Babes in Deathland

Grace Lang
Fri 02.20.15

Babes in Deathland

Opening Event Saturday February 21st
7pm to 11pm

Tomorrow evening, my very first solo show is opening at the Cotton Candy Machine and I may just explode with excitement. Not only will this be the first time I've ever shown a full body of work, but it will be hanging on walls that have previously held work by many of my heroes. I could not think of a more ideal place to host my first show. The combination of CCM's amazing in-store atmosphere and our wonderful fan base all over the world has made preparing for this event truly fantastic. Since we first announced the show, I've only encountered positive encouragement and support, which made creating the work even more fun for me. I am eternally thankful to Sean for helping me develop my work with some really excellent practical advice and for generating  so much enthusiasm about my babes. I am also super grateful to Tara for inspiring me to paint powerful babes. I can't wait for everybody to come with me to Deathland, a place where you fight your demons, find your strength and stand tall like the baddass warrior you truly are.

We've got a story for you!

Tonight, from 7-11 pm, we will be hosting a solo show for a wonderfully fun and colorful Brooklyn-based artist, Chris Uphues. Showcasing his new original paintings, as well as installation pieces and tons of sweet merch, this show will absolutely bring a smile to your face. Utilizing familair images like cartoon hearts and bees, his work is accessible while still being rather prolific. As a veteran street artist, his original paintings often mimic the overlapped nature of wheatpaste art, showing just how well his work can transition from one setting to another. He is a street artist, a fine artist and so much more.

Some of the awesome original paintings for tonight's opening!



Chris Uphues’ art has now gone from wheat paste and street art to a huge collaboration that landed him in Times Square. "LOFT x Chris Uphues" marks the first ever artist collaboration for LOFT! With limited edition tee shirts and huge installations in their flag ship store and the nice slogan LOVELOFT, “LOFT X Chris Uphues” couldn’t be more perfect for the season.

With his iconic hearts all over NYC, Chris has become a real staple in the street art scene. Whether you are walking through Williamsburg or downtown Manhattan, you can't miss the colors, sweet expressions and general good vibes coming from his work. His collaboration with LOFT truly marks an amazing transition is his carreer, showing just how adaptable his artistic voice truly. Remarkably, this collaboration did not push Chris to alter his work or voice but, rather, to push his preexisting personal world into a new venue. From street to store, the work remains ultimately Chris's and we couldn't be happier for him.

Some of Chris's eye-catching street art.

These massive collaborations can take an artist’s work to levels and places that are other wise unobtainable. Millions of tourists will get to see and enjoy his installation in Times Square, Noho and Chicago. There is a fine artist behind these wonderful heart characters and we are hosting his first Cotton Candy Machine solo show here tonight!

I’d like to invite you to come and meet Chris Uphues.
"Small Gift" Solo Show Opening Event Friday February 13th
7pm to 11pm

Month Of Love Print Releases

Sean Leonard
Wed 02.04.15

New Releases from Tara McPherson

It's the Month of Love!! We have two new print releases and one super special Artist Proof for you all! Tara McPherson's work has revolved around people and their odd ways. Love, Loss and Longing are a huge part of the human experience and Tara's portraits capture her subjects in a place where all emotions are possible. Share love this holiday!

Use promo code HEARTHOLE to Save 15% on your orders!

We produced a small verson of this print as a timed release to help as relief from our apartment fire and it was a huge success and help so thank you! People have asked for a larger version ever since. We are now pleased to announce the release of this large beautiful print!

Bunny In The Moon by Tara McPherson

Giclee on Extra Thick Somerset Velvet with Deckled Edges, 36 mil
Signed and Numbered Edition of 100
23" x 29"

$150 Special release day price! Click Here!

"The event that inspired the title of this painting as well as the theme of the 'Bunny in the Moon' show, and the first time I was struck with the realization of the huge diversity in social perspectives, was while I was in Japan having a dinner with some new friends. We somehow began discussing the moon and I mentioned the man in the moon. My japanese friend looked at me with this quizzical face and said "A man in the moon? You mean the bunny in the moon don't you?". My face lit up at the notion that when we all look at the moon people in Japan see a bunny! The legend, in a nutshell, is about the bunny that sacrificed his life to feed a starving man that was actually a deity in disguise. In homage to the selflessness the bunny showed, the diety made the bunny's ashes fly up to the moon so all could remember his image and act for ages to come. Also while visiting Kilmainham Gaol, a former prison in Ireland, I found that the executioners used little pieces of paper pinned over the hearts of the prisoners so they'd have something to aim at. This image stayed with me so strongly. So in revisiting and evolving this myth and historical tidbit, this image is about how the the ultimate sacrifice of a life and death can be equated to love, to give yourself to someone so completely and selflessly. And will they love you back? Will they write you a love letter on the blank piece of paper over your heart, or will they use it as a target and stab you like an executioner?" - Tara McPherson

Up next is one of our favorite paintings from Tara's Lost Constellations solo show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Now released for the first time as a large print!

Sword Swollower by Tara McPherson

Giclee on Velvet Fine Art Rag with 260gsm/19 mil
Signed and Numbered Edition of 100
17" x 21.5"

$70 Special release day price! Click Here!

This print was published by our good frineds at 1xRun and the regular edition is now sold out! This is the first time Tara is releaseing any of her Artist Proofs!

The Love Note by Tara McPherson

Giclee on Museum Natural White Fine Art Paper
Archival Pigment Print on 310gsm
Signed and numbered Artist Proof Edition of 15
15" x 24"

$150 Special release day price! Click Here!

"This painting was part of my 'Wandering Luminations' exhibition at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in October 2013. The theme of the show as a whole was about evolution in darkness, and the light that is created from within that dim environment...deep space, deep oceans, dark caves. The parallels these unknown worlds have. Bio-luminescent figures that, in their solitude, create a glowing environment. Light from dark. Creation in isolation.

The idea behind 'The Love Note' was an exploration into the heart hole theme I have been playing with for many years, replacing the empty heart with blank heart shaped note that has been unfolded and pinned to this woman's chest. It signifies the beginning, an almost clean slate if you will, tinged with just a little blood from her past, with a blind leap of faith into the future." - Tara McPherson

These nice quotes from Tara add a wonderful insight to the work. Thank you all for checking in and the love and support! The orders are getting shipped now as I type!

Talk to you soon. Come visit! 

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Call us! 718.387.3844

February Fun!

Grace Lang
Fri 01.23.15
It's been a pretty cold winter here in Brooklyn, so we are very pleased that February has some HOT STUFF in store for us! First thing's first - It's sale time! Starting this evening, we've made the HEARTHOLE promo code live on our website! This means you get 15% all online orders if you use the code! How sweet is that?!

Whether your hearthole is open or full, Tara McPherson's prints are pretty darn perfect for this holiday. Combining sweet motifs like hearts and stars with the darkness of a punched-out hole in your chest, much of Tara's work conveys love as it really is: beautiful and charming, but also a little bit vicious. A majority of her pieces focus on singular female characters, reminding us all that you don't need another person to feel the love!

The Love Space Gives is as Deep as the Oceans
13.75" x 14"

The Healer
Mini Giclee on Acid Free Velvet Cotton Rag
8.5" x 11"

Laughing Through the Chaos of it All
13" x 15 3/4"

Dima Drjuchin's Paperbot Book Signing and Building Party!

Saturday, February 7th

Paper Bots is made up of 20 ultra-cool robot designs that can turn anyone on!
Each bot is pre-cut and scored so you can simply punch them out and fold them up with easy-to-follow instructions right on the page. You’ll instantly feel teleported to a bold new futurescape with these fun 3-D objects. Paper shuffling? A thing of the past—these bots will happily perform your dull, repetitive tasks on command. Paper Bots cleverly combine paper crafting with advanced paper engineering so no glue, tape, or tools are ever needed! Paper Bots make great drones for ages 7 to 101…and they may actually serve humankind after all—lets just hope its not on a plate.

Our friend, Dima Drjuchin, designed the characters for this interactive book!

Please join us on Saturday, February 7th from 4 - 6 pm to celebrate the book release. Dima will be signing copies and helping all of us to build these funny little paper friends!

As soon as we got copies of this awesome book in the shop, the CCM crew had a killer time building all 20 bots. To generate even more excitement about the party, we've been giving these little guys away to everyone who comes into the shop and mentions our instagram post. It's been wonderful watching the bots go to loving homes. But one is simply enough.. look at how great they all look together!

This event is going to be a lot of fun for kids and grown-ups alike! We hope to see you there!

Chris Uphues: Small Gift

Friday, February 13th

Chris Uphues’ passion for knickknacks and pop imagery appeals in a very personal and visceral way, like “rummaging in the junk drawer of the soul.” In addition to his fine art painting practice, Uphues is also well versed in design, street art and ‘zines, with a singular style that translates across genres, and inspires and feeds back into his multifarious practice. Uphues sources influence from stickers, charms, keychains and a variety of imagery he calls “incidental graphics”; the smiley faces, hearts, hippie flowers and slot machine cherries that pervade our shared visual language. More often than not, these images populate Uphues’ works in swarms, creating all-over patterns of puffy mushrooms, doe-eyed hearts and melting smiley faces that democratize the pop references, past and present.

Grace Lang: Babes in Deathland

Saturday, February 21st

Yep, this is MY very first solo show ever! There are not enough words out there for me to convey just how stoked I am. I've worked at the Cotton Candy Machine for over a year now and find inspiration here every single day, both by personally being around all the incredible work and by witnessing how it affects other people. Getting to know the artists that we show with has pushed me and my work tremendously. Now, I am so honored to be one of those artists!

In Babes in Deathland, I am exploring both familiar and undiscovered territory through new paintings and sculptures​. The demons that have appeared throughout my work for the past couple of years have now met their match in the babes that wade through rivers of goo in order to combat them.​ Continually preoccupied with the concept of personal “demons,” my work reflects the internal struggles that plague us all, creating visual manifestations of those dark little thoughts that are at once frightening and sort of funny. Much of my work stems from the belief that these personal demons are not necessarily enemies but, rather, aspects of ourselves that can be utilized for good. Often depicted in moments of triumph, my babes display their battle wounds proudly, allowing scars to stay fresh and dripping, even assimilating slain monsters into their armor. The babes serve as a reminder that with each painful experience, our armor grows and we become the warriors of our own worlds.

Although I am still working hard on all the pieces for this show, here are some fun in-progress photos of what you can expect to see!

We will also be doing a print release for this show, so stay tuned for more info! I sincerely hope to see you all there!

Bunnycutlet Presents: 7 Artists

Grace Lang
Fri 01.09.15
New year, new artists! For our very first opening of 2015, we will be showing 7 incredible artists, most of which are brand new to the gallery and all of which have created unique personal worlds in their work..worlds that we are thrilled to enter.  We asked our friend, Liz Artinian, artist and founder of Bunnycutlet gallery, to be our guest curator and she rocked it out of the park. Just in case you aren't familiar with some of these artists, here's a little info on each of them, with examples of their work, some older and some for this show. Get stoked!

Kelly Denato lives and works in Brooklyn, NY with a closet full of ghosts and a tragically non-existent dog. She first showed with us this past summer, as part of our Fourth Annual Tiny Trifecta! Her paintings are at once dainty and tough. The use of ribbons and waves of hair, softly layered onto textured backgrounds, cause her orb-like characters to flow delicatley through the pieces, allowing bits of darkness to peak through the transparent forms. As Liz writes on the Bunnycutlet website, "her subjects are visceral; darkness and disappointment are represented with joy and innocence, allowing the viewer to simultaneously experience Denato’s emotional duality in one tumultuous image."

Ian “Hydeon” Ferguson is a contemporary graphic artist, designer, and silk screen printer living and working in New York City. He was born in National City, CA in 1985 and grew up in San Diego. He received his BS in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of California – San Diego in 2006. He has lived and worked in Seattle and Chicago before moving to New York City in 2014. His work is imaginative and explores a variety of surreal manifestations from his life experience in relation to his environment. He often deploys narrative depictions from lucid dreams, metaphysical curiosities, architecture, nature, and cities. Ferguson primarily works in Indian ink as well as gouache, acrylic, and mixed media. His creative approach stems from conduits of Americana folk art, street art, fine art, and elements of graphic design.

Ryan Heshka was born in Manitoba, Canada, and grew up in Winnipeg. Fueled by long prairie winters, he spent a lot of his childhood drawing, building cardboard cities and making super 8 films. Early influences that persist to this day include antiquated comics and pulp magazines, natural history, graphic design and music, movies and animation. Formally trained in interior design, he is self-taught as an artist. His illustrations (represented by Kate Larkworthy) has appeared in Vanity Fair, Playboy, Wall Street Journal, Esquire, the New York Times, Smart Money, and on the cover and interiors of BLAB!. He has been selected to appear in American Illustration, Society of Illustrators, and Communication Arts. In addition to gallery shows across North America and Europe, he is currently working on picture book projects for children as well as adults. He lives in Vancouver, B.C., Canada with his wife Marinda and cat Louis.

Christy Karacas is an artist, director and writer, best known for co-creating Superjail!, one of the most brilliant shows to come out in recent years. Violent, intricate and always bizzarre, Christy's personal artwork is certainly within the same realm as the show's aesthetic, focusing on panned out visions of obscene riotous beings (often robots vs. cats instead of prisoners vs. more prisoners), but unlike Superjail!, these large pencil drawings are strickly black and white. Compulsively detailed to an extreme degree, the pieces get more and more impressive the closer you look. They communicate a hilarious frenzy of violence that will be familiar to fans of the show, but while embodying only a single "frame."

Kristen Liu Wong is a Brooklyn- based artist from San Francisco who studied Illustration at Pratt Institute. With a color pallette reminiscent of a California beach Barbie and imagery pulled straight from a neurotic nightmare, Kristen's work packs a lot of punch. Like all of our favorite artists, a quick look through her portfolio shows a young artist with a highly developed mini universe. Focused both on people and places, her paintings invite narrative interpretations. The scenes, which often seem to show the moment right before something big happens, are unsettling in the most beautiful way. Clearly a bit obsessed with patterns, Kristen embraces seemingly "feminine" elements and pushes them into a strange and dark place where masked weirdos watch you through the windows and you don't even mind.

Jean-Paul Mallozzi was born and raised in Queens NYC, and received a scholarship to attend the Rhode Island School Of Design (RISD). He graduated with B.F.A in Illustration. His works have been exhibited in galleries and museums nationally and internationally including Los Angeles, New York, and London. Jean-Paul's work balances the fine line of combining highly rendered figures with abstract areas of color. While emotions are amorphous, they evoke a color and a vibration that physically resonates within people. The incorporation of iridescence and animal familiars takes the figures out of the mundane and into a world where a veil between realities is pulled away.

Joohee Park A.K.A Sticky Monger  is a visual artist based in New york who recently finished her MFA in Digital Arts of Pratt Institutes. After getting BFA in Information graphic design from Ewha University in Korea, She has been working in a various art and design fields extending her visual experience. Joohee is most well known for being an artist who obsessively likes to play with sticky vinyl cutouts based on her hand illustration. Next week we will be posting an interview with this prolific artist, so stay tuned!

Opening Event Friday January 16th
7pm to 11pm

Cold Captives by Charlie Immer

Grace Lang
Tue 12.09.14
While engaging with Charlie Immer's work, it quickly becomes evident that he is a master of many things. His style, subject matter and execution consistently blows minds, propelling the viewer into a world where darkness and whimsy live in perfect harmony. His paintings tell stories of a world entirely his own, a place where sickly sweet skeletons wander geometric landscapes, dripping all kinds of goo and meeting funny little creatures along the way.

While preparing for his show with us (opening this Friday, December 12th at 7 pm!), I was able to ask Charlie a few questions about his work and am excited to share his thoughtful answers with all of you now!

Dripping Behind Bars
Oil on Panel
16 x 16 Inches

Giclee Print Coming Soon!

Can you tell me a little bit about the concept(s) behind the pieces in this show? What are “Cold Captives?

A lot of my work explores violence combined with humor, but with these pieces I wanted to delve into inescapable isolation. Achieving an oppressive yet playful atmosphere in these paintings was very important to me. The balance between those disparate elements is my focus. It helps that skeletons always look like they are smiling.

Captive in a Cool Breeze
Oil on Panel
16 x 16 Inches

Giclee Print Coming Soon!

Were you pulling from any new sources of inspiration for this show?

Not really. I still remain inspired by my major childhood influences (Horror, cartoons, 8-16bit videogames, and candy.) Those are the wells I draw from. They won’t be running dry anytime soon.

Red Candleboy
Oil on Panel
8 x 10 Inches

Blue Candleboy
Oil on Panel
8 x 10 Inches

When did slime become a fundamental part of your art? Does it always represent the same idea or feeling?

I love gross-out sight gags. I like that slime can be any color, flavor, or quantity. A lot of times goo is coming from an unidentified source. It’s a very versatile element. It’s a fun challenge to make gross things look enticing.

Your pieces have excellent titles. What is this process like? Do you typically know the name of a piece before it is finished or do you save that bit for last?

I mostly come up with the titles when I’m finished. I tend to go with titles that are a bit goofy. I like rhymes and alliteration.

If you had to live inside one of your paintings, which would it be?

It’s tough to decide. I’m not sure I would be comfortable living in any. Hard to know how I would be treated in there. I’m also afraid to find out what everything smells like, could be good or very, very bad.

As an artist, what is your dream project?

I’m working on a video game idea as a side project in my free time. I would love to see that through some day. There is so much left that I need to learn.

Sticks and Bones
Oil on Panel
24 x 36 Inches

Giclee Print Coming Soon!

To make this opening even sweeter, we will be producing and releasing 3 brand new giclee prints from Charlie, which we will release in the store the night of the opening, then online the following day.

Opening Event Friday December 12th
7pm to 11pm

If you happen to follow the amazing Dima Drjuchin on instagram, you are most likely familiar with his affinity for Batman. His sketchbooks are filled with hilarious doodles, depicting the masked vigilante in various reincarnations, all distinct but all totally Dima. Now for the very first time, Dima has brought his love for Batman to a whole new level, creating 50 acrylic paintings for the first ever "Fuck You I'm Batman" art show, opening Friday, December 12th at 7 pm. Yes, you read it right.. FIFTY paintings!

Being the radical dude that he is, Dima took some time out of his busy schedule to answer my questions about the upcoming show. Thanks, Dima. You rule! So, here we go...

What is the origin of “Fuck You I’m Batman?”

Around 2007 I started drawing Batman in my sketchbook while doodling. He kind of became a go-to subject when I was at a loss for something to draw. One time I drew one and wrote "fuck you I'm Batman" underneath and thought it was funny. So I turned the idea into a design that my buddy Greg Barris and I use as part of our sticker campaign around NY and LA. It grew from there into tshirts and different versions of the sticker. It kinda died down for us in the last few years. In the last few months I started drawing batman again in my sketchbook when doodling and I kept going with it. So that set off a brain storm to make it a show, the show that Fuck You I'm Batman never got, and it would be fun to relaunch the shirts, make an updated version of the sticker and do a bunch of small paintings.

You did an insane amount of paintings for this show, all with a different looking Batman. Do you consider all of them distinct characters or different versions of the same dude?

I'm not sure what they are. I'm not sure what kind of narrative they exist in. I think they're a little bit of both, if that makes any sense. It's in the same sense that we've grown up with several different versions ofBatman, from comic books, tv shows, movies, video games, etc... there is no one definitive Batman. All are different versions of the same trope. The story is often rewritten, the design of him changes frequently, you can't point to one batman and say that's him. So I think these are kind of in the same realm as that idea, but more in the microcosm of my world. Maybe each one is it's own mini reboot of the same character.

Did you approach this project differently than you might for a show with a less defined theme?

It's a very different show for me then what I usually do. for one, this is a mass volume of small pieces. This was partly an exercise in working on a smaller scale. I've started doing smaller pieces in the past year, since I started to show with CCM actually, and i wanted to get better at it. What better way than to assigned an obscene amount of works to produce? Also since theres a very defined theme for the show it was easy to just settle in and just have fun with redesigning ol' bat. It wasn't that much different then when I was just doodling him. It was just to a bigger scale, and more defined form. Plus since Batman has such a rich history it was easy to play around with a lot of his familiar tropes. It was fun to plug all of them into my style.

It has been almost exactly a year since your first show with us. Do you feel like your work has changed since then?

Most definitely. I had a major shift in the way i work with my first show at CCM. I always try to keep evolving and keep things moving, but the last year has been a pretty significant change. I'm excited about what has happened so far and I'm stoked on where it will go.

What is the first thing you remember drawing obsessively as a kid?

I know I used to draw Garfield a lot as a kid. I had a Garfield stuffed animal, and I noticed a lot of my drawings of him are in the same pose as my toy, so I think I drew him from life haha. Come to think of it I still draw animals sitting in the same position. I literally just realized that right now... When I was 10-12 I drew the Ninja Turtle a lot, and my early teens is when I got into metal so I drew a lot of skulls and evil shit.

Batman has been revamped so many times in comics and movies. Do you have a favorite version?

I really like the Lego Batman in the Lego Movie. Will Arnett as Batman makes all the sense to me. But in all seriousness, I don't really have a favorite. I really loved the Dark Knight movies, despite whatever flaws people have picked them apart for, it was a great tone for the character, and the movies were so much fun to watch over and over. I remain optimistic about Affleck.

Do you think there is a big difference between a super hero and a vigilante?

I feel like when you call some one a "super hero" you're implying that they have a super power, like superman or spider-man. Vigilante is a human being without extraordinary powers. They just have to will to do it.

If you could have any super power, what would you choose?

Flight would be fun, though i don't know what sense that makes since i'm not a big fan of heights. Though maybe if I had the gift of flight I would no longer contextualize height with danger since up and down would be not that much different then the way I perceive left and right or front and back.

Do you think you will ever be done with the “Fuck You I’m Batman” concept?

I think I got a lot of it out of my system this go around. But never say never. Unless DC says never... then I'll probably stop for good.

If you could do any art project, no matter how big or expensive, what would you do?

I would to build a gaint Lil' Goof pyramid on the moon. I would settle on building it on Earth too... I guess...

We still have one Lil' Goof available online! Sweet!

We will be printing and releasing special edition "Fuck You I'm Batman" giclee prints the night of the opening, so stay tuned!
We are also super stoked to have some awesome "Fuck You I'm Batman" silkscreened t-shirts, available in red, purple and black!

To see more of Dima's astounding art, check out his website and instagram!

Opening Event Friday December 12th
7pm to 11pm

Sweet Releases from Grace Lang

Grace Lang
Fri 11.28.14
As many of you already know, part of our mission here at CCM is to bring affordable art to the masses because, afterall, don't we all deserve some extra beauty in our lives? This is why we always carry a huge range of products, big, small and everything in between. Inspired by this mentality, I wanted to create some cool, cheap art products. As a young artist, getting my work "out there" is tremendously important, so I figured that two small accessories (perfect for your favorite hoodie or your beloved winter coat) would be an awesome way to do this. Now, it is with a ton of pride and excitement that I announce the release of my two brand new products, now available both in the shop and online! Both the pin and the patch are just $7, making them fit everybody's price range. If you are looking for a small holiday gift for your favorite monster loving weirdo, look no further!

SHHHH 1" Enamel Pin

Gobble Gobble Embroidered Patch
2.5 x 4 Inches

I cannot say enough nice things about the Cotton Candy Machine and what it has done for my life, but one of the biggest reasons I feel so thankful for this place is the support I've gotten from my fellow artists and art fans. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all!

You can see more of work on my website and instagram!

If you would like to know a little bit about the thoughts behind my work, check out this interview I just did with Art in New York!

Printsgiving Is Here Again!

Sean Leonard
Wed 11.26.14




Every year we have a big sale and give away FREE PRINTS for Printsgiving weekend and we have another great year planned for you all! Starting NOW Thursday November 27th use promo code PRINTSGIVING at check out to receive 15% OFF your entire order! New prints, Old sold out prints, Artist Proofs, Toys, Buttons and more all on sale this weekend only!

Order anything online and get "Borealis" by Tara McPherson FREE! 

Order anything from this weekend and get "Borealis" by Tara McPherson FOR FREE! This large 19" x 15" lithograph print will come signed with love by Tara in every order, that's Printsgiving! 

New Print Set from Tara McPherson! 

"Galactic X-Rays: or How I Turned Into a Quasar"
and "Secrets of the Polar Aurora"

Print set by Tara McPherson

Giclee on Velvet Fine Art Rag with 260gsm/19 mil
Signed and Numbered Edition of 100
17" x 21"
$120 Special Printsgiving release price! Use promo code PRINTSGIVING to save 15% more! 

Also available individually

"Secrets of the Polar Aurora"
by Tara McPherson

Giclee on Velvet Fine Art Rag with 260gsm/19 mil
Signed and Numbered Edition of 100
17" x 21"
$70 Special Printsgiving release price! Use promo code PRINTSGIVING to save 15% more!

"Galactic X-Rays: or How I Turned Into a Quasar"
by Tara McPherson

Giclee on Velvet Fine Art Rag with 260gsm/19 mil
Signed and Numbered Edition of 100
17" x 21"
$70 Special Printsgiving release price! Use promo code PRINTSGIVING to save 15% more!

Artist Proofs and Sold Out Prints!

We are pleased to release a few Rock Posters and Art Prints that have been sold out! We have gone though and pulled out some really special and rare prints from the archives to release this weekend! Make sure to use Promo Code Printsgiving to save 15% off your entire order and get a FREE PRINT this weekend only! Check out the Rock Posters, Silkscreens and Giclees for all of the releases! 

Button Packs by Tara McPherson! 

These new button packs each come with 10 sweet little 1 inch buttons by Tara McPherson! Each set has a collection of Tara's icon characters ready to wear! Collect them all! Remember to use promo code PRINTSGIVING! 


Along with the PRINTSGIVING sales online we also have a great weekend planed here in Brooklyn at the Boutique! We will be giving "Borealis" prints by Tara McPherson with every purchase in store just like online! The most exciting IN STORE only releases are from our OUT OF EDITION print sale! With every print edition there are always a few that don't meet our quality standards and are pulled aside. This stack builds up and we burst every year on printsgiving weekend with our OUT OF EDITION print sale! You'll find some super rare and obscure prints, with some minor imperfections for insane prices. We'll have stack for sale from $10 to $50 each. Also all of our frames are half price again this weekend only! We are open our regular business hours 12 to 8pm Friday to Sunday so come enjoy the holiday!

Thank you all for the love and support!
Have a great weekend with your friends and family!
Come visit us here in Brooklyn too! 

Internet Friends by Lori Nelson

Grace Lang
Tue 11.25.14
Lori Nelson's massive panel painting...It started as a fun addition to our booth at New York Comic Con, but quickly became so much more! Sponsored and supported by the incredible folks at Golden Paints and Trekkel Brushes, the CCM Comic Con experience was pushed to the next level by the five amazing women we had live painting at the booth. As stunned attendees walked by, gawking and snapping iphone shots, Tara McPherson, Tina Lugo, Lori Nelson, Hikari Shimoda and So Youn Lee each created an enormous masterpiece. Since she simply couldn't get enough of the project, Lori continued to work on her piece in the shop for the following two weeks, ending with a huge resin pour!

As with most masterpieces, the creation of "Internet Friends" began with a sketch (and a cup of coffee!)

Lori (and the other ladies) even moved their live painting to one of the main stages at Comic Con! Now THAT is painting under pressure! 

As is the case with all of Lori's work, the final piece is truly glowing. Playing with different light sources (both natural and man-made), "Internet Friends" pushes us to embrace modern technology, without losing the sense of wonder that comes with spending some time in nature. Technology and nature do not need to be mutually exclusive. As contemporary beings, we can always have a little bit of both!

To add some extra excitement to the piece's unveiling, we also released two new giclee prints from Lori, now available online! Both of these images are taken from Lori's "I Want to Believe" series, which features children/monster hybrids absorbed in moments of prayer.

Credere Volo (I Want to Believe Series): Little Piety

Giclee on Velvet Fine Art Rag with 260gsm/19 mil
Signed, Edition of 25
8.5" x 8.5"

Credere Volo (I Want to Believe Series): Beatito

Giclee on Velvet Fine Art Rag with 260gsm/19 mil
Signed, Edition of 25
8.5" x 8.5"

Be sure to check out more of Lori's incredible work on her website and follow her on instagram!





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