July 11th to August 10th, 2014

Cotton Candy Machine and Stranger Factory are teaming up to create a collaborative crossover exhibition, one big awesome event taking place simultaneously both at Stranger Factory Gallery in Albuquerque, NM and at Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn, NY on the same evening. All artworks by each artist will be split up evenly between both galleries, so no matter which location you attend you will experience the exhibition, each with a different perspective.

Glenn Barr, Dilek Baykara, Scott C, Katie Carillo, Karl Deuble, Jeremy Hush, Tim Lee, Tina Lugo, Kozyndan, Stan Manoukian, Tara McPherson, Phil Noto, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Chris Ryniak, Amanda Louise Spayd, Greg Rivera, Joe Samaras and Chet Zar

Opening Event Friday July 11th
7 to 11pm

Workshops Sunday July 11th

Tara McPherson oil painting demo, and mini workshops with some of the artists from the show!


Stem From Sea

Original ArtKatie Carillo$220.00

Desert Dreamer

Original ArtKozyndan (Kozy Kitchens)$600.00

Black Haired

Original ArtJeremy Hush$600.00

A Vicious Stare

Original ArtJeremy Hush$600.00

Mickey Stitch - XMob

Original ArtTim Lee$150.00

Monk - XMob

Original ArtTim Lee

Red Leaf Night

Original ArtTim Lee$130.00

Cotton Ball Bats

Original ArtStan Manoukian$320.00


Original ArtStan Manoukian$320.00

Meek & Mood

Original ArtStan Manoukian$700.00


Original ArtStan Manoukian$220.00


Original ArtKathie Olivas$700.00


Original ArtKathie Olivas$700.00

Bride 001

Original ArtBrandt Peters$950.00

Whale Fall Cycle

Original ArtKozyndan (Kozy Kitchens)$200.00

A Floating Ring

Original ArtKozyndan (Kozy Kitchens)$125.00

Red Cross

Original ArtDilek Baykara$400.00

Stem From Roost

Original ArtKatie Carillo$220.00

Who Needs Paper Towels When Your Breath Smells Like Cheese

Original ArtKarl Deuble$325.00

Only Happy When It Rains, But It Never Does

Original ArtKarl Deuble$450.00

The Smart Man Smelt Fart (Geometry)

Original ArtKarl Deuble$325.00

Twerps 1

Original ArtGreg Rivera$300.00

Twerps 2

Original ArtGreg Rivera$300.00

Twerps 3

Original ArtGreg Rivera$300.00

Twerps 4

Original ArtGreg Rivera$300.00

Bulb Study

Original ArtChet Zar$375.00

Spilling Your Guts is Easy

Original ArtTina Lugo$650.00

Fountain Boy

Original ArtTara McPherson$1200.00


Original ArtGlenn Barr$600.00

Joy Ride

Original ArtDilek Baykara$600.00

Lil' Red Pull Cart Skelve

Original ArtBrandt Peters$800.00


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