee on Velvet Fine Art Rag with 260gsm/19 mil
Signed and Numbered Edition of 100
17" x 21.5"

$70 Special release day price! Click Here!

This print was published by our good frineds at 1xRun and the regular edition is now sold out! This is the first time Tara is releaseing any of her Artist Proofs!

The Love Note by Tara McPherson

Giclee on Museum Natural White Fine Art Paper
Archival Pigment Print on 310gsm
Signed and numbered Artist Proof Edition of 15
15" x 24"

$150 Special release day price! Click Here!

"This painting was part of my 'Wandering Luminations' exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in October 2013. The theme of the show as a whole was about evolution in darkness, and the light that is created from within that dim environment...deep space, deep oceans, dark caves. The parallels these unknown worlds have. Bio-luminescent figures that, in their solitude, create a glowing environment. Light from dark. Creation in isolation.

The idea behind 'The Love Note' was an exploration into the heart hole theme I have been playing with for many years, replacing the empty heart with blank heart shaped note that has been unfolded and pinned to this woman's chest. It signifies the beginning, an almost clean slate if you will, tinged with just a little blood from her past, with a blind leap of faith into the future." - Tara McPherson

These nice quotes from Tara add a wonderful insight to the work. Thank you all for checking in and the love and support! The orders are getting shipped now as I type!

Talk to you soon. Come visit! 

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Call us! 718.387.3844

Printsgiving Is Here Again!

Sean Leonard
Wed 11.26.14




Every year we have a big sale and give away FREE PRINTS for Printsgiving weekend and we have another great year planned for you all! Starting NOW Thursday November 27th use promo code PRINTSGIVING at check out to receive 15% OFF your entire order! New prints, Old sold out prints, Artist Proofs, Toys, Buttons and more all on sale this weekend only!

Order anything online and get "Borealis" by Tara McPherson FREE! 

Order anything from TheCottonCandyMachine.com this weekend and get "Borealis" by Tara McPherson FOR FREE! This large 19" x 15" lithograph print will come signed with love by Tara in every order, that's Printsgiving! 

New Print Set from Tara McPherson! 

"Galactic X-Rays: or How I Turned Into a Quasar"
and "Secrets of the Polar Aurora"

Print set by Tara McPherson

Giclee on Velvet Fine Art Rag with 260gsm/19 mil
Signed and Numbered Edition of 100
17" x 21"
$120 Special Printsgiving release price! Use promo code PRINTSGIVING to save 15% more! 

Also available individually

"Secrets of the Polar Aurora"
by Tara McPherson

Giclee on Velvet Fine Art Rag with 260gsm/19 mil
Signed and Numbered Edition of 100
17" x 21"
$70 Special Printsgiving release price! Use promo code PRINTSGIVING to save 15% more!

"Galactic X-Rays: or How I Turned Into a Quasar"
by Tara McPherson

Giclee on Velvet Fine Art Rag with 260gsm/19 mil
Signed and Numbered Edition of 100
17" x 21"
$70 Special Printsgiving release price! Use promo code PRINTSGIVING to save 15% more!

Artist Proofs and Sold Out Prints!

We are pleased to release a few Rock Posters and Art Prints that have been sold out! We have gone though and pulled out some really special and rare prints from the archives to release this weekend! Make sure to use Promo Code Printsgiving to save 15% off your entire order and get a FREE PRINT this weekend only! Check out the Rock Posters, Silkscreens and Giclees for all of the releases! 

Button Packs by Tara McPherson! 

These new button packs each come with 10 sweet little 1 inch buttons by Tara McPherson! Each set has a collection of Tara's icon characters ready to wear! Collect them all! Remember to use promo code PRINTSGIVING! 


Along with the PRINTSGIVING sales online we also have a great weekend planed here in Brooklyn at the Boutique! We will be giving "Borealis" prints by Tara McPherson with every purchase in store just like online! The most exciting IN STORE only releases are from our OUT OF EDITION print sale! With every print edition there are always a few that don't meet our quality standards and are pulled aside. This stack builds up and we burst every year on printsgiving weekend with our OUT OF EDITION print sale! You'll find some super rare and obscure prints, with some minor imperfections for insane prices. We'll have stack for sale from $10 to $50 each. Also all of our frames are half price again this weekend only! We are open our regular business hours 12 to 8pm Friday to Sunday so come enjoy the holiday!

Thank you all for the love and support!
Have a great weekend with your friends and family!
Come visit us here in Brooklyn too! 

New Maps Of The Abyss is a two man show presenting new bodies of work by Arik Roper and Skinner, two of the most distinct voices in proto fantasy art today. Two distinct styles covering the more distant spaces on the spectrum of bizarre visionary art. Illustrative, fantastic and one of a kind, these two mind freaks have naturally gravitated towards each other to form this amazing show.

The installation they have created at the Cotton Candy Machine will transport you to a place where you could experience these visions in their natural habitat! Welcome to new maps of the abyss!

Arik Roper and Skinner New Maps Of The Abyss from Cotton Candy Machine on Vimeo.

Presale for the show is live now and selling fast. Visit our event page here to preview the available works!

Please email info@thecottoncandymachine.com with a list of paintings you would like to purchase. Do include alternates choices incase the pieces you are after have been sold.

Join us for the opening event!

Opening Event Friday November 14th
7pm - 11pm

Show runs November 14th - December 7th


Skinner challenged himself to create new visions of classic Dungeons and Dragons characters in a new illustrative reconnection to himself in an homage to the things that have ignited his mind as a youth! An indulgent look at his heart held influences.

An outstanding 38 original paintings now fill the walls with Skinners insane vision and rebirth of these classic monsters.

Cotton Candy Machine will be releasing a new limited edition print from Skinner at the opening, first come first served. So come early!

Follow the link to see the preview of the show here!

Arik Roper

For New Maps Of The Abyss, Arik Roper has created scenes and entities that one would encounter when traveling into the subconscious abyss! All in his incredibly beautiful otherworldly style.

At the opening event we will be releasing a print of the album art from Sleep's Dope Smoker. This print has never been released and the quantities are very limited at opening. We will be releasing these large 36" x 17" prints first come first served along with a new print from the show at the opening so come early!

Follow the link to see the preview of the show here!

See you at the opeing! 

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street
Brooklyn NY 11211

Store: 718-387-3844

There Will Be Blood
Screening + live film score
Wordless Music Orchestra
with Jonny Greenwood
September 19-20, 2014

This fall, the Wordless Music Orchestra will once again collaborate with Jonny Greenwood for the U.S. premiere of There Will Be Blood Live: a full screening and live film score to Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2007 masterpiece, which will be projected onto a massive 50′ movie screen at the historic and absurdly beautiful United Palace Theatre: the second-largest movie screen in all of New York City.

For these shows, the film’s original score–comprising music by Jonny Greenwood, Arvo Pärt, and Brahms–will be conducted by Ryan McAdams, and performed by 50+ members of the Wordless Music Orchestra, including Jonny Greenwood, who will play the ondes martenot part in both performances of his own film score. Tickets on sale NOW!

New York City based artist Tara McPherson has created a striking image for the shows! This 16" x 23", 5 color screen print will be available for purchase at both screenings to commemorate this memorable experience.

United Palace, NYC
4140 Broadway (at 175th Street), NYC
House opens at 6:30pm
Show starts at 8:00pm

Friends, Family and Fans join us for this unforgettable event!

Snowdrop Pop Up in Mexico City!

Sean Leonard
Mon 02.10.14

Tara McPherson is heading back to Mexico City!

Guru Gallery and Custom Rock Garage are hosting us for a Cotton Candy Machine Pop up in DF. Along with a beautiful selection of prints and goodies we are bringing down Tara also will have some Original Drawings for sale. Make sure to come and say hello for the event! See you in Mexico City! Join us this Thursday February 13th at 8pm! Here are more of the details for you!

La dinámica para asistir al evento de Tara McPherson en Custom Rock Garage #lapagina este jueves 13 de febrero es el siguiente:

Envía tu nombre completo a: galeria@gurugalleryshop.com con el asunto: Evento Tara Mcpherson.
Las primeras 150 personas estarán dentro, el correo es personal.
Si eres uno de los afortunados en poder asistir, el día lunes 10 de febrero recibirás un mail de confirmación con todos los datos.

Si ya enviaste tu correo, no es necesario que lo hagas nuevamente, sólo espera tu confirmación.

Sólo podrán entrar las personas que estén en la lista de invitados.

The dynamics for the event of Tara McPherson in Custom Rock Garage #lapagina this Thursday February 13 is as follows: send your full name a: galeria@gurugalleryshop.com with the subject: event Tara Mcpherson.
The first 150 people will be inside, the mail is personal.
If you're one of the lucky ones in order to help the day Monday, February 10 will receive an e-mail of confirmation with all details.

If you already sent your email, it is not necessary to do it again, only awaiting your confirmation.

Only they can enter people that are on the guest list. (Translated by Bing)

Tara's DJ set on Valentines Day! 

"So excited I'm going to Mexico City next week!! In addition to the event we are doing with Guru Galeria at Custom Rock Garage on Thurs the 13th, I am going to DJ at Caradura on Valentines Night! Come dance with me! (Awesome poster layout by Smithe with one of my new paintings!)"

17" x 27"
Signed Lithograph
* There is slight wrinkling on the top right corner from travel. So there is only a $10 price tag!
Buy the Poster Here!

We are pleased to release our newest Canvas Print from Tara!

On sale NOW! "My Love Flows Out Like A Waterfall" Canvas
Giclee by Tara McPherson

Click Here to Buy!

Tara created the painting "My Love Flows Out Like A Waterfall" for her "Inside Nostalgia" series in 2009. The original painting is acrylic on birch. This canvas giclee looks an awful lot like the real thing!

16" x 24"
Giclee Print on Canvas
Signed and Numbered Edition of 100

• Acid and lignin free, heavyweight, cotton-poly blend archival canvas.
• Environmentally friendly, water-based protective coating approved by Wilhelm Research, Epson and HP to increase light fastness and help seal and protect artwork from moisture, humidity, atmospheric contaminants, abrasion and fingerprints.
• Gallery wrap stretched over 1.5” thick heavy duty stretcher frames giving clean edges and corners for a museum quality look.
• Canvas prints will begin shipping on February 11th, 2014

Happy Printsgiving!!

Sean Leonard
Wed 11.27.13

New Releases and Printsgiving!!!

Printsgiving is here again! We are feeling good this week and want you too as well! We're giving away a FREE copy of The Snow Bride lithograph with every order placed starting TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! (12.00am Thanksgiving until Cyber Monday at 11.59pm)

We have a few new things we are releasing tonight at Midnight!! Also we're having a Black Friday Sale on a bunch of my new posters! See below for details!!

The Wanderers Giclee

Tara McPherson is pleased to release this giclee of one of her newest paintings, from Tara's Wandering Luminations solo exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery!

The Wanderers by Tara McPherson
Giclee on extra thick Somerset Velvet with Deckled Edges, 505gsm/36 mil
Signed and Numbered Edition of 100
20" x 29"

* Available at 12:00 am EST on Thanksgiving, November 28th! That's tonight at midnight!
Order the print HERE!

Alkaline Trio & New Found Glory

This image was used for their 2013 Tour Poster, Stage Banner and Shirts! The regular edition of 500 Signed and Numbered posters were sold on the tour. If you missed getting your copy at the show, you can now get one of my AP's!

Alkaline Trio / New Found Glory
by Tara McPherson
6 Color Silkscreen
17" x 23"
Artists Proof Edition of 50
Signed and Numbered

* Available at 12:00 am EST on Thanksgiving, November 28th! That's tonight at midnight!
Purchase info HERE!

Wandering Luminations Pendant

Ink It labs just released a pendant of mine printed on wood. We also made an Artists Proof Edition of 10 made on trasparent Acrylic. This piece glows in the way the actual painting did! So luminous!

Wandering Luminations Pendant
by Tara McPherson

Artists Proof Edition of 10
1.75" x 2.5" SOLD OUT
Acrylic and Wooden Frame
Signed and Numbered on the back
Handmade in the USA

Regular edition available from Ink It Labs HERE

Franz Ferdinand and Melvins / Baroness poster sale!

Special Printsgiving sale price of $20!!
$20 all weekend long!

See the Franz Ferdinand poster $20 HERE!

See the Melvins poster $20 HERE!


A FREE copy of 'The Snow Bride' lithograph with every order! From Thanksgiving until the end of Cyber Monday order anything from our webstore and you will get this print for free! Happy Printsgiving! 

The Snow Bride by Tara McPherson
7" x 13" LItho

New Prints by David M. Cook available online!!

Tail of Tails Giclees by David Cook
17" x 22" giclee print on cotton rag paper
Hand signed and numbered edition of 50

You Got Got Giclees by David Cook
17" x 22" giclee print on cotton rag paper
Hand signed and numbered edition of 50

Thank you all again for your love and support! 

Have a happy Printsgiving with your family and friends! 

Stop in to Cotton Candy Machine on Black Friday for Printsgiving savings and special deals! 

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone 718.387.3844

See you soon!

Waterfall Eyes

Tara McPherson's new painting for the Lacrima Aquarium Museum exhibition in Rome on December 6th, 2013. Lacrima Aquarium is a project curated by Alexandra Mazzanti and Giorgio de Finis, in collaboration with the Contemporary Art Gallery Dorothy Circus in Rome.

The exhibition is dedicated to the most essential and female element, the water and its possible memory which can feed and rebuild our lives. Lacrima Aquarium brings to the stage the works of 33 artists, painters and sculptors fromscene from the new international pop surrealism scene, which represents the vanguard of contemporary figurative art. The artworks some from private collections, some brand new, composed on the theme of Water, will express through a dreamlike vision, the meaning of what the “Mother Tear” brings inside itself of the collective imaginary. Drop by drop the artists will create for the inspiring hall of the Roman Aquarium the ghost of a mother’s womb able to accept new doctrines, dreams and thoughts.

Esao Andrews, Chris Berens, Miss Van, Ray Caesar, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Scott Musgrove, Tara McPherson, Sas Christian, Colin Christian, Natalie Shau, Marion Peck, Crystal Chan, Afarin Sajedi, Zoe Byland, Seven Moods, Marco Tarascio, Clementine De Chabaneix, Naoto Hattori, Leila Ataya, Adam Wallacavage, Francesca Romana Di Nunzio, Kukula, Camille Rose Garcia, Aron Wiesenfeld, Mr. Klevra, Kazuki Takamatsu, Kwon Kyungyup, Alessia Iannetti, Paolo Guido and Anastasia Kurakina.

For details on the painting please contact the gallery here.

Brooklyn Biennial Submissional

Sean Leonard
Fri 11.22.13
For the very first time Cotton Candy Machine is hosting a submission based show! This was our chance to suport and celebrate the submissions sent in all year long. So we invited any and all artists to submit for our December show and created the Brooklyn Biennial Submissional. The response was inspiring and overwhelming. The amount of talent and creativity we had the pleasure of looking through preparing for the show was a true joy, thank you to every artist who submitted your work. We want to show so many more of you. All of these submissions make me wish we had a bigger space already. We had to pick the best of the best and that is what we did.

Ladies and Gentlemen it is a honor to announce the artists accepted for
Cotton Candy Machine's Brooklyn Biennial Submissional!

Dima Drjuchin
Allison Sommers
Tina Lugo
Cory Benhatzel
Sean Mahan
Ronnie Ray Mendez
Hanna Jaeun
Amar Stewart
Wizard Skull
Gabi de la Merced

Brooklyn Biennial Submissional
Opening Event Friday December 13th
7 to 11pm

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street (between Roebling and Havemeyer)
Brooklyn, NYC 11211

Make sure to click through each of the artists names above and below to see more of their work! 

Here is a little light on each of the artists in the show. Not all of these pieces are in the show, some of them are and I mentioned so in the comments. This should give you a good taste of the treats to come.

Dima Drjuchin

I was really excited to show you Dima Drjuchin's artwork first but David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno already beat me to it. Dima painted the album cover for "Fear Fun" by Father John Misty and they get around.

Wielding the culmination of human potential wrought from the depths of the bicameral mind, Drjuchin’s art is a hyperdimensional machine that invokes creatures who come bounding forward with affection and recklessness. These are not the Icons of the Byzantine Church—they are the new Incarnated Symbols of the Multiverse. Drjuchin allows us a glimpse into a fractulated moment of cultural hypnagogic modality and an opportunity to alter our perspectives of reality.

Enjoy this little vignette from our good friend The Spelunker with Dima Drjuchin for the Smut Cave.

Dimitri Drjuchin is an artist/musician who was born in Moscow, but grew up making images and sounds in New York City. He graduated Parsons School Of Design in 2003 with a BFA in Illustration. This past October DIma painted live at NYCC with Cotton Candy Machine creating this piece that now hangs on the Roebling Wall. This will be the first time Dima has shown his original work at CCM and it wont be the last... (We already have something on the books for next year!!) 

Dima is creating all new work for this show so we are excited to see them come to life.

Make sure to follow Dima Drjuchin here
Dimitridrj Instagram
Dimitri Drjuchin Tumblr

Allison Sommers

Allison Sommers is a Brooklyn-based art-worker. A self-taught artist, she graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in History and a concentration in Early Medieval England.

ATELIERBETRIEBE: An art-working studio. A factory of non-commodity manufacture. An ethic of both work and art.

She practices art in the way a tinkerer, or a philosopher-alchemist, approaches his workshop: all avenues are considered, objects and drawings continually evolve, and, most importantly, there is constant motion, fingers are always fiddling, marks are always being made. For me, art is a verb.

"I am an inveterate magpie: images, histories, phrases, shiny bits, trash, old papers, hair trimmings, rusty things, bones, and dust all find their way into my studio to be considered, mulled about, chewed upon, and channeled into new work."

As a result, my work is manifold: I make paintings, drawings, books, sculptures, miniatures, and assemblages. I slip tiny paintings into matchboxes and draw on bones. All pathways of making are fair game."

Atelierbetriebe A-S is the aegis under which my work is produced: it is the house, and the philosophy, of all my artwork."

I've been a fan of Allison's work since the first time I came across it. She is non stop with her work ethic and we couldn't be happier she is making time for this show in her busy schedule!

Follow Allison Sommers here
Allison Sommers Art Facebook
AllisonSommers Instagram

Tina Lugo

Tina Lugo was born and raised in the Bronx where she still resides. She studied at the School of Visual Arts where she obtained her BFA and worked with fellow artist, Nicolas Touron.

Inculcated by waves of Saturday morning cartoons, characters portrayed in comic book literature, and videogame culture, Tina Lugo became instantly infatuated with the bright colors of the animated world. As she grew up, the social and sexual undertones of these cartoons unbridled themselves from the confines of her childhood memory. Tina began to realize that the sexual and often tongue-in- cheek humor she expressed had stemmed from what she had watched on early 90’s television and only fueled her passion to uncover the subversive and controversial qualities in the pop culture of yesteryear. The use of enamel and plexiglas in her work is to suggest that the smooth, hyper-gloss finishing of a world that allures us will always be beneath a transparent barrier we can touch but never enter-a replication of the voyeuristic qualities we all posses. Her style references and pays homage to her variety of modern influences which include: Takashi Murakami, Toshio Saeki, Hanna Barbera, Japanese animation, and Henry Darger.

It is a thrill to come across such young, fresh. local talent. We love what we've see so far and we can't wait to see what she creates for the show! These pieces are painted on plexiglass so they'll be a real treat to see in person. Tina is creating all new works for the show!

Follow Tina Lugo here
Tina_Lugo Instagram
Tina Lugo Art Facebook


Jose Emroca Flores is an artist, illustrator, and designer with a distinctive style that has spanned multiple outlets in films, games, books, animations, galleries, and advertising. He is currently working as a freelance designer/illustrator.

Emroca actively shares his oil paintings in galleries across the country. Many of those paintings have been showcased in galleries such as: Iam8bit, Thinkspace, Minna, and 1988. He has also worked on projects with a variety of companies, big and small, like: EA, Vivendi Universal, Activision/Blizzard, Nike, Marvel, Hasbro, DC shoes, Sticky Bumps, Game Informer, Iam8bit, FHM, Maxim, Spectrum, Computer Arts, Nintendo Power, Gnomon, Society of Illustrators, and others.

When he is not creating art, you can find him surfing throughout the year, traveling the globe, riding his motorbike around North County SD, and spending time with his family and friends.

Cotton Candy Machine is excited and honnored to show Jose Emroca as part of the Brookyln Biennial Submissional! We can't wait to see what Emroca is creating for the show!

Follow Emroca here
Jose Emroca Flores Arte Facebook
Emroca Instagram

Cory Benhatzel 

Cory Louise Benhatzel was born and raised in the town of Amherst, New York. She loved drawing and the magical forest that was her backyard. At eighteen she moved to Los Angeles where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from Otis College of Art & Design. Cory's artistic love has always been painting and drawing, but has also tried her hand at tattooing, photography, experimental video and art gallery work. After eight years in Los Angeles, she decided to return to Amherst with her husband Justin and daughter-cat Moogle. She lives in a house guarded by gargoyles and paints most of the time.

Much of the inspiration behind Cory Benhatzel’s paintings come from her childhood experiences and memories.
The taxidermy she viewed at the local natural history museum, the deer skeletons she saw in her backyard, the flower gardens that her mother grew, the heavy metal music her father played, the wild birds Cory fed outside, and her beloved pet cats, all made an indelible mark on the artist. It was these early loves that created the painter and inspire the pieces she makes.

Cory has created a majestic world where supernatural beasts are impervious to the cruelty of humanity and are guardians of the occult; holders of great secret knowledge. Among the symbolism that the artist employs are that of Floriography (the Victorian-era Language of Flowers), witchcraft, Satanism and Norse Paganism.

The framed image above "Foxgloves and Foxtails" will be in the Brooklyn Biennial Submissional. We can't wait to see the rest of her work!

Follow Cory Benhatzel here
Art of Cory Benhatzel Facebook
Corybenhatzel Instagram
Cory Benhatzel Tumblr

Sean Mahan

Sean Mahan is a social realist figurative painter who works with graphite and acrylic washes on wood to depict a sense of wonder about the innate warmth of the human character and its conflict with structures of power and control.

Sean has enjoyed creating cover artwork for the bands: Lowpines, Twelve Hour Turn, Floor, Daitro, Dauntless Elite, Jets vs. Sharks, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Beat Buttons, North Lincoln, Fires, Del Cielo, The Gifthorse, Mouthbreather, Senders, Little League, Back Pocket, Small Talk, Solid Pony, Laura Minor, Verde, Kids on Bikes, and more.

Most of these paintings will be in the Brooklyn Biennial Submissional. Sean is continuing to paint and working on the show now. He has sent me a few progress shots and I think this next one might be a masterpiece.

Follow Sean Mehan here
Sean Mahan Art Facebook
Sean Mahan Art Pinterest


Currently residing in Philadelphia, he has exhibited from coast to coast as well as lands afar.

While you are enveloped in sleep, JoKa is toiling into the night stippling acrylic paint to blank facades, using images of styles and faces of yore. Having a penchant for meticulous and detailed work led JoKa to his method of hyperpointillism, wherein he uses only toothpicks to apply his tiny dots of color. Although his images may be skewed from direct interpretation, the meanings behind his work are usually dark in tone and leaning more towards a devious nature.

All of these pieces and more will be in the show! We can't wait to see these in person! 

Make sure to follow JoKa here
JoKa Artwork Facebook
JoKa Youtube

Ronnie Ray Mendez

Ronnie Ray Mendez is a visual artist indigenous to Southern California. A purveyor of Aestheticism, Romanticism and Symbolism, he fuses the human and animal form, illustrating the fine line we walk between reeason and raw emotion. OCD being a prerequisite for this Ronnie, he employs the complex and classical technique of stippling with cross-hatching, giving rise to a new renaissance reflecting natural cooperation. His symbols, settings and characters not only speak of his emotions, dreams and experiences but of cultural distortions and the human condition at large.

Such impressive work! These are wonderful examples of Ronni Ray Mendez talent. Everyone will be eager to see his new works.

Follow Ronni Ray Mendez here
RonniRayMendez Instagram
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Hanna Jaeun

Hanna Jaeun is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. She works with acrylics on wood panels, preferring smooth wood that is without texture or irregularities. This allows for concentration on layering and blending of paint in a meditative journey into a creative landscape populated by humans, animals and chimeras.

Since time immemorial, wildlife has served to symbolize the raw emotions that lurk beneath the thin veneer of the human form. Hanna uses animals as a primary subject matter to explore themes of isolation, vulnerability and belonging. The beings who inhabit her world dance between the ordered civilization of humanity and the feral emotional landscape of the animal- they are part of the both, yet belong fully to neither.

Many of the creatures found in Hanna's work could be considered 'monstrous at first glance insofar as they are neither fully human nor fully animal. However, when one engages with her paintings, the viewer has no choice but to recognize the raw emotion and humanity emanating from the subjects, and to understand that the unifying pulses of loneliness, isolation and joy all throb within even the most foreboding or exotic exteriors.

These are four paintings that will be in the Brooklyn Biennial Submissional from Hanna Jaeun. We couldn't be more excited! She is working on a few more as well!

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Amar Stewart

Amar Stewart is a London based artist and illustrator. His influences lie somewhere between, Music and City Life. Growing up in a small town in the Midlands he began drawing at a young age typically sketching super heros in his scrap book. It was only in his 20's when he moved to London that he saw a whole new world. The city being filled with so much energy and creativity fed his mind with ideas.

The next 8 years would be a learning experience. Experimenting with concepts, painting techniques, travelling and finding out what path he wanted to go down.

Although all genres music inspires Amar's work, Hip Hop is the driving force behind the majority of his creations. Using heavy brush strokes and vibrant colours he tries to capture his subject in the truest form with an abstract feel.

Amar has exhibited his art internationally in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong and Melbourne. His work has been showcased alongside artists Banksy, Mode2, Adam Neate and Mr. Brainwash. Now he will be showing for the first time with Cotton Candy Machine. All three of these oil paintings will be in the Brooklyn Biennial Submissional. Amar will be in Brooklyn doing some painting on the Roebling wall the week before the opening. Keep an eye out because this would be your chance to meet him, he heads back to London before the show.

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Wizard Skull

WizardSkull is an artist living in Brooklyn, New York. He makes zines and is the undisputed beard champion of Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Alexander Duke best known as Wizard Skull is well on his way to becoming a Brooklyn legend and icon. We are pleased to announce there will be a new Zine release from Wizard Skull at the Brooklyn Biennial Submissional and he'll be showing some radical new works.

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Gabi de la Merced

Joining us from Spain Gabi de la Merced is a painter/illustrator with a creative approach to portraiture. We'll let the work speak for it's self. The artist will be in attendance at the opening!


This is going to be an amazing show! The drive and talent in these artists has been exciting and we are still a few weeks away. They are all still hard at work! Make sure to follow them as they create for the show. Follow Cotton Candy Machine too! We'll be posting pieces from each of the artists as we get more images.

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Brooklyn Biennial Sublissional event page

Join us at the opening event for this group show featuring incredible talent and creativity as each of these artists exhibits at Cotton Candy Machine for the first time. See you at the gallery!

Brooklyn Biennial Submissional
Opening Event Friday December 13th
7 to 11pm

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street (between Roebling and Havemeyer)
Brooklyn, NYC 11211

Please email or call if you see any pieces you are interested in purchasing.

Phone 718.387.3844
Email orders@thecottoncandymachine.com

Regular bussiness hours Tuesday to Sunday 12pm to 8pm EST

One last huge thank you to everyone who submitted for this show. To all of the talented artists who shared their works and want to show with us. It gave us all a real sense of how broad our gallery has reached. To know that there are this many incredible artists that all want to be apart of Cotton Candy Machine just warms my heart hole. Thank you all again and keep it up!

David M Cook has been a corner stone of the talent that we have celebrated here at Cotton Candy Machine. His meticulous style and mind blowing imagery has gained attention from Rolling Stone Magazine, New York Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Juxtapoz and Hi Fructose Magazine.

By the way of Louisville Kentucky, David has been living and working here in Brooklyn and has had two very successful solo shows with us here at CCM. He has enjoyed his time here in NYC but as all creative journeys need progress and change, David is moving to Los Angeles! Before he packs his bags and gets on the road we are taking the opportunity to celebrate him once again.

Enjoy photos from Escape From New York with Bonethrower. A one night going away art show party and print release.

Check the rest of the art show on our Event Page here

Visit the Gallery

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Comic Arts Brooklyn

Sean Leonard
Thu 11.14.13
The Cotton Candy Machine was super stoked to take part in Comic Arts Brooklyn, an annual festival of comics and cartoon art presented by Desert Island Comics on Saturday, November 10th at Mt. Carmel church and The Knitting Factory.

In addition to selling prints and giclees by Tara McPherson, our table also featured the fantastic Steve Manale doing small "low cost, low quality, low contemporary" portraits for $3! We had an awesome time and can't wait to do it all again next year! Thanks to everybody who came out to support us and all the other represented artists! For more of Manale's art, follow him on tumblr here: onehundredfortycharactersorless.tumblr

If you got a portrait make sure to share it! 

Thank you again!

Thank you Jay Ryan and Diana Sudyka! The opening for "They Didn't Believe Me, But I knew It Was There" was so much fun! The pre-sale before the show was out of control, thank you to all of the collectors and fans who got in touch! Make sure to come see the show in person before December 8th!

Hunter Gather
By Diana Sudya
8 x 10 inches
Gouache on clayboard

Perch No.1
By Jay Ryan
16 x 20 Inches
Acrylic on boxed plywood

There are only a few originals left from the show. Please take a look through the images on the event page for availability.

Check out the Event Page here

Tag yourself and friends on Facebook here

Thanks again! 

NYCC 2013 Success

Sean Leonard
Thu 10.17.13

 Thank you NYCC!!

What a year! New York Comic Con 2013 was awesome! 

Tara McPherson was back at NYCC for her first time in two years! Huge thanks to all of the fans and collectors who came by the booth and hung out! Thank you to all of the new fans and collectors it was wonderful to meet so many new faces! Great costumes, great cos-play, good robots, gruesome rockstars and all the artists you need to know in one place. NYCC was done right from The Block to Artist Alley and it just makes us even more excited for next year!

We had the opportunity to do something extra special in the Block at NYCC this year. We got to set up panels on stage and have 5 amazing artists paint live as they prepared these original paintings for the Roebling Wall! Thanks to everyone who posted photos of the works in progress! Make sure to sure the #RoeblingWall so that we can see all of your pics! The biggest thanks to Dima Drjuchin, Arik Roper, Skinner, Bwana Spoons and Jeremyville for painting these and each doing such a special thing for Cotton Candy Machine, NYCC, our neighborhood Williamsburg, and then helping us make Brooklyn sweeter. You all rule!

Make sure to check out the Event Page Here
Tag yourself on our FaceBook Page here

Come visit these paintings on the Roebling Wall at Cotton Candy Machine.

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street,
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Located in Williamsburg near the Bedford & Lorimer L,
Metropolitan G, and Marcy JMZ Subway stops.
Store Hours • Noon to 8pm Tuesday to Sunday •

Thanks again! 

New York Comic Con 2013!

Sean Leonard
Mon 10.07.13

New Releases Artist Signings & Live Painting

New York City is almost ready for the most amazingly nerdy week of the year! With friends and artists already flying in town, the excitement is building! We have a really exciting week planned for all of you! 

Tara McPherson and the Cotton Candy Machine
NYCC Booth #603

Our booth is in the same place it was last year! With all of our homies in THE BLOCK just inside Enterance 3E! Making it easy to be the first booth you visit! 

Show Floor Hours

Thursday, October 10, 2013 – 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Friday, October 11, 2013 – 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday, October 12, 2013 – 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday, October 13, 2013 – 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

New Releases from Tara McPherson! 

"Wayob" by Tara McPherson
Giclee on Somerset Velvet
with deckled edges
Signed and Numbered edition on 100
12.75" x 23.5"
$100 NYCC exclusive price

This new print produced in house at Cotton Candy Machine is the first we have released on thick 36 mil paper and giving it a nice deckled edge. The original oil painting Tara did was sold at the Merry Karnowski Gallery in LA. This image also graced the bottle for Tara's collaboration with 1800 tequila artist series.

"Double Rainbow" by Lomography x Tara McPherson
Mini Diana & Flash
Half-Frame and square 35mm Lomography day or night
Comes with roll of film and book of photos! 
$110 NYCC release price

Art of Tara McPherson Limited Edition Box Set
Volumes 1, 2 and 3 with new covers
Limited edition screen print of "Wandering Luminations"
These are Tara's Artists Proof sets!
$250 NYCC release price

Artist Tara McPherson has set the world of pop surrealism on its head with her striking works in paint, print, and sculpture. Now Tara’s work is showcased in an ultra-exclusive, limited-edition boxed set, featuring all three Dark Horse Books collections of her stunning oeuvre: Lonely Heart, Lost Constellations, and Bunny in the Moon. Each volume features alternate cover designs, shelved in a stunning magnetic-seal case that folds out to reveal a limited-edition silkscreen print created for this offering, signed and numbered by the artist.

Signing Schedule For NYCC

Friday October 11th

Arik Roper 2:00 PM to 3:00PM CCM Booth #603
Dima Drjuchin 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM CCM Booth #603

Saturday October 12th

Tara McPherson 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM CCM booth #603
Jeremyvile 2:00 PM to 3:00PM CCM booth #603 *UPDATE
Tara McPherson
1:45 PM to 2:45 PM - Clutter panel, Designer Toys Examined
Tara McPherson 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM CCM booth #603

Sunday October 13th

Tara McPherson 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM CCM booth #603
Tara McPherson 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM Toymaking panel, From Designing Characters to Making Toys

Live Painting at NYCC for the Roebling Wall! 

Skinner, Arik Roper, Dima Drjuchin, Jeremyville,
Bwana Spoons & L'Amour Supreme NYCC Booth #514

We have even more exciting news about NYCC! Thanks to some pretty amazing people at the Con, Jenny and Guy, we are able to get some space in NYCC to do a live painting event! Six artists Skinner, Arik Roper, Dima Drjuchin, Jeremyville, Bwana Spoons and L'Amour Supreme will be painting new 4" x 8" foot panels durring NYCC weekend! These pieces will be finished at The Block Live Painting booth # 514 not far from our Cotton Candy Machine booth #603 inside NYCC. (See Map Above) Make sure to stop by all weekend to see these artists creating new works! After the weekend of live painting awesomeness the pieces will be brought back to Brooklyn to hang on the Roebling Wall at Cotton Candy Machine! Check out the first live painting event for the Roebling Wall to get stoked! 

First live painting at Roebling Wall with Buff Monster, L'Amour Supreme & David M. Cook from Cotton Candy Machine on Vimeo.

Here is the direct link to New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con
Javits Center
655 W 34th St
New York, NY 10001

It's a big year! We can't wait to see you all!

"Allegorical Quarter" Michael Michael Motorcycle, Dilek Baykara, Paul Romano and Jeremy Hush from Cotton Candy Machine on Vimeo.

We are super excited to share with you our new video from the opening of "Allegorical Quarter" by Paul Romano, Jeremy Hush, Dilek Baykara and Michael Michael Motorcycle. The grand reopening was so much fun, thank you to everyone who came out! huge thank you to Mastodon for letting us use the song. It really tied the video together. Thank you to Nick Fiore our new video wizard! To the future! Enjoy the video and share!

Closing Event for "Allegorical Quarter"

Paul Romano, Jeremy Hush and Dilek Baykara will each be giving talks and Q & A at Cotton Candy Machine about their new works in Allegorical Quarter. Join us this Saturday and listen in on what brought out this work from each of them. Then ask anything you would like! Talks will start at 6pm so Please come a little early.

Allegorical Quarter Closing Event
Saturday October 5th
Closing Talks and Q & A 6 to 9pm.

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Store: 718-387-3844

Make sure to check out all of the available work and all of the event photos here.

Wandering Luminations by Tara McPherson Time Lapse from Cotton Candy Machine on Vimeo.

Tara McPherson has been hard at work on her newest solo show "Wandering Luminations" opening October 19th 2013 at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Enjoy this time lapse video as she paints the title piece from the show and the largest portrait to date. The song is "Illuminomi" by The Brian Jonestown Massacre and from a 7" vinyl release. Anton Newcomb gave Tara the record while she was visiting his studio Berlin. Enjoy the process watching every layer of paint go on as this masterpiece is created!

Wandering Luminations by Tara McPherson

A sneak peak at some of the other works in the show. Mark your calender!

"Wandering Luminations"
Solo show by Tara McPherson
October 19th 2013

Jonathan LeVine Gallery
529 W 20th St #9
New York, NY 10011
(212) 243-3822


Stoli and ORGNL.TV did a nice little interview with Tara McPherson last month. The video turned out great! On top of getting a look into Tara's new studio she takes you over to the Cotton Candy Machine just in time for Daniel Dangers solo show opening. It look like Stoli and ORGNL .TV are on a roll and have met up with artists Jeremyville and Buff Monster already too! The music section is hot with the Soft White Sixiest. Nice work so far over there! Keep it up! Check the video below and visit the ORNGL.TV site for more!


This has been 2 years in the making and I'm so proud and honored to announce that Cotton Candy Machine will be curating artist to be featured on the Roebling Wall side of our building! We are kicking off this new public art space with 3 local artist Buff Monster, L'Amour Supreme and David M Cook! Each artist is preparing a 4 x 8 foot panel that will be finished live at the Roebling Wall Saturday May 4th from 2 to 6pm. Join us for this live painting event and the closing party for Number Of The Beast by Buff and L'Amour! We will have some beers and a good time so you should come out!

Number Of The Beast Closing Party and Live Painting

Buff Monster, L'Amour Supreme and David M Cook!

Cotton Candy Machine's
Reobling Wall
Roebling and South 1st street
Brooklyn Ny 11211

Join us Saturday May 4th from 2 to 6pm
Give us a call if you have any questions

What a show! Number Of The Beast was one of the craziest shows Cotton Candy Machine has ever had! The turnout was nuts! Thank you all for coming out and showing your support for Buff Monster and L'Amour Supreme! They really went all out with the mural and all of the collaboration, the shirts and the Metal Misfits sticker packs. They really killed it with this one!

Number Of The Beast by Buff Monster and L'Amour Supreme from Cotton Candy Machine on Vimeo.
Enjoy the event video filmed and edited by our amazing camera man Riley Ziesig!
Music by Marching Teeth "Release The Hounds"

All of the event photos can be seen here on our site
And you can tag yourself here on our facebook.

We also had Delgado Chris come out and he made a real nice video too! He got some interviews and talked with some people. Carlo McCormick had some great things to say and I got on camera and acted silly as usual. Check it out!

Here is the most exciting news! We are having a show closing party This Saturday May 4th from 2 to 6pm Buff Monster, L'Amour Supreme and David M Cook will be painting live at Cotton Candy Machine on our new Roebling Wall! More info soon!

Number Of The Beast

Sean Leonard
Thu 04.11.13

Live Painting at CCM Today!

Buff Monster and L'Amour Supreme are preparing the ritual for tomorrow night! Stop in today if you are in the area and watch the mural get its finishing touches as Buff Monster and L'Amour Supreme paint live at Cotton Candy Machine.

Follow Buff Monster and L'Amour Supreme on Instagram! 

Make sure to follow the dudes on Instagram to get updates from where they are sitting or standing or jumping or painting. You can see it ALL right from them! With progress shots as they have been completing pieces for the show and murals painted on their world travels. I think you'll like it.

Follow Buff Monster here instagram.com/buffmonster

Follow L'Amour Supreme here instagram.com/lamoursupreme

Number of the Beast by
Buff Monster and L'Amour Supreme
Cotton Candy Machine 2 Year Anniversary

Opening Event Friday April 12th
7 to 11pm

For info about Pre-Sale email Sean@TheCottonCandyMachine.com

Drinks Sponsored by Sailor Jerry and Pabst Blue Ribbon!

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Call us! 718.387.3844

Located in Williamsburg near the Bedford & Lorimer L,
Metropolitan G, and Marcy JMZ Subway stops

Make sure to check out the other Galleries open for the Williamsburg Every 2:nd Friday art walk at every2nd.org and wagmag.org

Buff Monster and L'Amour Supreme

Sean Leonard
Wed 04.10.13

Number Of The Beast

Continuing on their world wide rampage Buff Monster and L'Amour Supreme are preparing a show with powers from the dark side with Number Of The Beast. Please join us for the opening reception of Cotton Candy Machine's second anniversary event, with Buff Monster and L'Amour Supreme! This collaborative two man show will feature original paintings, drawings, inkings, custom toys, as well as a new silkscreen print and t-Shirt.

Buff Monster made a name for himself by putting up thousands of hand-silkscreened posters across Los Angeles. His work is characterized by happy characters living in brightly-colored bubbly landscapes. Along with meticulously executed paintings, he has created a wide range of merchandise ranging from prints and stickers, to vinyl toys and plush. The color pink, a symbol of confidence, individuality and happiness, is present in everything he creates. His work has been shown in galleries worldwide, and published by Juxtapoz, Nylon, Cool Hunting, The Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, and many more. After 15 years living and working in Hollywood, he has recently moved to Brooklyn.

L'Amour Supreme's influences range from street cultures of New York City, hip hop, hardcore and punk music all the way to 80’s and 90’s pop culture. He has travelled the world showcasing his work and live painting in places like Tokyo, Stockholm, Berlin and cities across the US. His background in architectural design has given him the ability to conceive his art in 3D not limited to 2D design. He has designed products ranging from custom furniture, jewelry, cars and footwear including many projects with Mishka. L'Amour Supreme would like to keep pushing the boundaries of how ordinary objects are perceived and always blending aesthetic form with function.

Number of the Beast by
Buff Monster and L'Amour Supreme
Cotton Candy Machine 2 Year Anniversary

Opening Event Friday April 12th
7 to 11pm

Drinks Sponsored by Sailor Jerry and Pabst Blue Ribbon!

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Call us! 718.387.3844

Located in Williamsburg near the Bedford & Lorimer L,
Metropolitan G, and Marcy JMZ Subway stops

Make sure to check out the other Galleries open for the Williamsburg Every 2:nd Friday art walk at every2nd.org and wagmag.org

Today is the last day to order "The Love Space Gives Is As Deep As The Oceans" and "Bunny In The Moon" by Tara McPherson.

Click here to purchase. Click here for more info.

These prints are being released as a benifit to help Tara, Myself and the rest of the Cotton Candy Machine family to recover from a fire that took our apartment here in Brooklyn. It's been 3 weeks now and I can honestly say I have never felt this much love in my entire life. From family and friends to collectors and fans the love that has been floating around my family has been the most amazing feeling ever. I can't thank you enough.

Thank you Mom and Dad, Guy Bushman, Jonathan LeVine, Geoff Peveto, Jeff Soto, Anton Baranenko for saving our bunny Jupiter, Lyejm and Laura Kallas-Lewis, Josh and Rondi, Jim Muscarella, Shannon and Matthew Currie Holmes, Naheed Simjee, Alex Pardee and Zerofriends, Jefferson Kaslik, Gooby Herms, Buff Monster, Andrew Bell, Anthony Pontius, Drew Prochaska, Tore Holmberg, Joshua Sterling Lewis, Hannah Moorhead, Ami Chan, Robbie Williams, Shannon McNair, Daniel McNeil, Kristin Goodman, Jessi Cornett, Jay Ryan, Diana Sudyka, Union Pool, Motor City, Evan Pricco at Juxtapoz, Annie Owens at Hi-Fructose, Tanley Wong at Arrested Motion, Miranda O'Brien at Clutter, John Stokes at Spankystokes, everyone who has orded the prints already and so many more! If you helped us in anyway thank you!

Here is some of the press about the releases. Thank you again.

Juxtapoz: Prints on Sale @ Cotton Candy Machine to Help Rebuild From a Fire
Hi-Fructose: Tara McPherson Print Release to Raise Funds to Recover from Devastating Fire
Arrested Motion: Benefits: Tara McPherson x CCM – “Rebuilding From A Fire”
Complex: Brooklyn Artists Tara McPherson and Sean Leonard Rebuild After a Destructive Fire
Clutter: Fire rips through Tara McPherson's apartment. Limited Prints released to raise funds.
Tomopop: Limited prints to help Tara McPherson after fire
Inside The Rockposter Frame: Help Tara McPherson Rebuild From A Fire
The Blot Says: Help Tara McPherson Rebuild From A Fire With 2 Awesome New Prints!
IanBrooks: Bunny in the Moon
Spankystokes: Help Tara McPherson Rebuild After Her Apartment Fire… And Get Some Amazing Prints!
Artnerdnewyork: Tara McPherson Prints- Rebuilding After the Fire
Toysrevil: Prints by Tara McPherson
ILoveOffSet: Looking Back: Tara McPherson

Press about the fire.

myfoxny.com: Firefighters hospitalized after Brooklyn fire
wsj.com: Brooklyn fire sends 2 firefighters to the hospital
vosizneias.com: New York - Brooklyn Fire Send 2 Firefighters To The Hospital
brownstoner.com: Four Alarm Fire This Afternoon on Bedford Avenue
bkmag.com: Williamsburg is On Fire! Here Come the Hipster Jokes!
gothamist.com: Four-Alarm Fire Rages On Main Drag Of Williamsburg's Bedford Avenue
cbslocal.com: 2 Firefighters Trapped As Blaze Rips Through 3 Williamsburg Buildings
ny1.com: FDNY Fights Four-Alarm Fire In Williamsburg
dnainfo.com: Bedford Avenue Fire Caused by Bank's Wiring, Officials Say
pix11.com: 2 firefighters seriously injured in massive 4-alarm blaze in Williamsburg
news12.com: 8 firefighters, 2 others injured in 4-alarm fire on Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg

Here are some photos from inside our apartment after the fire.

Please help share this the best you can and share it again! Let me know if it goes up! Please buy a print if you can and buy one for a friend! Thank you for your love, it means the world to us!

See you at the Boutique.

This is the print Tara McPherson did in Austin in 2007 that was published by The Decoder Ring Design Concern. The print originally sold out in one day. To help recoup from the losses from the fire, Geoff Peveto sent us the last 10 prints that were left over from the original printing. Tara is signing and numbering these as an edition of 10 'Fire Proofs'.

The Idealization of Asymmetrical Thought
by Tara McPherson
18 Color Serigraph
22" x 30"
Edition of 10 'Fire Proofs'

The print ended up at 18 layers including two layers of varnish, two split fountains and silver and light gold metallics. The way Tara illustrated the image combined with the printing techniques makes the wallpaper look like actual velvet. It's an amazing print.

Buying this print or anything else from Cotton Candy Machine will be us rebuild from the fire. Thank you all again for the love and support.

See you soon.

Rebuilding From A Fire

Sean Leonard
Thu 02.07.13
Unfortunately it is true. Our apartment is toast.

Tara, Ronan and myself are safe, we were out of the country when the fire happened. Our downstairs neighbor Anton saved Jupiter our bunny too. It was a 4 alarm fire that spread from the building next door. It completely burned our adjacent wall and the roof. We found out from a text message while we were relaxing in Mexico. More news slowly came in almost real time. "They just smashed out your windows" we heard next. The first time I Googled the fire I got multiple links to blogs and news stations with photos and video. It was surreal to say the least. We lost a lot and now we are rebuilding from a fire.

The word spread quickly about our apartment and the amount of love and friendship that surrounded our family was amazing.Thank you all for being so kind and generous. Everyone who was displaced by the fire is safe and that is the most important thing. If you would like to help here is how.

Cotton Candy Machine produces our own fine art prints and our Giclee printer was lost in the fire as well. We are releasing 2 new prints to help us and CCM recoup from our loss. Both prints are Timed Releases and available NOW February 7th to 15th. These are the first timed release prints Tara McPherson has ever produced. The edition size will be determined by how many prints are purchased between now and the 15th of February.

The Love Space Gives is a Deep as the Oceans
by Tara McPherson
24" x 24"
Signed and Numbered
Edition size will be determined by the number of prints ordered
Giclee on Somerset Velvet Paper
Printed with Archival Inks

This new giclee by Tara is from a painting that was part of her Bunny in the Moon solo show and the cover of her newest book by the same name, Bunny in the Moon.

Bunny In The Moon
by Tara McPherson
8.5" x 11"
Signed and Numbered
Edition size will be determined by the number of prints ordered
Giclee on Somerset Velvet Paper
Printed with Archival Inks

This new giclee by Tara is the title piece from her Bunny in the Moon solo show and featured in her newest book Bunny in the Moon.

*This will be a timed print release only available from February 7th to the 15th. Due to the circumstances with the fire the prints will be shipping at the end of March.

There is no limit on how many prints you can order. If you can please buy them both and buy one for a friend.

Thank you all again for the love and support.
See you soon.

Original Paintings, Books, Puppets, Prints

and Scott C.

Saturday December 8th, 2012

Scott C. has been busy as usual and has a new book! Cotton Candy Machine is so pleased to be hosting the book release and signing for "The Great Showdowns" by Scott C. right here in Brooklyn.

On top of the new book Scott is bringing some original Great Showdown paintings that are in the book! Here is a little sample of the Greatness.

We will also be releasing a mini print set from his solo show Tender Times. Scott is really so amazing in person you wont want to miss this intimate opportunity...... with puppets!

Tender Times Print Set Release! 

10 fun and amazing prints from Scott C's 'Tender Times' show earlier this year! See the full set and purchase here!

Tender Times Print Set
6 prints at 5" x 7"
4 prints at 5" x 5"
Signed set of 10 giclee prints

*Available on Thursday December 6th at Noon PST / 3pm EST

If you have any questions about this event or release please send us an email to info@thecottoncandymachine.com

The Great Showdown Book Signing with Scott C
Saturday December 8th
7 to 8pm

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Call us! 718.387.3844

Located in Williamsburg near the Bedford & Lorimer L,
Metropolitan G, and Marcy JMZ Subway stops.

Creatures of the Night

Sean Leonard
Tue 12.04.12
Joe Ledbetter and Nathan Jurevicius join us for an amazing 2 man show featuring new original work and print releases!

Lava Spaced-Out Bunny and Lava Super Bunny

Joe Ledbetter is influenced by classic animation, graphic design, and daily life, Joe Ledbetter's art is... well... a lot of things. Light-hearted in its approach, he often combines cute and cuddly creatures with unfortunate — albeit humorous — situations. With a lean on the subversive and absurd, these scenarios are all too familiar, questioning our tendency of taking life (and ourselves) too seriously. The 9 new paintings for the show focus on the "creatures of the night" theme, as Joe has kept his pieces dark, yet vibrant. Joe has utilized his very special "lava" aesthetic with variations on his infamous bunny character. From Fairy Bunny to Zombie Bunny, were sure you'll find a favorite.

Lava Panda Bunny

Lava Pirate Bunny and Lava Snow Bunny

Lava Pink Bunny

Nathan Jurevicius has worked as a freelance illustrator since 1994 with many international companies and galleries. His most acclaimed project to date is Scarygirl, a psychedelic, dream-like composition of heartfelt stories and reinterpreted folklore based around a cute but slightly odd little girl and her giant octopus guardian. Nathan will be presenting 16 ink drawings that appear as a bonus section in the back of the newest Scarygirl graphic novel. These dark detailed characters each have their own little story waiting to be discovered.

Lost Girl

Homeless Girl and Homeless Boy

Fruithead and Forestknitter

City Maid Fairy and Bird Lady

Nathan also brought 18 of these original watercolor Owls for the Creatures of the Night show!

Print Releases for Creatures of the Night! 

Peace Offerings
by Joe Ledbetter
18" x 18"

Signed and numbered
Edition of 25

Click here to purchse

Gamer Bunny
by Joe Ledbetter
18" x 18"
Signed and numbered
Edition of 25
Click here to purchase

Fire-Cat Inferno
by Joe Ledbetter
18" x 18"
Signed and numbered
Edition of 25
Click here to purchase

Owl Skull
by Nathan Jurevicius
8.5" x 11"
Signed and numbered
Edition of 25
Click here to purchase

Joe Ledbetter will be attending the opening. C'mon out to see what these two artists have up their sleeve as everything is reasonable priced for the holidays you're sure to find something fantastic for that someone special. And be sure to give Joe a hi-five as the show lands on his birthday! Please email sean@thecottoncandymachine.com for presale info.

Opening Event Friday December 7th
7 to 11pm

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Call us! 718.387.3844

Located in Williamsburg near the Bedford & Lorimer L,
Metropolitan G, and Marcy JMZ Subway stops

Toys by Tara McPherson

Sean Leonard
Mon 11.26.12

Tara is releasing more toys online!

Kidrobot released the Dunny 2012 series of 3" vinyl earlier this year including Tara McPherson's newest addition of her Dunny family Wiggle Land.

3" Vinyl
Dunny 2012 series
by Tara McPherson x Kidrobot

These collectable little designer toys by Tara McPherson x Kidrobot feature a gang of Mr. Wiggles the fearless and fierce yet so incredibly fragile balloon companion. Tara's use of negative space and the carefully placed Wiggles floating all around this platform toy create a scene on the small frame. As you step back from the toy and let the features set in a unsuspecting characters face comes into focus. This toy with it's bold eyed character from afar and "Wiggle Land" scene up close will make a closer inspection of your toy collection that much more enjoyable.

Tara did a signing for the Dunny 2012 series at Kidrobot NY with Andrew Bell and The Sucklord last June for the release. We took a big lot to SDCC and sold out. We took even more to NYCC and again sold out. Now for the first time we are releasing these pink Wiggle Land Dunnys signed by Tara online!

We have super limited quantities so don't miss the chance to grab one. Dunnys are normally sold blind box so you wont know which of the toys from the series you will get. These Wiggle Land Dunnys are all opened and signed so you know the toy you will get! No need to chase for now! You can just order this one signed.

This dude and his Mom were awesome. They bought a Pink Wiggle Land Dunny and the last Gamma Mutant Space Friends toy we had in stock. Score for him! We will be releasing a few more soon. But for right now we do have.........

Magic Love Hello Kitty and Pink Ninja

Pink Ninja Dunny
3" Vinyl
Femme Fatale Dunny Series 2010
by Tara McPherson x Kidrobot
Signed by Tara


Magic Love Hello Kitty
6" Vinyl
Exclusive collaboration with
Tara McPherson x Hello Kitty and Kidrobot.
$80 signed by Tara

Click here to purchase

Evolution of Language is SOLD OUT!

That was fast!! The art print "Evolution of Language" by Tara McPherson is SOLD OUT! Thank you and congrats to the new owners! They sold out in just a few hours and if you used the BLACKMETALTURKEY promo code you got these beauties for a steal. To top it off you all will be getting your "Laughing Through The Chaos" litho print for Printsgiving. Everyone who ordered from the site in the last 24 hours will getting the print free. Even the $2 order for a bookmark gets the print free :) But the savings continue!

Printsgiving Continues to Cyber Monday

Sale and Print giveaway!

New Printsgiving print from Saturday to Monday! All orders from early this morning 12:00am all the way through the end of the day Monday at Midnight will receive this Kitty Wiggles litho print for FREE. That's Printsgiving.

Kitty Wiggle
by Tara McPherson
13" x 7"

Free with any order through Cyber Monday

Get 10% off your order with


The promo code CYBERMETALTURKY is good on orders from early this morning 12:00am all the way through the end of the day Monday at Midnight! Make sure to enter the code to get the 10% off! If you have any questions or concerns send us an email to info@thecottoncandymachine.com

Out of Edition print sale in store only! 

At the Boutiue Printsgiving has been a hit! Everyone loves walking away with new art for free! We are doing a little something extra for anyone who can make it here in person. There is a pile of Out of Edition prints for sale. We have only done this once before and it was last Black Friday weekend SO we are doing it again! Out of Edition prints are $15 to $20 for most! Come get a free print and a smoking deal on some new art for your home.

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Call us! 718.387.3844

Located in Williamsburg near the Bedford & Lorimer L,
Metropolitan G, and Marcy JMZ Subway stops.
Store Hours • Noon to 8pm Tuesday to Sunday • View Map

See you at the Boutique

Printsgiving is here again!

Sean Leonard
Thu 11.22.12

Evolution of Language Art Print Release!

Evolution of Language
By Tara McPherson

17" x 23"
6 Color Silkscreen
Edition of 100, Signed and Numbered
Click here to purchase

On sale starting Tonight! Thursday night Midnight EST / 9pm PST

Language is always more than just words. Sometimes you can say it all with just a look. Sometimes if you open your mouth part of the conversation will just float away. Finding the right time to pour your heart out and share what is missing can create love and friendships. When the time is right the words we use to communicate will continue to evolve and this will ensure character. The goal is to express our selves clearly and continue with the Evolution of Language.

We are happy to release this wonderful new 6 color screenprint. This image was used for a very exclusive poster for the screening of Jason Reiteman's film Young Adult at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin TX. But those were only available to a small few at the show, so Tara reworked this for a special art print release for Black Friday!!

Printsgiving Sale!!

Free Prints with every order! 

Laughing Through the Chaos
by Tara McPherson

13" x 15 3/4"
Free with each order on Black Friday!

We are giving away prints!! Because we heart hole you all so much we are giving away this large signed print! Order ANYTHING from the web store from Midnight to Midnight on Black Friday and receive "Laughing Through the Chaos" by Tara McPherson for free! When we say you can order anything we do mean anything and you will get this $20 print for free!

Get 10% off your order with


The entire day Friday from 12am to 11:59pm EST we have a promo code that will get you 10% off your entire order! At checkout enter BLACKMETALTURKEY to receive the discount! This is good on Originals, Art Toys, Giclees, Lithographs, Books, Rock Posters and everything else online! Don't miss this chance, we don't do this kind of thing often! Yes you still get the Free Printsgiving Print with the discount! 

On top of the the free print for Printsgiving we are giving away a free sticker or with every CCM shirt! We did this deal last summer and it was such a hit we want to do it again for the holidays! Lots of love to share with you all!

Tara just released some of her Neurosis / Mastodon Artist proofs from 2008! Also available again the very last of the Williamsburg Waterfront festival series poster and the last of High of Fire with Priestess. The discount is good on all of these Rock Posters and everything else on the site for just 24 hours.

That was a lot ot go over! Enjoy and remember we have gifts for everyone you know! Share the love! Love Blows! If you have anyquestions about the sale or the releases send an email to info@thecottoncandymachine.com

I hope you are all safe and happy with your family and friends this season! 
See you at the Boutique.

Cotton Candy Machine is super excited to have this super fun show. Bwana really created an amazing show bringing vinyl and resin toys and a huge body of painting that are more than 2D. The show is brought to life by the colorful mix of work from Bwana and his favorite friends to show with.

Join us for a fun show featuring original drawings & paintings and toys, cool merchandise, art books and more! Plus a group show curated by Bwana Spoons with art by Martin Ontiveros, Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Alex Chiu, Tripper, Shawn Wolfe, Oliver Hibert, Arbito, Le Merde, Chanmen, Spencer Hibert, Ferris Plock, Uglydoll and APAK.

Bwana Spoons is a painter, and half jack of many other trades. He hearts trees, moss, and monsters, making toys, designing shoes, busting the occasional illustration, or working on an installation. Bwana also owns the awesome Grass Hut store in Portland, OR.

The "Rolling Thunder Gang" is 7 different custom painted Randall 6" Vinyl pieces. Each comes with a denim jacket.

"Walking Killer" and "Turtle Giz" resin pieces

"Tapier" in two colors

"Rocket pose Killer" in a few resin pulls

"Tree Top" and "Ghouls" resin pieces

Bwana has a lot more toys for the show too! And on the the Paintings! 


"Battle On" and "We Can Build It" 

"Boris the Bee" and "Marty"


"Moon Bear"

Opening Event Friday November 9th
7 to 11pm

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Call us! 718.387.3844

Located in Williamsburg near the Bedford & Lorimer L,
Metropolitan G, and Marcy JMZ Subway stops.

Lone Sweet Home by Esao Andrews will finally be released! Esao is such an amazing man. He is an inspiration in making people happy. Here he is at an opening happy as hell to have given this collector a new piece of art. Moments like this are priceless.

One day at the Cotton Candy Machine, Esao showed up with this 2 color screen print called "Lone Sweet Home". He said he was moving to LA and he didn't want to take them out west. So we talked about doing a release with them through the CCM web store. To make this reverse going away present even better he also dropped off a few old and sold out giclees and this Circa Survive Rock poster too. It was a wonderful surprise and we couldn't be happier to release a few old gems that you wont have to fight over on Ebay. Of course in regular amazing man fashion Esao did a little sketch on each of the rock posters as we sat and talked about LA and what the future holds. I am going to miss having Esao around the Boutique so much, but I am super proud of him for making this giant leap for his art work and his personal life. Moving across country can be a huge source of inspiration. Can't wait to see what is next!

We love you Esao Andrews! Thank you for the going away prints! Kick ass in LA for us!

"I have a silkscreen of a girl reading a book on a boat available at my friend Tara McPherson store, Cotton Candy Machine." -Esao Andrews

And here are the releases.

"Lone Sweet Home"
by Esao Andrews.
16" x 22" 2-color Screenprint.
Signed. $40

Click here to purchase Lone Sweet Home print

"Lone Sweet Home"
by Esao Andrews.
16" x 22" 2-color Screenprint.
Tan Paper Variant

Click here to purchase Lone Sweet Home variant

'Solid Void'
By Esao Andrews
20" x 16" Giclee
Signed and Numbered
edition size of 80

Click here to purchase Solid Void print

Desert Beacon
by Esao Andrews
16" x 16" Giclee
Signed and Numbered
Edition of 80

Click here to purchase Desert Beacon print

by Esao Andrews
12" x 14" Giclee
Signed and Numbered
Edition of 40

Click here to purchase Meigh print

Circa Survive
at Irving Plaza
by Esao Andrews
Screen Print
18" x 24"
Artist Proof

*Special sketch on each print!

Click here to purchase Circa Survive rock poster

Dancing Through The Snow
By Tara McPherson
17" x 21"
Signed and Numbered
Edition of 100

Click here to purchase this Print

Giclee on Velvet Fine Art Paper
Printed with Archival Inks

*Release date will be November 8th at Noon PST / 3pm EST.

*We will be donating a portion of the profits from the sales of this print to Hurricane Sandy Relief.

This amazing print comes from a painting Tara created for her show earlier this year at Merry Karnowsky Gallery. The original was painted in oils and finished with silver leaf. This beautiful rendered scene with a polar bear doing the foot work in this playful dance is balanced by the flat and reflective nature of the silver used on the treetops and the dress of our heroine. The sterling hood of her gown juxtaposes and frames her soft rounded face bringing the flat silver and rendered oils to a beautiful focal point. The whole world has come to life as this little gang passes through some mountain friends and enters a surreal pink forest. Keep an eye out, one of the mountains looks like he is up to no good.

This is truly wonderful print release. The painted reflective details in the forest's icy path are really something to see up close.

If you have any questions about this release or any other please send us an email to info@thecottoncandymachine.com

Lucius is Here!

Vinyl on Vinyl really out did themselves with this piece.

Lucius and His First Mustache Finger!

by Tara McPherson

Edition of 35, Signed, SOLD OUT 

Click here to purchase this set.

We received only 10 sets for sale here at Cotton Candy Machine and these will be the only sets available in the USA. They will go on sale Thursday November 8th at Noon PST / 3pm EST
More info here!

This wonderful resin sculpture set comes with a sturdy 12" Lucius in his classic space suit and 3 of his Mountain Friends that stand 3" tall. Everything about this set is top notch. From the shape of the sculpts down to the hand painted details that match the original illustration masterfully. In addition to the sculptures, this set comes with a signed and numbered mini print exclusive to this release. And to finish it off, this all comes in screen printed wooden box with custom dye-cut foam layers holding each piece perfectly in place. Made by Vinyl on Vinyl in The Philippines for Tara McPherson's solo show there in early 2012.

See our full South East Asia Nations Pop up Store tour here.

Visit our Boutique and Gallery
Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Call us! 718.387.3844

If you have any questions about this piece or any others send us an email to info@thecottoncandymachine.com

What a wonderful show! 

The opening was a blast and it was nice to have some so many friends in town for NYCC. Thank you to everyone who contacted us for the preview list! The response was over whelming! Thank you Camilla and Brandi for creating such amazing work.

Here is a little from Camilla d'Errico about her work for "The Candy Escape" at Cotton Candy Machine.

The title is fun and it plays with the name of the gallery, Cotton Candy Machine, at first that's why we chose it, but as I started to create my work, it inspired me to let go of my own world. I can say, without a doubt, that it was an actual creative escape. Color to me is visual candy, if I could eat it, I bet it would taste like skittles! For this series I reversed my usual palette, I muted the girls, using sublte color palettes, which balanced the lavish rainbows and swirls of colors. Those concentrated pools of color are the essence of the girls, not the girls themselves. The vivid colors that spill out of them, is their essence escaping from them. It was a very satisfying reversal, truly liberating.

I've created a mix of images for the show, pencil drawings, ink drawings and oil paintings. I wanted a show that would be affordable for my fans and for new collectors, the price points range from very affordable and for others, well, maybe they want to spoil someone or just indulge in a lavish buy.

I can't wait to share wall space with Brandi, her work is mouth watering! I wanted to personally thank Tara for bringing me back from my hiatus from gallery shows. It is in the presence of incredibly talented artists like her, that I've found my voice again. She has given me a chance to paint because of my love for painting, and find a new an exciting part of myself to share on canvas. -Camilla d'Errico

Here is what Brandi Milne had to say about her work for the show.

The theme throughout my paintings recently has been honesty and self discovery. That's the basic idea that has begun each piece of artwork I've created and the outcome has only aided in those two ideas. This collection of artwork for The Candy Escape is truly a piece of the puzzle of discovering and uncovering my honest self. All that underneath a delicious candy coat!!

Both Camilla's and my work have some serious undertones and felt we needed a title that fit those emotions yet still played off of the vibrant colors and innocence in our work. The Candy Escape is perfectly suited for the both of us and this exhibition at the Cotton Candy Machine. Theres definitely a common thread between CCM's Tara McPherson, Camilla and myself. (answer: our candy colors!)
I've been a fan of Camilla's work for years and was stoked to hear we were going to be doing this show together! Our work definitely blends well and I'm excited to be sharing the
Cotton Candy Machine's walls with her!! -Brandi Milne

Thank again to everyone who came out for the opening! What a crazy few days! I love you all and hope to see you again soon! 

Visit our Boutique and Gallery
Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Call us! 718.387.3844

Located in Williamsburg near the Bedford & Lorimer L,
Metropolitan G, and Marcy JMZ Subway stops.
Store Hours • Noon to 8pm Tuesday to Sunday •

If you have any questions about this show or any others send us an email to info@thecottoncandymachine.com

New Shirts by Tara McPherson

Sean Leonard
Sun 08.26.12

Now available online!!

It is always so exciting to release new shirts! All three of these shirts by Tara Mcherson were released at the Cotton Candy Machine booth in SDCC last month and now they are available online for the first time! Click the images for a direct link! 

Lucius And His First Mustache Finger shirt!
This image was originally created by Tara McPherson for the Melvins as a gig poster for their show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in 2008. The poster has long since been sold out and now Lucius lives on in this new shirt! This beautiful 10 color screen printed shirt, Including metallic gold highlights, is available in a Women's scoop neck and a Men's Fine Jersey T-shirt. They are the softest, smoothest, best-looking T-shirts available anywhere!

Demoness shirt!!!
This image was originally created by Tara McPerson for High On Fire and their show at Gramercy Theater here in NYC in 2010. We just added a few more of this posters to the web store here it is almost sold out! Now for the first time this Demoness is available in this 7 color screen printed shirt! With horns and corpse paint she ritualistically kneels in a puddle of her own pink puke. The metallic silver highlights on her Axes make this shirt shine.

Black Swan shirt in new color!
This dark, cool and elegant Women with her Black Swan companion are from the painting "Isolated Metronomes" by Tara McPherson. It was created for a solo show with Choque Cultural in São Paulo Brazil back in 2008. Now the Black Swan is available in this 8 color screen printed shirt! With the Dancer and the Swan being isolated in a field of Day's Eyes you're sure to have a good look out!

Free Lithos and Stickers

Order any of these new shirts now from the Cotton Candy Machine and receive some sweet goodies for free! The first 50 people to order will receive a Litho or Sticker of the same image as your shirt!

You get 8" Lucius Litho Print with the Lucius shirts.
You get 4" Pink Puke Vinyl Sticker with the Demoness shirts.

With the Black Swan shirt you get this 9" x 10.5" Litho signed by Tara McPherson!

Be one of the first 50 people and get the sweet stuff!
Go to the online store here! 

Talk to you soon.


Sean Leonard
Fri 08.17.12
We just restocked with stickers by Tara McPherson! Big thank you to our favorite stickers makers over at Poster Pop! You know the Poster Pop's Amazing Quality, Longevity, Durability and Light Fastness of their Die Cut, Silkscreen and UV Printing of Poster Pop's Stickers! Click the images below to shop the web store!

Other Mother Brothers

Sean Leonard
Fri 08.10.12

Our next event is with three amazing NYC based artists, Jon Burgerman, Andrew Bell, and JK5 for the opening of 'Other Mother Brothers'. Join us for a show filled with originals, prints, books, designer toys, apparel and more!

Jon Burgerman is a multidisciplinarian carefully constructing a world in which the narrative of being an artist is played out across a wide variety of media for the distraction, enlightenment and delight of those who choose to tune in.

Andrew Bell’s work spans a wide spectrum of mediums from illustrations and paintings to toys and sculptures. Much of his work is brought together by a sense of humor that often belies a more serious and sombre message.JK5 lives and works in Brooklyn, New York where he relentlessly develops his visual, textual, and iconographic languages through a diverse range of media.

JK5 is a highly respected custom tattoo artist and has been so for the last 20 years. Currently he is working on a new book of his lifes work with rizzoli, planning gallery shows in new cities across the globe, plenty of commercial illustration and design work, realizing his brand of vision, intent, communication in all forms from kids clothing and accessories, to a trans-media universe including feature films based on the Flowbot toys he produced with Kidrobot.

Other Mother Brothers 
Jon Burgerman, Andrew Bell, JK5
Opening Event TONIGHT Friday August 10th
7 to 11pm

Cotton Candy Machiine
235 South 1st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Tu'Mor or Not Tu'Mor by Alex Pardee

Sean Leonard
Sat 06.09.12

Let's Play A Game!

We are pleased to have the mysterious master back at Cotton Candy Machine! Join us for an Interactive Art and Game Show featuring all new Paintings from and Hosted by Alex Pardee! Here is what Alex had to say about the opening.

"Around 7:15 on the night of the show, the first 50 people to show up to watch the game will be given a raffle ticket. We will then have a drawing to pick the contestants. There are 14 slots open to play the game. The game is simple:
I show you a silhouette, and you have to examine the silhouette and tell me if you think the actual painting behind it features a character WITH a tumor, or WITHOUT a tumor. It's easy."

On top of the new Tumorous or Not Tumorous new paintings, You are Welcome to Tumor Town where all of the little guys and girls are Tumorous and the population is lumpy. 

Shirts, Prints, Toys and Books, Alex is filling the Cotton Candy Machine with a Zerofriends Pop-Up shop in NYC once again. Don't miss this show!

Tu'Mor or not Tu'Mor
by Alex Pardee
Opening Event Saturday June 9th
7 to 11pm

Cotton Candy Machiine
235 South 1st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Recap of Tender Times by Scott C.

Sean Leonard
Sat 06.02.12
What an amazing month it has been. Tender Times by Scott C. has been such a treat to show here at Cotton Candy Machine. Check out this video and some pictures from the event. Thank you to Nate Denver's Neck for the song. Make sure to check out the event page here to see the rest of the photo's from the evening.

The 20" Dunny is SOLD OUT!

These beautiful new Dunny's will be released on May 24th at 2pm EST. Here on TheCottonCandyMachine.com

Good intentions gone wrong.

Always putting its best foot forward, the Black Heart of Gold Dunny is a misguided soul who seems to get it all wrong, no matter how hard it tries. Designed in both Blue and Pink editions, quintessential colors in Tara McPherson's distinctive palette, these 20-inch vinyl figures feature beautiful matte color gradients from feet to face, metallic ink accents, and the lines and shapes that tattoo Tara's world. Limited to 250 of each edition with artist's signature printed on the foot, these Dunnys show how stunning a black heart can be.

Here is Tara's 3" Dunny from her collaboration with Kidrobot for Swatch. It helps give you an idea of how massive and amazing the new 20" Dunny will look with the rest of your collection.

To celebrate the release of these two new Dunny's Tara will be doing a signing at Kidrobot NYC!

Black Heart of Gold Dunny
Signing with Tara McPherson
Thursday May 24th from 6 to 7pm

Kidrobot New York
118 Prince St., SoHo, Mahnattan

Tender Times by Scott C

Sean Leonard
Wed 05.09.12

Tender Times


We are so excited to have Scott C. here at Cotton Candy Machine for his first solo show in Brooklyn! Scott's paintings have appeared in galleries and publications around the world. He lives here in Brooklyn now, SO we are couldn't be happier to put on this show with him on his home turf.

"Candy Stripes" and "Little Guy Three Spirits"

These all new paintings depicting incredibly tender moments are full of Scott's iconic style and incredibly clever humor. In these Tender Times a giant scary monster makes for the best place to enjoy Storytime.


Scott's imagination laid out in these paintings brings us to a place where rainbows are a meeting place for friends or they make for an irresistible treat.

"The Four"

"Eating Wafers" and "The Treat"

"Unwanted Gift"

"The Offering"

From an Unwanted Gift to The Offering Scott was able to create so many new images and share so many new ideas in this show full of Tender Times.

Click any of the images in this post for a direct link to the original work. To see the rest of the work available in the show click here.

For any questions about purchasing please email sean@thecottoncandymachine.com

There will also be a pre-sale Friday May 11th from 3 to 5pm EST from our Online Store.

Join us for the opening event of Tender Times by Scott C.

Tender Times
Opening Event Friday May 11th
7 to 11pm

Cotton Candy Machiine
235 South 1st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

"The Duel"

Skinner Videos!!

Sean Leonard
Wed 05.09.12

Skinner enters the Smut Cave

Skinner's solo show The Undermining Satanic Energies Of An Incongruent Suburban Sickness was amazing. Having Skinner and Kristie in town with us was such a treat. In just a few long days and nights Skinner transformed the Cotton Candy Machine into a dream scape perfect for the housing of his new work. Skinners trip with the Spelunker in the Smut Cave turned out to be an unforgettable interview. Our good friend Marcus R Brooks captured the action here at the boutique and put together two videos. One a timelapse of Skinner painting the murals and installation here in the boutique. The second video is an interview where we get to hear about influences, inspiration, Marvel Comics, growing up in a small town, coming to Brooklyn and what secret projects he might be working on. How do you feel about that!? Sit back and enjoy the wonderfully wicked visuals, words of wisdom and to top it off Skinner even made the songs used in both of these videos. Give it a second listen because this is the only place you can find these dope new dance tracks. Enjoy and share.



Event Video


This show just keeps getting better and better. Last night Skinner finished his installation here at Cotton Candy Machine. The boutique looks amazing! The online Pre-sale will go live today from 3 to 5pm EST. Here is a link to the pieces in the show.

Skinner has made 26 new painting for the show and said. "..After this I will not be making as many smaller affordable pieces as I have an urge to really give myself time and space to find a new more dedicated path to increasing my skills as an artist and person..." Don't miss the chance to gab an original from this monstrous artist who's carrier has already influenced a generation.

On top of this massive body of new work Skinner has brought some of is masterful 3D work. Painting custom Masks and Designer Toys has been a creative outlet for Skinner for years now. His ideas and execution get better with every piece completed.

The Undermining Satanic Energies of an Incongruent Suburban Sickness

Opening Event
Friday April the 13th
7 to 11pm

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street
Brooklyn NY 11211

Online Pre-sale

Friday April the 13th
3 to 5pm EST

See you tonight!

The newest volume of Tara McPherson's work is here! Bunny In The Moon covers a selection of Tara's oil paintings, sketches, rock posters, her soft sculptures and photos from her travels. Picking up where her second volume "Lost Constellations" left off highlighting paintings created for exhibitions from New York City to Sao Paulo Brazil. Get a close look at the sketches that become refined drawings before they become a fully realized and rendered oil painting. The detail and creative approach in her screen printed work have blossomed into wonderful collaborations making gig posters for Faith No More, Liars, ATP curated by The Breeders, High on Fire, Melvins and Cirque Du Soleil's NYC show Zarkana.

Published by Darkhorse Books. Gods and devils. Flesh and spirit. Sacred and profane. One of the leading lights of Pop Surrealism, Tara McPherson has traveled the world with her work, gaining new inspirations. Bunny in the Moon features compelling new works and sculpture informed by mythology and folklore. The resulting imagery combines the primal power at the core of ancient culture with McPherson's contemporary explorations of love, loss, strength, vulnerability, and female empowerment. Foreword by filmmaker Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me). Tara's work has been featured in Vanity Fair, The New York Times, Hi-Fructose, Juxtapoz!

Click here to order Bunny In The Moon online!

Flatstock 33 SXSW and Austin Texas

Sean Leonard
Mon 03.12.12


We will be having a Cotton Candy Machine booth with all of Tara McPherson's rock posters, art work and fun merch at Flatstock SXSW again this year! This is really one of our favorite events to do. Come visit Me, Jessi, Condor and Tara at the booth!

Co-presented by the American Poster Institute (API) and SXSW, Flatstock 33 will display the works of more than 100 artists from across North America and the globe. The exhibition is free and open-to-the-public running March 14-17 and features posters representing decades of styles, colors and techniques for sale. Show up early and be ready to be overwhelmed with amazing posters. (You might want to bring some dough since you won't want to leave empty handed!) The exhibition is free and open to the public.

• We will have 50 signed and numbered advance copies of Tara's new art book 'Bunny In The Moon' available!

• All Cotton Candy Machine shirts will be on sale for $15 each there as well!

• We will have 2 sets of Tara's sold out 'Somewhere Under The Rainbow' giclees available! First come, first serve.

• Free copies of the new issue of Hi-Fructose to the first 10 customers who buy a rock poster!

• We will have copies of Tara's brand new Cotton Candy Machine published 'Safety of Water' giclee too!

Tara will be at the booth from 2pm to 4pm everyday!
March 14th to 17th, 2012

We love a good Rock Poster show! Enjoy these two videos from last year at the Boutique.

Slow Jams and Dedications at Cotton Candy Machine from Cotton Candy Machine on Vimeo.

Hero Design, Burlesque of North America and Mike King (Crash Design)

Rock It To Me from Cotton Candy Machine on Vimeo.

Jay Ryan, Jermaine Rogers, Leia Bell, Brian Ewing, Michael Michael Motorcycle and Little Friends of Printmaking

See you in Austin Everyone!

If you are going to visit Brooklyn over the next week stop by the Boutique and say hello to Lyejm. He'll be holding down the fort while we are away!


We are pleased to announce the release of a beautiful new Giclee by Tara McPherson. Created for her solo show Bunny In the Moon at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC, the original painting is oil on linen, stretched over panel and measures 60 x 48 inches. This painting depicts two pale elegant girls with a playful looking Kappa driving an Elephant. The Kappa is positioned as the mahout and refilling his head with a spray from his giant friend. The isolation provided by the natural spring pillar lends to a sense of peace and seclusion. The sky is full with a familiar view of space, one moon and a handful of stars. This little gang has nothing to fear in the "Safety of Water"

Taken from Tara's largest painting to date, we at Cotton Candy Machine are publishing our largest print to date with this gorgeous oversize giclee.

Safety of Water
by Tara McPherson

20" x 26" image size
24" x 30" paper size
Edition of 100
Signed and Numbered
Giclee on Velvet Fine Art Paper
Printed with Archival Inks

This will go on sale on Tuesday March 13th at 3pm EST (Noon PST).

Click here to preview Safety of Water

Have a good one!

David Cook Bone Thrower

Sean Leonard
Thu 03.08.12
We are one day away from the opening reception for our first show of the year. This Friday the Marching 9th... Cotton Candy Machine presents Bone Thrower by David Cook. I asked David a few questions to help us all get a little more familiar with him and his work.

Let's start with when we first met. Do you remember where and when?

I believe this was helping you build some of the shelving for the Cotton Candy Machine. you can correct me if I am wrong. I had met Tara sometime before and when she told me about the store and that you may need a little help, it was a no brainer. I am such a huge fan of the idea and what you guys are doing that I have been pretty willing to help anytime I can. Plus you ended up being a pretty awesome dude so it is not hard to come and hang out and lend a hand whenever you may need it.

Awe, thank you David. You are an awesome dude for saying so. Well we did meet once before, it was at your show in San Francisco at White Walls Gallery. The show was super busy and I didn't do anything to crazy to remember me by. On top of that I was standing with Tara so I wouldn't remember me ether. haha.

In preparing for this show I described your work as "Creating images of precise rays and intricate patterns making unbelievable texture and depth in his characters." I took a stab at it and I feel like I am pretty close with some of the work. You once said that you want your work to look as if a computer has done it. How would you describe the work you are doing now?

I love that a lot of the time people are totally confused as to how I made these things. I like the mystery. I like people getting so lost in an image and all of it's tiny details that they don't notice how close they have gotten to the work until they almost bump their heads into it. Then they step back and realize they were looking at some giant tranny monster in fetish gear choking out a snake that turns into a penis. I think only when people get up close and really investigate what am I doing do they realize how much time, effort, and skill it took to make it. I just love seeing people interact with what I have done. it always makes me feel like I have done something right.

You are always working on so many commissions and different projects. You even showed with us last year in our grand opening "Tiny Trifecta" and again with 5 other artists in the "Shirts and Destroy and the Exquisite Corpse" show. Could you share a few of your highlights from last year?

Lets see. I kind of work my ass of all the time so that is a hard one. I will have to say doing the Exquisite Corpse show with all of those amazing artist was one of the funniest art making experiences of my life. We had so much fun with each other and with the expectations of what each other was going to make that we all really pushed ourselves to really try and have fun with it. Every meeting we had to exchange the drawings was just a comedy show and a fantastic learning experience that I just got so much out of it. I think we all did. Doing my interview with you was also a pretty damn good time. I will say I still want someone to do something with all of that footage. I think there is probably some really great stuff from all of us. and we are all totally wanting to see Seldon go on his current state of black metal rant.

You are kicking ass on instagram I must say. I alway love to see what Bonethrower is posting! Tell me how you feel about instagram and tumblr and all of these new social media sites poping up? Good, bad everything?

Well I can't say anything bad so far. i had no idea that instagram would be an avenue for me to show so many people what i am doing and get new work. i just thought it would be fun to show my friends things and see what they were up to. Facebook is not something that really interests me very much and i thought this would be a fun thing. All of the sudden it has just sort of taken off and seems to keep growing. i love getting to see in progress work that some of my favorite artists are sharing on there as well. Tumblr has been a really interesting on too. The folks at tumblr have taken an interest in what i am doing and are really pushing my work out there. Having said all of this it is pretty funny that those things are happening because about all i can do with a computer is check my e-mail.

On top of creating artwork for galleries and different illustration jobs you play guitar in the Brooklyn based band Marching Teeth. I've had the pleasure of seeing you guy and I must say I liked it, heavy, mean and loud. Tell me a little about the band and what is next for you guys?

We hope to have a recording done and out with in the next 2 to 3 months. This band has been one of my favorite band projects i have ever done. Getting to start a band with 2 of your best friends and play heavy metal is kind of awesome. it is a labor of love more than anything seeing as Aaron Baumle the drummer is married and has child, and that Damon Meena the bass player singer is one of the owners of the company that we all work for. We play as much as we can and are all super proud of the songs we have written. We hope that we are doing something a little different than the rest ( I guess everyone does) and love getting any chance to play. We are heading to South By Southwest for the first time the day after the Cotton Candy Machine opening.

Hell yeah! We will be down there again for Flatstock 33! This years SXSW just keeps getting better! On the topic of music and and art... What can you tell me about working on the Young Widows album art?

 I used to work with Evan Patterson for years at a screen printing shop in Louisville Kentucky. We spent a lot of time standing next to each other talking shit everyday and listening to music. I got to see the beginning of the band and see how it grew and changed. I always love to hear what Even is up to, he has always been one of my favorite musicians. So when he asked me to do it and gave me his concept I didn't hesitate for one second. I did a few different versions before i settled on what ended up being the cover. I have never been anything but proud to have gotten to work with them and am looking forward to doing stuff with his new band called Old Baby. (not kidding about that name) they are my favorite thing he has done yet.

Thank you for your time and I am super excited for the opening! 

Lets make sure people know how to follow you! Here are the best places to keep track of David M. Cook and his progress on this ocean of an internet!

www.holyteeth.tumblr.com (this is my inspiration blog of sorts)
bonethrower on instagram

David Cook Bone Thrower
Opening Reception Friday March 9th
7 to 11pm

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

See you at the show! 

The very next day after Tara's show at Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Hollywood California we headed on a tour through South East Asia. After 18 hours of air time we finally landed in the Philippines.

Vinyl on Vinyl 2 Year Anniversary!

This was Tara McPherson's second time to Manila and you can read about her first trip here on Tara's blog! Our friends at Vinyl on Vinyl in Makati were celebrating their 2 Year Anniversary and invited Tara out for the celebration and a show.

For the 2nd Anniversary of Vinyl on Vinyl, Tara McPherson had original, graphite on paper drawings for the main pieces in the exhibition. On top of the quickly SOLD OUT drawings VoV was fully stocked with Rock Poster, Art Prints and Gicless all signed and numbered ready to go home with eager fans.

For the Designer Toy World there was an even more exciting focal point. Vinyl on Vinyl work with Tara to create "Lucius and his first Mustache Finger" and bring to life this huge sturdy 13' resin sculpt. They did an excellent job on these pieces! Each one is hand painted in the classic color way from the original Gig Poster Tara created for the Melvins. Just like in the poster Lucius is not alone and comes with 3 of Tara's iconic mountains. Packaged in a giant wooden box with the title screen printed on the outside and die cut foam inserts for each piece on the inside. To finish off the set each comes with a signed and numbered Giclee of the Lucius art work. Limited to only 35 pieces world wide this collaboration was a beautiful success!

Along with the event at Vinyl on Vinyl, Tara was asked by Fully Booked to do a couple Q&A's at the local College and University. The first was held at De La Salle College of St Benilde and was open to all students. It got packed quick as everyone gathered in the Cinema room just before Tara took the stage. After a quick introduction Tara moved into the Q&A. There was a large verity of MMA majors in the audience witch raised a range of different questions. Good luck to all of you students and like Tara said "Work your ass off!" Thank you to everyone who came out!

The second Fully Booked Q&A was held at the University of the Philippines Diliman at their U.P. College of Fine Arts. The Students and Faculty of this program are amazing. Here more the students are studying a fine arts major so Tara was a real sweet treat for this crowd. It is beautiful to see how all the way across the world these young growing artist respect and appreciate Tara's work so much. Thank you to Florentina Colayco, the Dean of the College! Thank you to all of the students and teachers that came out. Thank you Elle for your cute caricature of Tara!!

After I pulled off a few statue impressions and Tara did another photo shoot we got to go play around the City! Manila is crazy busy and there is so much going on all of the time! The streets and the traffic are unlike any place I have ever been. It moves like a million fish trying to swim through crowded creeks. There is very little regard for traffic signs or lane markers. It's like a wild free for all of cars jumping a leaping ahead for a clear shot down the path. I'm sure there are traffic laws in Manila but it seems driving is more fun here ignoring them. It's all fun and games until you get stuck in total gridlock for hours.

If you get the chance to check out Manila make sure to stop by The Collective in Makati and there you will find all kinds galleries, shops lots of great food and our good friends and incredible hosts Vinyl on Vinyl! Thank you Fully Booked and to Gabby, Pia and the whole team from VoV for the amazing show and wonderful week!

Singapore is hot enought to melt Superman.

It was on to Singapore which is a super futuristic city island amusement park country. I loved it and you must go there!

This huge Melting Superman sculpture was at the Singapore Art Museum and is titled “No One Can Save Us”. I got a real kick out of this piece and talked about it with almost everyone I met while we were there. This amazing multilevel conversation piece was created by artists Eric Foenander and Steve Lawler (aka Mojoko). You can recognize the character from a block away. Most of him has melted away already and you can still tell who this hero is. I think they nailed it with using Superman's iconic colors and pose and needing nothing more. If global warming makes it any hotter in Singapore not even the "man of steal" can save them. The piece was part of the exhibition: The Singapore Show: Future Proof.

CCM Pop up in Singapore with

Darkroom Army! 

Darkroom Army X Tara Mcpherson from darkroomarmy on Vimeo.

Inspired by the global urban art and analogue photography scene, Darkroom Army aims to create revolutionary analogue photographic equipment, whilst merging art with analogue cameras. So in conjunction with the release of the McPherson x Darkroom Army FED 5B LOVE BLOWS analog camera, we had a the first Cotton Candy Machine Pop up shop in Singapore.

Jackson Aw and the rest of the crew at Darkroom Army were such great hosts! The events at the Pop up were great! We met so many great collectors and fans. I can't believe how many toys have made it out there!

Darkroom Army also had Tara kick off their Lecture series.


At a crazy toy flea market in the old mall I saw some more Original Fake Kaws pieces. They were Fakes!


FLAPSLAP is different than what most Google searches or Urban Dictionarys will tell you. This FLAPSLSAP is a modern Designer Toy art Gallery / Collection run and owned by Jeffrey Koh. He gave us gum in Singapore!  We broke the law!

It was really a great time in Singapore. Thank you again everyone at Darkroom Army! Big thank you to everyone who came out to the events and the lecture! We hope to come back soon!


Cambodia has the of the coolest old Temple cities I have ever seen. Angkor Wat is a massive Temple that is surrounded by a mote and at it's prime housed a Million person strong civilizations. Walking around learning and thinking about these old cultures was my favorite part of this whole trip. Bayon Temple was built by a King who put his face on everything he could and had it carved all over his temple.

Cambodia and our stay there was truly more special than my words can do justice. So I hope you don't mind a million photos!. Tara and I were fully equipped with Mini Diana cameras (by Lomography) and all different kinds of 35mm film. All of the photos in this Cambodia section are from the film we shot. Enjoy.

Thank you Nichole "The Baroness" and Carlos East the Beast Brother for all of your help and suggestions in Cambodia! See you back on the East Cost!

Thank you again to everyone who helped us in one way or anther on this tour of South East Asia Nations. Thank you Vinyl on Vinyl and Fully Booked, thank you Darkroom Army, PEEK!, FLAPSLAP, Singapore Swatch Watches and thank you Buddha! It was amazing! I hope to see you all again! Come to Brooklyn now and visit us!

See you at the Boutique.

Merry Karnowsky Gallery

Sean Leonard
Sun 02.12.12
Saturday Feburary 4th was the opening of a powerful 4 woman show with new works by Tara McPherson, Aiko, Lindsey Way and Deedee Cheriel.

Merry, Tara, Aiko, Deedee and Linsey

Deedee Cheriel

Tara with Lindsey Way

Tara and Aiko

Tara and I

LIndsey Way (left), Nathan Hamill and Holly (right)

Kathy (left), Guy and Grant (right)

Holly and Jon Schnepp

Young fan and Tara's Swatch Watch (left), Lola and her lovely daughter (right)

Brandi Milne and Tara

Tara, Terri, Donna, Simon, Farron and Jonathan

Curtis and his new fiance with Tara (right)

Buff Monster and Tara

Tara and Natalia Fabia

Luke Chueh and Tara

Tomi Monstre and Tara

The Cherry Bombs and Tara (left), Davey Havok and Tara (right)

Naheed, Tomi, Jon, Shannon and Tara (left), Tara with Matthew and Shannon Currie Holmes

If you would like to see the show or have any questions about the show contact the MK Gallery

170 S. La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

It was so nice seeing all of you in LA! Now come visit us in Brooklyn!

See you at the Boutique

We are very pleased to announce the full Somewhere Under The Rainbow print set! These Paintings  come from Tara McPherson's Lost Constellations solo show at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. This series of Paintings depicts five young Girls all adorned with Corpse Paint makeup.  Each of the Metal Faced Beauties has a different condition growing from their head.  These images create a range of emotions from companionship and protection to growth and loss... It seems like whether you have seen these paintings once or you've seen them a hundred times, everyone will have their own idea of what the relationship between the Girl and her Surreal Counterpart really means. A few of Tara's favorite Characters Mr. Wiggles and the Skull Flower make an appearance in these pieces as well. 

The Prints will be released Thursday January 12th 2012 at 3pm EST. The FIRST 30 Orders will receive a FREE MINI Print. The Somewhere Under The Rainbow prints will be sold as a Set or Individually. This is an Edition of 100 and all prints are signed and numbered.

Somewhere Under The Rainbow SET
by Tara McPherson
This is the Set of 5 Prints.
Each Prints is:
8.5" x 15.5"
Edition of 100
Signed and Numbered
Giclee on Velvet Fine Art Paper
Printed with Archival Inks

Somewhere Under the Rainbow Turquoise
by Tara McPherson SOLD OUT

8.5" x 15.5"
Edition of 100
Signed and Numbered
Giclee on Velvet Fine Art Paper
Printed with Archival Inks

Somewhere Under the Rainbow Peach
by Tara McPherson
8.5" x 15.5"
Edition of 100
Signed and Numbered
Giclee on Velvet Fine Art Paper
Printed with Archival Inks

Somewhere Under the Rainbow Green
by Tara McPherson
8.5" x 15.5"
Edition of 100
Signed and Numbered
Giclee on Velvet Fine Art Paper
Printed with Archival Inks

Somewhere Under the Rainbow Blue
by Tara McPherson
8.5" x 15.5"
Edition of 100
Signed and Numbered
Giclee on Velvet Fine Art Paper
Printed with Archival Inks

Somewhere Under the Rainbow Pink
by Tara McPherson
8.5" x 15.5"
Edition of 100
Signed and Numbered
Giclee on Velvet Fine Art Paper
Printed with Archival Inks

*** We have sold the first batch of prints Tara signed and numbered. Therefore all prints ordered from this point forward will be shipped the first week in March when Tara returns from her events and can sign and number the rest. We will still be including the free mini print for all orders placed who have to wait as well! Thanks for your understanding!

If you have any questions about these pieces or any others feel free to write to


Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Talk to you soon!

What a Year it has been.

Sean Leonard
Sat 12.31.11
Thank you 2011

This year has been amazing to say the least.  When this year started I was running the Zerofriends Pop-up store in LA.  Now at the end of 2011 we've traveled the World and come back to Brooklyn to open the Cotton Candy Machine Boutique.  Working makes me happy.  I can honestly say I've never been happier in my entire life.

After we blew up and Rock'd out Zerofriends LA with the Cella Gallery, Tara and I headed on the very first Cotton Candy Machine Pop up Store tour!  We got on a plane with the mission of Making Brazil Sweeter by setting up mini Cotton Candy Machine Boutiques all over this wild wonderful Country. 

We started our Brazilian tour in SãO PAULO with Choque Cultural!  Huge thank you to Baixo, Mariana and Eduardo!  We set up in the new Project Side of Choque's space. It was sweet.  The art scene in Sao Paulo is very strong and they are very aware of what is going on and see what is important. I think they truly have a grasp of what is going on in these movements that are happening right now. I like what they are doing and most of all it is a pleasure to see them very time I get to. Hope to see you again soon! Then it was on to Rio de Janeiro witch it is like some kind of heaven on earth.  While in Rio we teamed up with La Cucaracha in Ipanema. Hope to talk to you soon Maxx! Next on the tour we headed North up the coast to Belo Horizonte were we where hosted so well by Quina Galleria's Ayrton and Rodrigo.  The last stop on the tour was in Recife for Porto Musical.  It took us almost a full month of traveling through Brazil to pull this all off. Mission Accomplished! We had 4 amazing events and made lots of new friends. Hope to see you ALL again some day! We love you Brazil and we will be back as soon as we can.

Before we could even plant our feet back in Brooklyn it was off to Austin Texas for SXSW and FlatStock 29.

Thank you as always to everyone at the American Poster Institute and we'll see you again in March Austin for FlatStock 33!  I'm going to eat veggie dogs from Frank that is for sure! (Dog plug)

We got back to Brooklyn with just enough time to lay down the last few coats of paint on the walls and fill the new Tee shirt racks with Apparel.  We were ready to open the doors.

April 9th 2011 we opened the Cotton Candy Machine Boutique in Brooklyn with our Grand Opening show the Tiny TrifectaTara McPherson put together this show with a group of her Contemporaries.  The Tiny Trifecta was +100 Artists all doing $100 tiny pieces of Art Celebrating the 100 day of the year. It was a huge success to say the least. Thank you again to all that helped make it so special. You can see more of the photos and videos here  Tiny Trifecta 

"Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the Grand Opening event for the Cotton Candy Machine... the TINY TRIFECTA!! When thinking of what to do for the first exhibition, I wanted it to be something magical, shiny and glorious, and what better way to make magic happen than to get 100 of my favorite artists together for a fun show!" - Tara

Featuring the art of Jessicka Addams, Esao Andrews, Jim Avignon, John Baizley, Shawn Barber, Gary Baseman, Andrew Bell, Leia Bell, Bongoût, Robert Bowen, Beast Brothers, Mike Budai, Casey Burns, Scott C, Joe Capobianco, Marcos Chin, Colin Christian, Sas Christian, Ciou, Becky Cloonan, David Cook, Dave Cooper, Jessi Cornett, Dave Correia, Molly Crabapple, Lana Crooks, Steven Daily, Daniel Danger, Camilla d’Errico, Stephan Doitschinoff, Dana Glover, Dan Grzeca, Brian Ewing, Natalia Fabia, PJay Fidler, Justin Hampton, Kevin Hayes, Mark Heggie, Hero, Boris Hoppek, Jim Houser, Seldon Hunt, Jeremy Hush, Jordin Isip, Jeremyville, Aya Kakeda, Audrey Kawasaki, Lindsey Kuhn, Henry Lewis, Travis Louie, Lola, David Mack, Jim Mahfood, Steven Manale, Sara Antoinette Martin, Angie Mason, Dan May, Tara McPherson, Mike Mignola, Brandi Milne, Junko Mizuno, Buff Monster, Tomi Monstre, Michael Motorcycle, Kathie Olivas, Alex Pardee, Marion Peck, Brandt Peters, Joshua Petker, Nathan Pickett, Anthony Pontius, Little Friends Of Printmaking, Arabella Proffer, Noah Rice, Nathan Rice, Martha Rich, Jermaine Rogers, Paul Romano, Arik Roper, Martina Secondo Russo, Frank Russo, Jay Ryan, Mark Ryden, Isabel Samaras, Jon Schnepp, Mike Shinoda, Rafael Silveira, Greg Simkins, Skinner, Morgan Slade, Timba Smits, Shawn Smith, Jeff Soto, Nathan Spoor, Tofu Squirrel, Diana Sudyka, Fefe Talavera, Jill Thompson, Adam Wallacavage, Jonathan Wayshack, Eric White, Elizabeth Winnel, Martin Wittfooth, Chet Zar.

Tiny Trifecta coverage on CCM, MTV, Hi-Fructose 1, Hi-Fructose 2, Juxtapoz, Clutter

The line up for the rest of the year was no different.  For our second event we had Paper View a show with Zerofriends.  It was like bringing the family back together for this one. Alex Pardee and Dave Correia came out from the San Francisco Bay for the opening. It's always my favorite time of everytime to have these guys around.  Along with work from Alex and Dave we have pieces from Skinner and Robert Bowen. We've been carrying Zerofriends since our second month open. I don't think we will ever stop. 

Paper View coverage on CCM, Hi-Fructose, Juxtapoz, Eyesuckink, PlaywithKnives, Creep Machine,

Love and respect to one of my best friends on the Planet Darren Scott from Zerofriends! I'll see you soon! We are having Alex Pardee and Zerofriends back for another show this June 2012. I can't wait.

May felt like my Birthday all month. Miss Van was in New York for her Solo show at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery so we invited her over for a Book Signing at the new Boutique. She is a very sweet and it's easy to see why everyone adores her work so much.

Miss Van coverage on CCM,  Hi-Fructose,  Jonathan LeVineMichael Michael MotorcycleTokyoBunnie,

Rock IT To Me kicked off our very first Rock Poster show.  Leia Bell, Brian Ewing, Michael Motorcycle, Little Friends of Printmaking, Jermaine Rogers and Kissie face Jay Ryan.  Thank you to all of the Poster Collectors both old and new for all of the support! 

Rock It To Me coverage on CCM, Inside the Rock Poster Frame, IHCS,

During our month of Rock It to Me.  The Melvins came to Brooklyn for 2 SOLD OUT nights in a row at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. We had the band over for an event we called Meet the Melvins. The guys in the band are amazing and this was a very rare opportunity to meet these Rock legends. Everyone who made it out will probably never forget it...Thanks to all the photos and videos!

Meet the Melvins coverage on CCM, BrooklynVegan, Culture.wnyc, Planet Chocko Zine,

July was full of Rock Posters, Art Prints, Original Paintings and Danger. We only had one Solo Show this year and it was with Daniel Danger. If you have seen his work you probably will never for get what it looks like. If you have not seen it yet just take a look here. He is unbelievably talented and truly a Dangerous man. Keep up the good work Daniel, all of it. 

Daniel Danger coverage on CCM, Arrested Motion, OMG Posters, Throw Up the Horns, Inside the Rock Poster Frame

Summer time was sweet with our Buff Monster and Jeremyville Sprout up!  I can say this was the sweetest the Boutique looked all year! These two have such a strong work ethic it was no problem for them to fill it to the ceiling. Buff created a small army of new Customs and Jeremyville brought larger than life prints of the Apocalypse. Mission accomplished in Making Brooklyn Sweeter.

Buff Monster and Jeremyville coverage on CCM, Buff Monster, JeremyvilleClutter,  KidrobotDaily duJourVinyl PulsePlastic and PlushHandlebar,  According2GUrban Vinyl Daily,   ILoveMegatoysrevil, LivingProof,  SpankyStokes 2K,  Curatedmag,  Tottglobal, Rocketpunch, The wonderful life,

This is a good time to thank Tristan Eaton and Thunderdog studios.  They have been a huge support and help.  Thank you Rob for being the kind of guy who can do anything any time. You guys have a tight crew.

After the Reign of Pink came a Dark Storm. Six Artists from Shirts and Destroy made things a bit darker at Cotton Candy Machine.

Exquisite Corpse coverage on CCM,  BrooklynVegan, Saved Tattoo, FlavorpillMeditationsinatrament, Stephanie Tamez,  Heartbeatmedia,  Tattoo Artist Mag,  SwallowsnDaggers,

A super good friend and all around talented artist Anthony Pontius helped put this show together with all Brooklyn Based Shirts and Destroy Artists. Daniel Albrigo, Ryan Begley, David Cook, Thomas Hooper, Seldon Hunt and Anthony Pontius and the Exquisite Corpse. Over the course of two months each artist collaborated on 12 originals. Each artist creating 2 Heads, 2 Torsos and 2 Legs completing a Corpse blindly. The skill and creativity these artist put into these pieces of art is outstanding. With this strong body of work coupled with Shirts and Prints from each artist the show was a success. Big thank you to artist Ryan Begley owner of Shirts and Destroy for making this possible! Make sure to check out the Tee Shirt Dungeon it's super close to the Cotton Candy Machine!

The weather in New York during October is perfect. I love every bit of it, the colors, the nerds, the freaks.  The leaves start to change,  the city floods with people for NYCC and you have Halloween! We topped all that off with events featuring Circus Posterus, Lulubell Toys and the Amazing Scott C.

Circus Posterus coverage on CCM, Circus Posterus, Vinyl Pulse, Kidrobot, Toys Are Sanity, VinylGoddess, Frequency

The same weekend as New York Comic Con we had the opening event for our Circus Posterus show with Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Travis Louie and Chris Ryniak.  The show was full of Sketches, Resin Sculptures and Prints from each artist. With each artist having such a rich and deep body of work their collectors knew how precious these pieces were. Now they have all found happy homes.  Big thank you to Kathie and Brandt for all of your help putting this one together! 

One night after the next! Same weekend The Lulubell Toy Bodega opened up shop at the Cotton Candy Machine. They had been busy orchestrating the event from all over the world. And when we opened up that night the boutique was full of brand new Toys all in the exclusive Cotton Candy Machine color ways.

Lulubell coverage on CCM, SpankyStokes, Vinyl Pulse, Toysrevil, Cherryvinyl

Along with the new CCM color ways in all of these toys, we released the 6" Resin Masters of George a Character by Tara McPherson. Thank you to Lulubell Amy out in Arizona, Lulubell Luke out in Japan and Julie B of Pretty in Plastic for the amazing show! Keep an eye out for the George Vinyl coming soon!  I can't wait to see what we can pull off this year! Check out Photos and Video from the show here.

To finish off our October here at the Boutique we had a Book Signing with Scott C. for his new book Amazing Everything.

Scott C coverage on CCM, PyramidcarFrequency

Scott C. lives right here in Brooklyn and he is loved all over the world. This was a chance to celebrate his new book and show off his amazingness. We are having Scott C. back for a Show this year so make sure you come check it out! More details soon!

November was time for a Rock Poster Show.

Slow Jams and Dedications coverage on CCM, Hero, Burlesque, Gigposters

Slow Jams and Dedications was our Rock Poster show with Hero Design, Burlesque of North America and Mike King. We always love a good Rock Poster Show and so do the Collectors. Each of the Artist brought some old classics and some freshly screened prints. This wont be our last Rock Poster show!

Tee Shirt Party coverage on CCM, Sara Land, The Blot Says, Inside New York

November was a full month too.  We had a One Night Tee Shirt Party with Sara Antoinette Martin introducing her new Tee shirt line Skelecore! Sara has been a long time friend of the Cotton Candy Machine and she actually took almost every photo in this blog.  It has been awesome to see her continue to grow as an artist. Keep up the good work! Thank you Sara!

Zombie Ice Baby coverage on CCMMishka, SpankyStokesKHFC,  

We had a very exciting Toy release and Collaboration between Shig x Tara McPherson. Tara was asked to do her own color way of the Ugly Four Eyes Nag Nag Nag. Her creation was the Zombie Ice Baby. Only 12 were ever made.  Shig sold 5 from Japan and we got to sell 5 of them through the Boutique.  It might be the coolest toy ever made.

Then to end out the out the year we had our Holiday Group Show! We released brand new prints from 5 of our favorite Artist! Esao Andrews, Travis Louie, Jeremy Hush, Paul Pope and Tara McPherson.

Holiday Group Show coverage on CCMHi-Fructose, Juxtapoz, Circus PosterusSpankyStokes, Creep Machine, Branded Arts

That was our year at the Cotton Candy Machine!! Thank you so much to all of you who have made it possible our Family, Friends, Artist, Collectors and Fans. Of course none of this could have happened with out the amazing people in our life. 2012 is going to be even better! Hope to see you in Brooklyn!


Happy Holidays!!!

Sean Leonard
Fri 12.23.11

We wish you all the best.

It's been an amazing holiday season here at Cotton Candy Machine. Thank you all for the support and the excitement. The online store has been non stop all month and the Boutique has never been busier. It has truly been wonderful to meet so many new people and to have the opportunity to share Art with them. My favorite part was gift wrapping presents that are still waiting to be opened.

If you still need to stop by....Tomorrow is the last day we will be open until next year! We will be open on Christmas Eve until 4pm so you can get any last minute gifts for your friends and loved ones. Once we close tomorrow the Cotton Candy Machine staff will be taking a much needed vacation. The Boutique will be closed from December 25th to January 2nd. The online store will be live and all orders placed will ship January 2nd.

Starting in January we will be starting our WINTER HOURS! For the months of January and February the Boutique will be closed one more day a week. The new Winter Hours are Wednesday to Sunday 12 to 8pm. Starting in March again we will resume our regular schedule. Take a look at all of the up coming events for next year!

Christmas Eve December 24th OPEN 12 to 4pm
Boutique Closed December 24th to January 2nd
Online Store Open during the holidays *Shipping will begin again in January
Winter Hours for January  and February are Wednesday to Sunday 12pm to 8pm

Enjoy the Holidays with people you Love.
Talk to you soon

Hopefully it is not too cold out tomorrow.

Our Friend and head of Zerofriends, Alex Pardee is in town from the Bay Area of San Francisco and he has been busy with Chloe Rice putting together a Zine and they did it in just 24 hours. It is so freezing out they decided to put together a Zine and give it away for free, because It's FUCKING FREEZINE!

Alex Pardee and Chloe Rice will be posted up in front of the Cotton Candy Machine tomorrow, Thursday December 22nd from 12pm to 2pm giving away copies of their band new FREEZINE! This is a rare opportunity to meet one of my favorite artist Alex and his partner in crime Chloe and to top it off you get to snag this super limited Zine. It was made in New York and will be given away here too. Just hours after the Zine was finished and put together they will be on the sidewalk ready to share it with the first people who show up. There are only 100 copies printed and they have every intention to give them all away for Free.

In addition to the FREEZINE they will be giving away, Cotton Candy Machine is packed full of Alex's own line of Zerofriends Shirts, Prints, Books and his older Zines! The previous Zine release from Alex Pardee was a collaboration with SKINNER where they took on their alter egos as The Butcher Kings and used it as a chance to Butcher their childhood memories. I can't wait to see what Alex and Chloe have pulled together for this newest release. 

I hope you can make it by tomorrow!

Alex Pardee and Chloe Rice present
It's Fucking Free Zine
Thursday December 22nd
12 noon to 2pm
Giving away their new Zine

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Talk to you soon!

Original Drawings by Tara McPherson

Sean Leonard
Sat 12.17.11

Holiday Group Show and New Prints

Sean Leonard
Fri 12.02.11

Paul Pope, Esao Andrews, Travis Louie, 

Jeremy Hush, Tara McPherson

This was our very first Show producing Prints. The pieces we had the opportunity of releasing are unbelievable. Here they are from each of the 5 Artist.

Travis Louie

Claire and her forest Schnook
by Travis Louie $200.00
Giclee with Archival Inks
17.5 x 24
Edition of 20
Signed and Numbered

This super limited print has the title of the piece hand written by Travis on each print. His penmanship is phenomenal and adds to the piece wonderfully.

Travis Louie signing Claire and her forest Schnook prints.

The General
by Travis Louie SOLD OUT
Giclee with Archival Inks
8.5 x 11
Edition of 45
Signed and Numbered

Esao Andrews

Red Portrait

by Esao Andrews $100.00
Giclee with Archival Inks
20 x 24
Edition of 50
Signed and Numbered

Grey Portrait
by Esao Andrews
Giclee with Archival Inks
8.5 x 8.5
Edition of 50
Signed and Numbered

Paul Pope

by Paul Pope
Giclee with Archival Inks
8.5" x 11"
Edition of 20
Signed and Numbered
and Special Stamp

Paul Pope signing Profile prints. 

Jeremy Hush

The Primrose Path
by Jeremy Hush

Giclee with Archival Inks
12.75 x 24
Edition of 50
Signed and Numbered

by Jeremy Hush
Giclee with Archival Inks
8.5 x 9
Edition of 50
Signed and Numbered

Tara McPherson

From The Abyss
by Tara McPherson
Giclee with Archival Inks
20 x 24
Edition of 100
Signed and Numbered

by Tara McPherson
Giclee with Archival Inks
8.5 x 11
Edition of 100
Signed and Numbered

The Original Umibozu Painting was a small part in Tara's "Bunny in the Moon" solo show at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. A book is in the works too! Bunny in the Moon: The Art of Tara McPherson Volume 3 comes out through Dark Horse this March 2012.

Here are a few instalation photos from our Holiday Group show. 

Have a Happy Holidays from the Cotton Candy Machine! 

If you have a questions about any of the pieces you see in this show feel free to email us.


Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone/Fax 718.387.3844


Black Friday Prints Giving

Sean Leonard
Wed 11.23.11

Online and In Store Free Prints

After you enjoy your Thanksgiving Feast and your Midnight Madness sales Join us for Cotton Candy Machine's very first Prints Giving! We are Giving away this Large Lithograph print of "George's Halloween Portrait" by Tara McPherson FREE with the purchase of Anything from the online store! That's right buy Anything from the site and get this print free! All online orders placed on Black Friday qualify!

Prints Giving is even sweeter if you can make it to Cotton Candy Machine here in Brooklyn. On top of the Free Prints With Every Purchase we will have our "$10 Out of Edition" prints on the floor! These are prints that are not included in the regular edition. They have been pulled aside for a variety of reasons from having a bent corner to the colors not meeting the high standard we have in our prints. This stack of prints is full of some of the most rare and sold out prints by Tara McPherson just Out of Edition and now only $10! First Come First Serve and we open at Noon!

Later that night we will be releasing the Shig x Tara McPherson "Zombie Ice Baby"

Prints Giving Friday November 25th
Online All Day
In Store 12 to 8pm

Zombie Ice Baby!!

"Zombie Ice Baby"
Shig x Tara McPherson

On Black Friday, November 25th we are having the most talked about Toy release we have ever been a part of here at Cotton Candy Machine. The newest collaboration in the NagNagNag series, 'Zombie Ice Baby' by Tara McPherson and Shigeru! Just last week Shigeru, who is the Japanese Vinyl master and Creator of the Nag, released his 5 toys of the edition through his website on 11.11.11 at 11:11. They were sold through a Lottery and collectors submit through email to be included in the raffle. Those 5 toys are all sold and that only leaves the 5 toys that we will be releasing here!

Join us for the Birth (release) of this Baby Four-Eyes Nag Nag Nag collaboration Friday November 25th from 9-10pm here at Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn! Tara McPherson will be at the event to send these Zombie Ice Babies off to their new homes. Greg Rivera of Mishka and Artist L'amour Supreme will also be joining us for the release!  We will be holding a Lottery here at the Boutique. It is FREE to enter the Lottery, everyone who comes out will get to enter their name in the Lottery. Names will be pulled from the entries for the opportunity to BUY the Toy!  Your best chance of Collecting these Ugly Nag Toys is coming to the Boutique that night and entering in person. This wont be the first time people travel from all over to be apart of one of our events. I hope to see you here!

If you can't make it here for the Event... We are holding an Email Lottery as well! This will be for only ONE of the 5 Toys we will be releasing through Cotton Candy Machine. There will be a 3 hour window for the Email submissions from 3pm to 6pm EST on Black Friday, November 25th. Send an email to zombieicebaby@thecottoncandymachine.com and please include your Full Name, Shipping Address and a Phone Number to reach you. Only one entry per person, multiple entries will be discarded. The winner will be picked at random during the event on Black Friday night. The other 4 Nag Toys will be sold here at CCM in person on Black Friday.

The motto is C.U.N.T witch stands for Collect Ugly Nag Toys. That's funny! Another funny thing about that is it's really hard to Collect these Ugly Nag Toys because they are VERY RARE. More people want to Collect them than actually can. It always keeps you coming back for Shigeru's next Nag release! 

Shig x McPherson
Zombie Ice Baby Release party
Black Friday November 25th from 9 to 10pm

Thank you all for stopping in, for the phone calls, the emails and the excitement around this Nag Nag Nag. We are just as excited as you! Have a Happy Thanksgiving and we hope to see you at the Boutique on Friday!

*Update- We were able to donate $300 to Oceana and Sea Shepard charities from money raised in the auction of the last Nag doll. Thank You!!

Talk to you soon!

Sara Antoinette Martin Tee Party!!

Sean Leonard
Mon 11.14.11

This Friday November 18th

Sara Antoinette Martin!

We are so pleased to announce the release of Sara's new Tee Shirt line Skelecore!  This Friday November 18th form 7 to 11pm we are having a Tee Shirt Party in her honner.  She is bringing Prints of her wonerful paintings, Sculptures and she has even done toys for Kidrobot and we will have a few of those beautiies on display as well.  We will be carring Skelecore the Tee Shirt line here at the Cotton Candy Mahcine and we love Sara so we are throughing her a party! 

"Robyn With Dahlias"
Giclee Print
13" x 19"
Edition of 40

The Tee's are looking great! Sara has done an awesome job on the Skelecore Designs. Taking from her painting and original illustrations to create these amazing pieces. All of the runs are super limited and hard to find. If you come across one it might be your only chance to grab it. This Friday will be your chance to get your hands on a few and make your torso happy.

Sara and the girls, Jessi and Tara

Sara Antoinette Martin is also long time friend of Cotton Candy Machine. She worked as Tara McPherson's studio assistant for years. Originally from eastern Long Island, Sara graduated from the Pratt Institute in 2005 with a degree in illustration and hasn't left the borough since. She has always been working in the arts and with artist. On top of working with Kidrobot doing product photography and working here with us at CCM she has continued to work on her own art. Sara has created a body of work with images and icons that speaks with a unique voice all her own. In the last year she has started to Tattoo and stays pretty busy with her amazing ideas for good priced ink at Brooklyn Tattoo. Check out Sara's blog Sara-Land.

Sara Antoinette Martin laughing and pretending to be Korean and Easo Andrews pretending to Shotgun a beer.

Michael Michael Motorcycle, Sara Antoinette Martin, Mark (Hero Design) showing off their mustaches.

Join us this this Friday

Sara Antoinette Martin
Tee Shirt Party!
November 18th, 2011
From 7 to 11pm

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Have a good night!

Freak Store Caracas Venezuela

Sean Leonard
Fri 11.04.11

I love South America! 3.0

Tara McPherson and I were invited to go do a few toys events in Venezuela. After this trip I can accurately say I love South America. We got to enjoy this adventure with fellow Brooklynites (Both from England) Andrew Bell and Jon Burgerman. The events were all put together by Mario of Freak Store and the entire trip was hosted so well. When we first got to the hotel Mario told us "You will be taken care of while you are here," he said "you can just leave your wallets in your rooms.... In fact it's probably safer that way." It made us all laugh because it is TRUE. There is no secret that Caracas is pretty sketchy in parts. Luckily everywhere they took us was beautiful and safe and I never once felt in any danger. Well, It's no more dangerous than Brooklyn.

Freak Store is a Art Toy Store in Caracas. They have been killing it down south. Always on top of the newest hottest releases and getting their collectors what they need. After having the opportunity to see and experience the events it was obvious that they are making people happy. Their big event I Love Munny 3.0 is a huge success and it was all smiles from ear to ear. This event is an open invitation show where artists customize a Kidrobot Munny. The work created for these shows has been recognized world wide and truly celebrates the Art of Customizing. Andrew, Jon, Tara and I got to guest judge for the event too. It was hard to pick the winners but it was fun!

Make sure to check out the rest of the photos from the I Love Munny 3.0. There is also video from the event on E! Congratulations to the winners!  Keep it up and I can't wait to see what I Love Munny 4.0 has to offer!  The next day was the event at Freak Store.

The excitement from all of the collectors was wonderful. Freak Store was full of all kinds of Designer Toys. They had loaded up on Prints, Books and Shirts from the Cotton Candy Machine too so there was something for everyone!   DIY toys were the most popular becuase you could get a doodle from each of the artists. The signing had a huge line so Andrew, Jon and Tara stayed for an extra 2 hours so that no one would be left out. Thank you all again for the support!

Next was the Workshop. The day started off with a fun filled talk from each of the special Guests. After getting a little more familiar with Tara, Andrew and Jon this was a chance for all of the attendees to customize their own Kidrobot Munny. Everything from paints, brushes and scupty were provided even the Munny was ready at each seat. After hearing each of the Artists speak it was easy to be inspired and get to work on creating there own little monster. Big props to Mario and Freak Store for teaming up with Kidrobot on such a special idea.  Andrew is a Custom master so it was very fun to watch and learn from his skills.

Everyone there was able to take some time and create a new little creature of there own surrounded by inspiration and encouragement. Tara McPherson sculpted a horn and painted a new Custom Metal Unicorn Munny.  It was a really fun day! Thank you to everyone who came out for the event!  Keep Creating!

Once all of the events where finished we got to head to the hills and see what Venezuela was like a little ways out of Caracas. 

The whole trip was a wonderful experience. Getting to see a new part of the world with the love of my life Tara. Meeting a TON of new people that are excited about toys, just like me. Having the opportunity to watch first had how talented Andrew Bell is at his craft and sharing his "Creatures In My Head." Laughing non stop with Jon Burgermam. I wirite, "Dear Jon, We'll always have the waterfall." Jon says "I think I miss you." That reminds me! You must check out Jon's band Anxieteam. Jon also wrote a nice little Blog Entry "Crackers in Caracas" about the trip too! Thank you Mario and everyone a Freak Store for putting this trip together.

"I think I miss you too"
Talk to you soon.

Pictoplasma NYC Character Walk

Sean Leonard
Tue 10.25.11
3 - 6 NOVEMBER 2011

Join us for the closing weekend of our Circus Posterus show as part of the Pictoplasma Character Walk. This is you last chance to see the original drawings and 3D works by Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Travis Louie and Chris Ryniak. Accompanying the Pictoplasma NYC Conference, a line-up of numerous exhibitions and art events spread throughout the city will open up to the general public. As the official exhibition program of the Festival, many of the partnering exhibitions, installations and shows open on Thursday, the 3rd.

We will be open extended hour during the weekend from 12 to 10pm to make it even easier for you to get to the Boutique here in Brooklyn.

Cotton Candy Machine (#15)
235 South 1st St.
Brooklyn, Ny 11211

There are so many great shows this weekend. Jonathan LeVine Gallery, Bold Hype, Lit Lounge, Jeremyville Salon, Toy Tokyo and Myplasticheart all in Manhattan. Come through Brooklyn and stop by Spoonbill & Sugartown, Factory Fresh, SupaKitch & Koralie Studio and here at Cotton Candy Machine.

Click here for Map

It was Amazing


We had our good friend Scott C. over for a book signing at Cotton Candy Machine. His new book Amazing Everything, published by Insight Editions was just released and so we had a party here! The book is full of Scott's fun and playful watercolor paintings from the past few years. Jack Black wrote the forward for "Amazing Everything" and it sets the mood for the art you are about to see. I think we all agree with Jack when he said "Scott C. reigns supreme!" Scott had a killer Book signing at 111 Minna in SF you can check that here. He continues to travel exhibiting his work and speaking at conferences all over the US. Keep an eye out to see if he is traveling to your part of the world because you wouldn't want to miss it. Scott is every bit as Amazing as his art.

"Zombie in Love" by Kelly DiPucchio, pictures by Scott C and "Amazing Everyting"

Scott C. sketching away in his new books! 

Mummy, Me and Scott C. 

Mummy and I fell in love kinda.

Meghan (Miami), Scott C. (Amazing), Sean (Me), Tara (Love), Jessi (Boutique)

You can see the rest of the pictures form that night here

Thanks to everyone who came out! We have a Show with Scott C. next May!! His show is on my birthday and I couldn't ask for a better present than to have a party at the boutique with one of my favorite artist on Google Earth.  It will be More Amazing.

Talk to you all soon!

Circus Posterus Video

Sean Leonard
Mon 10.17.11

Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Travis Louie,

Chris Ryniak

This is the video from our Circus Posterus opening reception! The show is amazing and full of Original Drawings, 3D Sculptures both big and small and prints from each of the artists.

The work will be on display and part of the Picroplasma NYC Character Walk this weekend! Most of the work sold during the opening and the online release but there are still a few wonderful pieces still available. Click any of the images below for the link to the online store.

Squid Arm Bear
by Kathie Olivas

8" x 10"
Graphite on Paper

by Brandt Peters

8" x 10"
Graphite on Paper

Silver Bird

by Kathie Olivas

6" Custom Silver Bird

Acrylic on Resin

Circus Posterus Skelve Sake Set
by Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas

Hand glazed Sake set in LAVA
Food grade glaze is used during multiple firings!
Comes with 4 cups

Jack & Lucky
by Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters

6 1/4"
Made of hand cast transparent resin
Transparent VIOLET
edition of 40

Make sure to check all of the Original Art to see what is still available online. If you can make it in to the Cotton Candy Machine Boutique, everything looks better in person. This weekend should be a fun one with the Pictoplasma Character Walk. I'm definitely going to check out Anxieteam and all the fun that comes with Jon Burgerman and Jim Avignon's musical marriage at Lit Lounge this Saturday the 5th at 10pm. Word!

Have a good one.

In conjunction with New York ComicCon, The Cotton Candy Machine is excited to announce A Circus Posterus Event featuring Circus Posterus artists: Travis Louie, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, and Chris Ryniak. This event will showcase limited edition prints, 3D works, and small originals. An opening reception will take place at The Cotton Candy Machine boutique in Williamsburg on Friday, October 14, at 7pm. The exhibition will be on display until November 6, 2011.

Founded by renowned artists, Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters, Circus Posterus is an active collaboration of artists, curators, and collectors whose mission is to create cutting-edge exhibitions and art projects showcasing the diverse mediums of its carefully selected members that include Sas and Colin Christian, Kukula, Travis Lampe, and more. Their unusual array of paintings, prints, sculptures, and toys pay homage to pop and “low-brow” culture.

Travis Louie grew up watching sci-fi and horror films in Queens, NY. He studied illustration at the Pratt Institute and ventured into painting after graduating. Galleries started showing his work rather quickly and his Victorian and Edwardian inspired portraits of imperfect beings were quite well received. Louie's oddly beautiful characters are based on ethereal stories he writes in his journals. His palette is typically limited to black and white with very little muted colors that evoke a hauntingly beautiful mood.

New Mexico artist Kathie Olivas has mastered the styles of early American portraiture and has taken it to an otherworldly realm. At first glance her idealistic renderings of young children conforming to a post-apocalyptic society are adorably sweet but upon closer inspection are quite disturbing and corrupt.

Brandt Peters is a Los Angeles native who resides in New Mexico with his partner, Kathie Olivas. He comes from a bloodline of artisans and his work directly reflects his self-described "eclectic" upbringing. Peters stays true to the carnival sideshow creepiness of his cohorts and often celebrates vintage comic illustrations and pre-war animation. His characters are alive and energetic, as if trying to escape the canvas.

Detroit born painter and sculptor, Chris Ryniak, is a graduate and former instructor of the Ringling School of Art and Design. His delightfully grotesque animal-monsters are often multi-toothed with over-sized eyes. They are set on a backdrop of nature untouched by man. He grew up the son of a fisherman and nature plays a significant role in his oeuvre. He chronicles his emotional experiences in such a way that one can determine his moods by gazing into the eyes of his acrylic creatures.

The Cotton Candy Machine is the new art boutique created by Tara McPherson and Sean Leonard located in Brooklyn, NYC, specializing in art prints, posters, apparel, books, toys, and more by a variety of contemporary artists. The Cotton Candy Machine hosts monthly art shows, events, and signings, and is the exclusive shipper of all Tara McPherson's merchandise.



Well there is already a lot of buzz around the new "Lilitu" by Tara McPherson and Kidrobot Black. Only a few images have hit the web and Kidrobot has kept it well under wraps. The silhouette was release on the KR Black website with all the specs and announcing that it is COMING SOON!



There is no hiding. A succubus walks. Lilitu. Sexually charged, violently destructive, A Sumerian myth, a demon to be feared. To love and to kill without remorse, one man at a time.

The unsuspecting only see the near-perfect human likeness – enticing eyes, supple mouth, lithe body - little noticed are the breasts of dripping poison and malicious intent.

Emerging from the cool, smoky depths, fresh from one kill, looking for the next, Lilitu is poised to allure. Calculated stance, intimately glossy, designed for desire – come nefarious courtesan.

Who can resist?

Intended for ages 18+ for its mature content. Should not be purchased by minors.

Clutter Magazine posted this Nip Slip just last Thursday... On another funny note..There have been a few photos floating around from when Tara spoke at OFFF 2010 design conference in Paris. During her presentation she was showing vinyl pieces she had designed. She had just finished the turnaround illustrations of Lilitu so she slipped them in too. Well some of the 3,000 attendees had cameras I guess because pictures of it showed up on the web.

So it's been over a year since these pics first leaked and the word started to spread about the collaboration. Now the wait is almost over. We just got a few of the finished pieces here at Cotton Candy Machine and they are amazing. As much as I'd love to post photos of her sexy ass..... I can't just yet. COME VISIT If you would like to get a sneak peak of Lilitu we have one on display here at the Boutique.

This is the painting that started the idea for the vinyl piece.
Lilitu by Tara McPherson
Oil on Linen
18" x 24"

prints available from ZEROFRIENDS

Here are the pieces designed by Jeff Soto, SSUR, Gary Baseman and Dose Green for Kidrobot Black.  These past releases are SOLD OUT now so if you didn't get your hands on one yet you might have missed your chance. All of the KR Black release have been super limited edition of 200 pieces or less. 

I'll help keep you posted about the release date.

Shotgun Sean

The European Tour started in Madrid Spain. 

Tara McPherson's
collaboration with Kidrobot x Swatch had just launched in Shanghai China check Tara's blog here! The second event for this collaboration was in Madrid and kicked off our European Tour!!

During the Swatch x Kidrobot event in Madrid, Tara did a live painting on a Maxi Swatch Watch and a 20" Kidrobot Dunny.  The event was held at Hermanos Lamarc, a packed open air venue.  With the beautiful night sky above and the incredible Spanish kindness all around us, it made for an excellent evening.

Here is a little about the Kidrobot for Swatch collaboration with Tara.

"Beautiful, ethereal, and powerful. Famed Gamma Mutant Space Friends artist Tara McPherson lends her 3-eyed space kitty Carina to the Swatch - The Eyes Are Watching 3-inch Dunny set; innocent and wise, Carina is embodied until the end of time. Featuring a frosted band and see-through frame in McPherson's signature palette, the eyes wrap around to be seen from all angles. This set features the artist's signature printed on the band and comes in a clear box for preservation and display."
You can order the set from Kidrobot HERE! 

We got to hang out in town for a few days. Seeing the cities artistic treasures was a must so we visited the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid. Home to a huge selection of Salvador Dali's work. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,  Dali is one of my favorites. We also met a super cool artist named Lolo, we caught him at his print show. Can't wait to see more work from him! Then I took that Maxi Swatch Watch and threw it up like the WWF Championship Belt! Yeah!

I really liked it in Madrid. The food was good, the people are nice. I like their accents and way they speak. It was my first time in Spain and I'm excited to go back. I hear Barcelona should be next on the list. Then we were off to the United Kingdom.

London and Forbidden Planet

We landed just outside of London at Gatwick Airport, north of the centre of Crawley, West Sussex.  Anyway I saw this from the train window. 

The Battersea Power Station.  So sick, the building from the album cover of Animals by Pink Floyd.  All my photo needed was the flying pig. What an iconic building. I was excited to be in the UK! Forbidden Planet was sure to be a good time.

This was Tara's third time doing a signing at this Forbidden Planet in London. The finest Pop Culture superstore loaded up with Cotton Candy Machine prints and lithos for the event! They always have a really good lineup of Artist and Writers coming through for events and meet and greets. Make sure to check the list of up coming events here. If you want to see some really great photos from the event check out Derek Bremner. Homie Deldel showed me around the city and got me started exploring this magical old city.

I got to see Amar at Upper Playground London. Check out his new digs Aum Brand. London is great. It is a strange feeling while walking through this old city packed full of buildings that just ooze wealth... in that classy way. Tea Time!

We took and over night ferry from England to Holland. 

The London Police in Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM!!!!!!!! I knew I was going to love it here. Chaz of The London Police put us up while we were in town. We got to stop by their studio and see some of the works in progress for their upcoming show here in NYC. The London Police's Chaz and Bob prepared this large body of work for their solo debut at Opera Gallery NYC. Aiming to please the work was coming along nicely. Each piece creating a full scene perfectly balanced with their two juxtaposing styles. Bob illustrating pop characters and detailed architecture with photo like precision. Bob had just finished his portraits of the Dandy Warhols in the largest piece of the show. His illustration style is full of sharp straight lines. The balance then comes with the characters Chaz has created. They are so recognizable it's hard to forget them. The perfect circle that forms the head of his Lads, Logs and new Lorses have become his trademark. He is recognized for his ability to draw a perfect circle free hand. Chaz does this regularly in Gaffiti battles all over the world. Pairing the two, with Bob's straight lines of the buildings and the portraits against the curves of Chaz's wide world of round characters has never looked better. Keep it up boys!

While we were in town Tara got to do a little work in TLP's studio as well. She illustrated her version of the Ugly four eyed Nag Nag Nag for the collaboration with Shig in Japan. The London Police have a studio space swarming with inspiration. It was a very fun opportunity to see what they were working on!

Yep. I loved it in Amsterdam. The city is so cool the way it is laid out with all of the canals and water. The freedom in the city is beautiful and easy to enjoy. Most of the people I came across in town were there to learn and create in one way or another. It was fun to walk through the whole center part for the City and visit Rijksmuseum. The Museum was under construction but they kept one big wing open. They had a sign up that said. "During the large-scale rebuilding of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam till 2013, the finest works from the 17th century in the Rijksmuseum will continue to be on view under the title 'The Masterpieces" It was no joke, the Mastermieces are there. Rijks holds the largest painting Rembrandt ever did Night Watch. That a painting is so dope it got tabbed in 1975 by an unemployed school teacher. Talk about "street cred". In the the 90's a guy sprayed acid all over it like the Joker. The painting has been fully restored a few times now and looks beautiful. I would recommend anyone to visit the Museum if they are in Amsterdam. I can't wait to see how the building looks once they have finished the restoration. This is a portrait by one of Rembrandt pupils.

Bartholomeus van der Helst painted both Bickers, father and son. The differences between the two generations are striking. The elder Bicker is sedately attired, all in black, with an old-fashioned millstone collar. His son Gerard - about twenty years old here - is wearing a colourful, even flamboyant outfit, complete with a flat collar and fashionable gloves.

I laughed out loud when I saw this piece. The portrait of this kids Father looked so distinguished and proper. Very thin and dark. He must have been so proud of his visibly spoiled Son. All bright and round. haha! Follow this link to see more of The Masterpieces. Amsterdam was a treat but it was time to go. 

We hopped on a train and headed to Germany.

Hamburg! Reeperbahn Festival

Flatstock Europe 6

The Reeperbahn Festival and Flatstock Europe 6 were the reason we had put this whole European tour together. Hamburger Berg is great, it was kinda like the Amsterdam of Germany. The Reeperbahn's anything goes attitude and nightlife makes for a great place to have a music festival. Flatstock Europe is growing every year and inviting great Rock Poster Artists from all over the world. Each traveling to set up for the weekend to sell their art work and "Siebdruck." That's "Screen Print" in Deutsch. Check the full list of Artists who attended this year Here! Make sure to check out 2012 Reeperbahn Festival! Thank you as always to the American Poster Institute! Shout to Lil Tuffy and Kevin Tong! Fun hanging with you in Deutschland! Thank you to everyone who made it another great show!

During the Festival and Flatstock, Ralf of Feinkunst Krüger had an art show with two incredible Rock Poster Artists Jay Ryan and Justin Santora. Jay is of course one of our favorites here at CCM and he was in our Rock Poster show Rock It To Me. Jay and Justin were showing a collection of drawings and paintings. This was my first time meeting Justin and seeing his work in person. Both were wonderful first impressions. Check more of their work from the show here! Hamburg has it going on.

Another boat ride! 

It seems to be a tradition to enjoy BOY DIVISION, a Joy Division based cover band, on a boat ride after Flatstock Europe. Fueled by Vodka!!

One last train through Germany.

Hello Berlin

All of the work was finished. The tour had gone wonderfully. With the exception of a broken toe and a few lost hoodies...... we had done great! This was my first time back to Germany since the 80's when I lived there. My Brother was born while we lived in Deutschland and I was young so I only had a few memories from my childhood. Needless to say I was very excited to be back. Hamburger Burg was crazy fun. We knew Berlin would be a nice chance to relax and enjoy some museums.

The Natural History Museum in Berlin or Museum für Naturkundeis is huge and has a few of the biggest Dinosaur skeletons hanging in one piece. So much to see all in one place! They have a really great collection of things is jars too. Make sure not to miss it if you are in town!

We checked out of few other museums while we were in Berlin. Most of them don't let you take photos so I wont tell you where I found these beauties. Our stay was full of great food. I ate the best Russian food I have ever had in my life. All of the food there was great. Tara and I even had Mexican one night and it was delicious. Berlin reminds me of NYC in a lot of ways. Good food is one. The diversity and mufti-cultural influences is another. The city has come a long way in a very short time. I'm excited to go back as soon as I can. I'm sure there will be something new popping up every time I visit.

I think that just about covered it. Thank you to everyone who came out to the events along our Tour. Thank you everyone who helped us out one way or another. Kim in London for letting us stay. Bongoût in Berlin, your shop looks great! See you again soon! Thank you to Modern Graphics in Berlin too they are carrying CCM goodies. This trip was inspirational, Europe is beautiful and full of history. We'll be back in 2012! 

See you at the Boutique!


Daniel Albrigo, Ryan Begley, David Cook,

Thomas Hooper, Seldon Hunt and

Anthony Pontius

A Shirts and Destroy Event
September 9th to October 9th, 2011

Shirts and Destroy - The Exquisite Corpse from Conduit Media on Vimeo.

Opening Reception Friday September 9th
7 to 11pm

The Cotton Candy Machine presents Shirts and Destroy: "The Exquisite Corpse." Each of these pieces are a collaboration between 3 artists completing a corpse in sections blindly, only using lead-in marks of where the neck would meet the torso and torso to legs. There are 12 Originals in the series. There will be a pre-sale of these pieces on Friday September 9th from 12 noon to 5pm EST here on the website. At 5pm they will be put on hold on the site for the opening reception.

Head: Ryan Begley
Torso: Seldon Hunt
Legs: David Cook

Head: Thomas Hooper
Torso: David Cook
Legs: Anthony Pontius

Head: Daniel Albrigo
Torso: Ryan Begley
Legs: Thomas Hooper

Head: David Cook
Torso: Ryan Begley
Legs: Daniel Albrigo

Head: Seldon Hunt
Torso: David Cook
Legs: Thomas Hooper

We hope to see you tonight! 

Shotgun Sean

We are very pleased to present the Buff Monster and Jeremyville video from the opening reception here at the Cotton Candy Machine! This was such a fun show. Both artist created some awesome new originals for the event, from small paintings to custom toys! The Boutique looked wonderful and sweetened the day of everyone who stopped by. 

Big thank you again to Zac and Contuit Media for putting the video together. Thank you Malcom Sosa from Rademacher for letting us use the song, make sure to check out their new album Babyhawk (Part I of III) 

Here are a few treats you can still find from the show at the Boutique and Online!
Like these new Tee Shirts by Jeremyville

Click here for "Get Free" Tee by Jeremyville

Click here for "Walk Happy" Tee by Jeremyville

Click here for "Let's Scribble" Tee by Jeremyville

We have a few different styles left from Jeremyville and make sure to check out their website for all of these and more. Click here for Jeremyville.com

Having two Artist who are Toy Designers as well was a great addition to the Boutique. On top of all of the Toys we also have a few prints from Buff Monster. Both of these two prints are the only we have left of each. Get it while it's hot.

Click here for "Cloud" 4 color silkscreen by Buff Monster

Click here for "All of my favorite flavors" Giclee by Buff Monster

Click here for "Cy Clops" Custom Painted Toy by Buff Monster

Have a look at all of the goods from Buff Monster by clicking his name.  Find even more of Buff's work and his web store here. Buffmonster.com

That's all for now! I hope to see all of you here in Brooklyn soon.

Have a good day! 


Rock It To Me video

Sean Leonard
Fri 08.12.11

Leia Bell, Brian Ewing, Michael Motorcycle,

Little Friends of Printmaking,

Jermaine Rogers, Jay Ryan

This was our first Rock Poster show here at the Cotton Candy Machine and it wont be our last! Each Artist brought Rock Posters and Art Prints from their personal collection. Everything from brand new Prints being signed here at the Boutique to Super rare only 5 in existence and Artist Proofs galore.  Our man Zac from Conduit Media keeps killing it on the videos for us! Thank you Sam and Dogfish Head for the drinks!! Thank you Melvins for letting us use "Revolve" from Stoner Witch!  Enjoy and Share.

Rock It To Me from Tara McPherson on Vimeo.

Thank you to everyone who came out for the opening and next time you are in Brooklyn make sure you come and see us!

Have a good one!
Shotgun Sean

Rock It To Me Online Release!

Sean Leonard
Thu 08.11.11

We are now Restocked and Ready to Reveal

the Rock poster Reunion Renamed

"Rock It To Me Online Release!!" Rad!

This will be the first time all 6 of the Artist from our "Rock It To Me" show will have prints available online. Many of these prints have been available here at the CCM Boutique for any and all who can make it to Brooklyn. Some of these prints have just come back from SDCC and traveled across the whole country for this reunion. A few just got Signed and a few of these prints just got Sketched on!

Ladies and Gentlemen the "Rock It To Me Online Release."

Jermaine Rogers

click here for his page

Leia Bell

Click here to see her page.

The Little Friends of Printmaking

Click here for their page

Jay Ryan

Click here for Jay's page

Micheal Micheal Motorcycle

Click here for MMM's page

and Brian Ewing

Click here for Legion

Bringing Sold Out Prints, Artist Proofs, Artist Sketches, Collaborations, Wood Prints and Foils all in the name of Rock! The few prints left from "Rock It To Me" are finally available online!! But that's not all...

Daniel Danger has joined the Rock Poster Reunion

Click here for Danger!

So now that you know who is involved I should tell you how YOU can join in on the fun.

"Rock It To Me Online Release" will start Tomorrow August 12th at 3pm EST here on TheCottonCandyMachine.com

Click any of the links in this blog to view all of the Prints in this release. There are lots of prints from each artist so make sure to check the ROCKPOSTERS and SILKSCREENS and THE EVENTS on the website.

More to come soon!

Shotgun Sean

Meet The Melvins Video

Sean Leonard
Thu 08.11.11

We love the Melvins and this was like a dream come true.

Tara has done Posters for the Melvins for years. Launching the Special Edition Rock Poster T-Shirt with the Melvins has been amazing. Doing our "Meet the Melvins" event was like a dream come true.

They played 2 nights Back to Back at the Music Hall of WIlliamsburg.  In between those 2 shows we had them here at the Boutique for an unforgettable event here is our video from that day.

Meet the Melvins from Tara McPherson on Vimeo.

Big shout out to Zac and Conduit Media for the killer video.  Thank you to Sam and Dogfish Head for the Beer!

Enjoy and Share!

Shotgun Sean


Today August 5th we are very excited to open our next show with Buff Monster and a Jeremyville SPROUT UP.

Buff is in town from LA for the week (along with a few other friends) and he is not holding back. From small original works on paper to creating a 3" army of Custom Buff Monster Vinyls to Screen Prints that have been sold out for years he brought the PINK.

Acrylic on Watercolor Paper
Art Work 5" x 5"
Framed 9" x 9" approx

Custom Toys
Acrylic and Spray
On Vinyl Buff Monster Toy
3” Tall

The Jeremyville Sprout Up is in full bloom and it's here at the Cotton Candy Machine! After taking over Australia and Inhabiting NYC's Manhattan it was time to Sprout Up in Brooklyn and these streets are full. From AMAZING Original Paintings and Community Service Announcements to Toys and Skate Decks there is plenty of eye Candy for everyone.

Polymer Paint and Ink
On Canvas Panel
Art 10" x 14"
Box Frame 15" x 18.5"

Polymer Paint and Ink
On Canvas Panel
Art 10" x 14"
Box Frame 15" x 18.5"

Here are all of the details for the opening.

Buff Monster x Jeremyville
Opening Reception
August 5th 2011
from 7pm to 11pm

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Stree
Brooklyn, NY 11211

For all of you who can't make it tonight we are having a Pre-Sale on the Originals from this show today from 12pm to 5pm EST. The Pre-Sale will end at 5pm before the show opens live here at the Boutique.

Daniel Danger x CCM Exclusives

Sean Leonard
Sun 07.31.11

The DD x CCM show was nuts... but it's not over yet!

Today was the last official day of Daniel Dangers solo show. With San Diego Comic Con in the middle this has been one crazy July. Thank you all.

i never had a plan for you - Blue Color Way

"i never had a plan for you..."

Blue Edition of 120
24" x 36"

BUT The fun is not over. Starting Tomorrow August 1st @ 3pm EST the rest of Daniel Danger's prints will be released online for the first time.  Including the CCM exclusive color ways that have been saved for this moment.

These prints have only been available in store since the short pre-sale the day of the show. The pre-sale was closed at 7pm when the show opened live. We have had such a good response from this show. Thank you to everyone who came out for the opening and to the guy that came in yesterday and bought the last Star Wars print and to my man today that picked up #2 in the whole set and EVERYONE that even came to take a look. If you made it to the boutique during this show you know that Daniel didn't hold anything back and added a few more amazing Art prints to his ever growing body of work.

If you couldn't make it during his show this post is for you.

3 Brand new Silkscreen Art Prints by Daniel Danger.

i have troubles - Wonder Wheel - CCM Exclusive Pink Color Way

"i have troubles today i had not yesterday..."

Pink edition of 40
24" x 36"

i had troubles - Cyclone - CCM Exclusive Pink Color Way

"i had troubles yesterday i have not today"

Pink Edition of 40
24" x 36"

i never had a plan for you - CCM Exclusive Red Color Way

"i never had a plan for you"

Red Edition of 30
24" x 36"

We have a really good selection of Daniel's work for this on line release.  You can preview it all on line now.  
Make sure to check for all the new SILKSCREENS and ROCKPOSTER

Talk to you soon
Shotgun Sean

San Diego Comic Con 2011

Sean Leonard
Sun 07.31.11

One more SDCC has come and gone...

Let me start with the biggest difference for ME this year at the Con. I was asked to host the First Annual Designer Toy Awards at Munky King's Black Ball.  I still worked the Zerofriends booth with the gang. I still told Alex's stories.  I still met a ton of new people. But the DTA's added something different. I had gone to that same party, Monky King's "Black Ball" every year that I could in the past. Most of the time as a +1 because my name wouldn't have been on that list. This year I got to introduce, on stage, during an awards show, DTA Board Members and Toy Gods Frank Kozik, Ron English and my sexy girlfriend Tara.... just to name a few. SDCC 2011 has been my favorite year yet and I can't wait for the next.
*This is not me winning a DTA, this is me acting crazy holding one.

We rented a Volvo C70 Convertible for the trip! San Diego weather was perfect with the top down.


ZEROFRIENDS booth SDCC 2011 not much has changed….

BUT First.. Tara and I headed to Temecula to print some new Cotton Candy Machine shirts for a Comic Con release. Coming soon online.


Fine Jersey Mens Tee


Sheer Jersey Womens Tee

Then it was off to Costa Mesa were we got to visit a Chandelier by Adam Wallacavage!

Things I did in the Volvo C70 Convertabile.
-Went to New Port Beach Costa Mesa
-Got some sun *Might cause cancer.
-Put the Top down everywhere we went.
-Filmed the top transforming into the trunk *Hard Top Convertible
-Drove responsibly fast.
-Cried just a bit when I dropped her off.

Now back to SDCC!! Tara McPherson brought The Cotton Candy Machine Booth and it was looking great. Big shout out to Sara Martin for running the Booth, also to the Cella Gallery, Shannon and Mattew Currie Holmes for rocking out all weekend long.

We have been here before....

Alex Pardee was killing at the ZEROFRIENDS booth as usual. Sketching for never ending lines of eager fans and friends.

This was Brian's first Con and fist time working the booth with Alex Pardee and  ZEROFRIENDS. He made A LOT of friends.

Gizmo in the house!

Shirts I have never seen. Thank you loyal friends

This girl was playing "Baby Doll from Sucker Punch if she had been in a Lacrosse accident the day before," she should have won an award. Check this out, Her Dad was a perfect High Roller (Jon Hamm), you can tell by his pants.

Now on to the awards….. The 2011 First Annual Designer Toy Awards presented by Clutter, Munky King and the actual Awards were designed by Pete Fowler and Pretty in Plastic!

Josh from Clutter and I getting high.

John Stokes of Spanky Stokes helped to present a DTA. 

Skinner and I happened to wear the same shirt for the Awards.

Tara and I.

The Loyal Candy-Fructose.  John, Me and Attaboy!

The CCM crew for the week. Joe, Debbie, Tara, Sara and Me

After the DTA's it was all just fun with ZEROFRIENDS. Some how these mustaches just kept being attracted to the booth. 

Alex released his first set of Hand Painted Awful / Resilient books during the Con.

Jon and Holly see you soon! Buff and Stephanie I'll see you in Brooklyn this week! Mark your Calendar Buff Monster and Jeremyville August 5th at the Cotton Candy Machine!

I went through security...

 and got on a plane with a sword on my back! 

SDCC is the Most influential Event of the Year. It won a DTA for this same topic. I'll miss you Comic Con and all of you friends that come with it. Thank you and we'll meet again next year.

Thank you to everyone for the photos and the fun time. Talk to you soon.
Shotgun Sean

Turn me on!!

Sean Leonard
Mon 05.02.11
The Loyal Subjects brings Tara McPherson’s art to your everyday life with her new ‘Searching for Penguins’ light switch cover. Her art blending frolicking fantasy and ferocious fauna is from McPherson’s original painting which was shown last year at Jonathan Levine Gallery. Hopefully we'll have them in the store super soon! But the switch covers are available right now from theloyalsubjects.com for $14.

"A simple, practical way to add a splash of art to your pad"
-Vinyl Pulse

Mr. Wiggles goes to find Tara

Sean Leonard
Sat 04.16.11


Mr. Wiggles set out one thursday evening to find his favorite person, Tara McPherson.

He was in Williamsburg Brooklyn, as he is quite a bit these days.

Then he got the tweet. "TODAY at Urban Outfitters on 5th Ave in NYC I'm hosting a Kidrobot Munny Sketch event from 6-8pm!!..." from @TaraMcPherson

Down into the subway to catch a train. 

Everyone at the Bedford stop looks like a hipster, even Mr. Wiggles. 

The train was so fast it made him blurry.

Only 29 blocks to go! Heading to Grand Central Station!! 


He was an Up Town Balloon in no time. 

Mr. Wiggles stopped to do his best Billy Joel impression.  

Then carried on to go find Tara.

Inside the Urban Outfitters there was a line of people with Kidrobot toys.

They were waiting to let Tara sketch on each one. 

There was Munny, Bub, Raffy, Trikky, Kracka, Foomi Raffy, and Rooz...

and Magic Love Hello Kitty.  It was a Vinyl Toy Party. 

And in the end he found his good friend and she was happy to see him.





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