We're working on a new website!!

Tara McPherson
Tue 12.19.17
Please pardon our empty appearance while we relocate the studio!! The online shop will reopen with a brand new website and new items sometime in early 2018!! Thanks and have a happy holiday!! 

Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for our exciting news!


Tara McPherson
Tue 01.26.16
I am so very excited to announce the Kickstarter project for the new game i have been working on!! It's finally here!

It all started with a wonderful opportunity to collaborate on this game with an old friend of mine, Travis Chance, who upon his move back to Indy started a board game design company. Travis and his partner, Nick Little, approached me with a great idea about the Dreamwell, and how they designed it specifically for my art. I thought it was such a super fun idea, as I have always wanted to make a game! Now after all our hard work we finally get to share it with the world.

You can read a short overview about some of the details below or see the full details and lots of videos on the Kickstarter page!

Dreamwell is a 2-4 player competitive game featuring the art of Tara McPherson where players are trying to locate their lost friends in the Dreamwell. The Dreamwell is represented by a 4 x 4 grid of tiles. Each tile shows an environment and a creature, in addition to pathways to neighboring tiles. At the beginning of the game, players will be dealt two cards, each of which shows a picture of the friend whom he or she is trying to locate along with the two creatures and one environment that will be required to find that particular friend.

On your turn, you will be able to take three actions from the following list: move one of your Mr. Wiggles pawns, rotate a tile, draw a card, replace the card display, or locate one of your missing friends by playing a card. Only by carefully navigating the maze-like Dreamwell can you locate your friends and win the game.

I hope you enjoy it, and thank you!!
xo Tara

Tara's Summer Update

Tara McPherson
Sat 09.26.15

Hello! Hope everyone has been enjoying themselves immensely this summer. I went camping in the woods for the first time and it was just so fun. Though I was pretty scared a bear was going to just walk up at any moment. But no bears, yay!

I have had some amazing opportunities to work on really fun stuff lately (a really big one to be announced soon!) which makes me feel pretty damn lucky to get to do what I do. Even though it's been a bit of a challenge these days due to some neck/back issues I have, I still feel like I'm accomplishing great things, albeit slowly. I'm happy to be able focus on quality, and not be so stressed on the quantity. It's not such a bad thing to have life slow down for a bit!

So... I am taking the time now to be good to me, so I can be good to eveyone that I care about... Family, friends, and fans.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for being awesome and supportive, it really means a lot to me!

xo Tara

Faith No More / Refused

I got the opportunity to work with the ever awesome Faith No More on a poster for their Madison Square Garden show with Refused... What a dream job! These posters are available through the Secret Serpets website. Pictured here is the metallic variant edition!

18" x 24"
4 Color Silkscreen

$40 - Signed and Numbered Edition of 135
$100 - Signed and Numbered Variant Edition of 35

Purchase details here at Secret Serpents.

Lightning Bolts In My Chest

From my life size painting for the Juxtapoz 20th Anniversary exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in NYC, we bring you this beautiful giclee published in house at Cotton Candy Machine.

Created, exhibited, and printed in New York City!

Giclee on Extra Thick Somerset Velvet
Deckled Edges, 505gsm/36 mil
11" x 23"
Signed and Numbered Edition of 100

Purchase details here.

I Know It By Heart

I recently had a solo exibition at Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome with new oil paintings and works on paper. I finally put everything online! You can see the show here. I also updated my drawings section too.

A little about the theme of the show from my Hi-Fructose interview... 'This exhibition is called ‘I Know It By Heart’, and the paintings ended up taking an adventure towards visual manifestations, literally things coming out of their eyes, with aurora, rays of viruses, smoke, water, electricity, or even a lack of visual contact with eyes covered or a glance away from the viewer. Each show I create definitely has it’s own theme but also I feel like every show is connected and is an evolution from one another, carrying on with themes but diverging onto a different path. I think the title relates to the paintings as a whole in a way where the characters are doing things that come naturally to them, where they don’t need to think, they are just acting instinctively.'

There are only a few pieces still available, if you are interested please contact Dorothy Circus Gallery.


• I am about to begin creating the art for a super fun board game called Dreamwell!! This will be a collaboration between myself and Action Phase Games. Stay tuned for lots of updates, as I'll be posting the entire process via instagram!

• Totally stoked listening to these musicians lately... Sharon Van Etten, Red Fang, Run The Jewels, Father John Misty, Sly and the Family Stone, Metz, Arial Pink, King Tuff!

• As always thank you for your love and support!!!

xo Tara

San Diego Comic Con Releases!

Tara McPherson
Tue 07.19.11
Oh my it's time for Comic Con againnnnn!!!!! We came out to California a week early to print some new shirts for super duper special SDCC releases. And they turned out badass I have to say. So come by the booth and visit us! My schedule is below of where I'll be and what I'll be doing...

BOOTH 4922

My Signing Schedule-

WED- My Booth 6-9pm
THURS- Dark Horse Booth 11am-Noon, My Booth 4-6pm
FRI- Color Ink Booth 1-2pm, My Booth 4-6pm
SAT- My Booth 12-1pm, Hi-Fructose Booth 2-3pm, Vinyl Frontier Panel 4.30-5.30pm, My booth 6-7pm
SUN- My Booth 2-5pm

Sheer Jersey Womens Tee

Fine Jersey Mens Tee


Sheer Jersey Womens Tee

Fine Jersey Mens Tee

Miss Van Book Signing

Tara McPherson
Thu 07.14.11
Here is a lovely video we made of Miss Van's book signing here at the Cotton Candy Machine!

Alex Pardee and Zerofriends Event Video

Tara McPherson
Thu 06.09.11
Here is another awesome video by Harrison Weber for Paper View, our event with Alex Pardee, Dave Correia, Skinner, and Robert Bowen that took place on May 6th, 2011. It was a night filled with fun and monsters!

Hot off the press!!

Tara McPherson
Wed 06.01.11
Here is my new Melvins poster for our event with them next Tuesday! Printed by Andy at Diesel Fuel Prints. So, come 'Meet the Melvins' Tuesday June 7th, from 4-5 pm only! And you can purchase the new print here!


Tara McPherson
Sun 05.29.11
Oh boy little puppies are cute.

Design For Humanity

Tara McPherson
Sat 05.28.11
So there is this awesomely huge event taking place in LA on June 15th that I'm going to be a part of... Billabongs 5th Annual charity event 'Design For Humanity'. This years charity is VH1's 'Save The Music Foundation'. Join us for this massive fashion, music, art, block party on the streets of the Paramount Studios NY Street Backlot in Hollywood, CA

The art show is curated by Daniel Chang, and features an art auction with Adam Dennis, Andy Davis, Angela Clayton, Anna Topuriya, Artemis Nolasco, Brian Rea, Casey Gray, Clayton Brothers, Cody Hudson, Cory Little, Daniel Chang, Daniella Manini, Danielle Petach-Brown, Dave Kinsey, Frieda Gossett, Jeff Soto, Jonathan Calugi, Juliana Neufeld, Julie Goldstein, Justin Kreitemeyer, Katherine Streeter, Kelli Murray, Kyu Hwang, Lora Zombie, Mario Wagner, Mark Allen Miller, Marq Spusta, Mel Kadel, Nancy Mungal, Nate Duval, Nicholas Chalmers, Pamela Henderson, Ryan Jacob Smith, Ryan Tatar, Sara Christian, Sarah Awad, Sophie St-Onge, Tara McPherson, Tyler Warren, Yoko Furusho, Heads of State and more TBA.

They are flying me out for this, so if you live in LA and want to come, I'll see you there! 100% of the ticket sales go to charity. Info here.

ARACHNE Stop Motion Animation

Tara McPherson
Fri 05.13.11
Some of you may know I teach a class at Parsons in the Illustration program. It's called 'The Dark Side' and is an elective for Junior's and Seniors. One of my amazing students Alyssa Baron-Klask made this stop motion animation for one of our projects, and I thought I'd share it with you! Way to go Alyssa! (She also was the Cotton Candy Machine operator at the Tiny Trifecta event :)

This just in! ALEX PARDEE, our next event here at Cotton Candy Machine, will be giving away a hand painted version of his brand new book AWFUL RESILIENT that's not event out yet! That means one of you lucky people attending can have it a whole month early!

BUT THAT'S NOT IT! Through Zerofriends, his art collective, Alex will be releasing a new super limited art print, just specially made for his Cotton Candy Machine event!

And there's even more cool stuff you can read about right here on Alex's blog... like new Zerofriends shirt releases and Dave Correia prints!

So don't miss it kids! This Friday May 6th from 7 to 11pm at the Cotton Candy Machine!!

Tiny Trifecta Video

Tara McPherson
Sun 05.01.11
We made this video for Juxtapoz of the Cotton Candy Machine's grand opening event, Tiny Trifecta!

Cotton Candy Machine on MTV!

Tara McPherson
Tue 04.19.11
I got asked to do an interview for MTV during our Grand Opening event 'Tiny Trifecta' last week. It was such a great night and it was a great opportunity to speak a little more in depth as to what the Cotton Candy Machine is!

Setting up the Cotton Candy Machine

Tara McPherson
Sun 04.03.11
We have been hard at work here at the Cotton Candy Machine setting up for our Grand Opening event next weekend! Here are some preview shots of what we've been up to!

Here are some badass shelves Sean built all by hisself!

We did some stenciling one one wall.

I painted a big ol rainbow on one other wall.

Here are the shelves sitting in front of them.

Here are some of the pieces we've recieved for the Tiny Trifecta show! So rad!






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