Bunnycutlet Presents

January 16th to February 9th

Bunnycutlet Presents 7 Artists
Group Exhibition

Curated by Liz Artinian
at Cotton Candy Machine

January 16th - February 8th, 2015

BROOKLYN, NY [RELEASE January 12th, 2015] — Bunnycutlet Gallery and Cotton Candy Machine are pleased to announce Bunnycutlet Presents 7 Artists, a group exhibition curated by Bunnycutlet owner Liz Artinian, hosted by Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn, New York.

Bunnycutlet Presents 7 Artists is an expression of the friendship between the two galleries, kindled from 2012 to 2014, when Bunnycutlet's location on Roebling Street placed it within 3 blocks of Cotton Candy Machine. Their similarity in spirit sparked a dialogue between their openings, promoting artwork that interchangeably embraced contemporary surrealism, exuberant interior murals, and fetishistic interpretations of pop culture in art -- bending the Brooklyn aesthetic toward their own in Williamsburg. The 7 artists in this exhibit, a mix of frequent Bunnycutlet contributors alongside newcomers, were chosen by Artinian in collaboration with Cotton Candy Machine.

Among the recurring Bunnycutlet-ees are Kelly Denato, Christy Karacas, Kristen Liu-Wong and Stickymonger (Joohee Park). Denato and Karacas participated in Artinian's group exhibits for nearly a decade -- Denato's first solo at Bunnycutlet, Chasing Rainbows -- showcased a staggering 52 new pieces by the artist. Her work is known for its meticulously layered painted textures and dramatic lighting, tempering representations of exorcised emotions with delicately painted seraphs.

Karacas's large pencil drawings, by contrast, are unchecked explosions of violence and joy. Co-creator and director of the [adultswim] animated series, Superjail!, Karacas first exhibited his "cats vs. robots" series as part of the 2006 Bunnycutlet pop-up, Too Art for TV. Though his work is manic -- his lines, smudge-free and perfect -- seem to suggest a more careful, fastidious mind, pouring forth riotous glory directly from brain to paper.

Liu-Wong and Stickymonger started working with Bunnycutlet in 2013, both debuting transformative solo pop-ups at the gallery. Liu-Wong's paintings employ florescent colors, mischievous characters and blunt, angular compositions, acting as symbolic foils for twisted, surrealist stories. Painting the gallery pink and foresting it with murals, her exhibit turned white walls into candy. Quick to follow was Stickymonger's all-vinyl mural exhibit, Eye See You, You See Eye. With jaw-dropping floor-to-ceiling hand-cut characters, Stickymonger converted the 800 square foot space into a cathedral of inky, dreamlike characters.

For Bunnycutlet Presents 7 Artists, these artists are joined by Brooklyn-transplant Hydeon (Ian Ferguson), Canadian-born Ryan Heshka, and Miami based artist Jean-Paul Mallozzi, representing a look ahead for Bunnycutlet. Hydeon's ink, pencil, and acrylic drawings combine graphic illustration with kinetic "scribbles" -- a kind of rapid processing of the artist's emotions and life-events. Like Liu-Wong, his work borrows from American Folk Art, surrealism, and illustration.

Heshka's influences, apparent in his work, are comics, animation, pulp magazines, 50s B-movies, and science fiction. His gouache paintings are carefully staged, giving them a cinematic quality. By wittily incorporating typography and graphic design, Heshka summons a kind of sensual hybrid of a Wes Anderson movie, a Vargas pinup, and a Hardy Boys book cover.

Mallozzi's cinematic drama is summoned by a different visual stimulus. His figures, often life-sized, are defined by light and color -- not just in a figurative sense -- but in a thematic one as well. Opposing forces of blues, reds, and iridescence afflict, highlight, illuminate or replace parts of Mallozzi's subjects, forwarding the idea that color itself can rule a character's fate, and in so doing become personified.

Kelly Denato
Hydeon (Ian Ferguson)
Ryan Heshka
Christy Karacas
Kristen Liu Wong
Jean-Paul Mallozzi
Stickymonger (Joohee Park)

Opening Event Friday January 16th
7pm to 11pm


We Sit in the Mud and Reach for the Stars

Original ArtKelly Denato$1400.00


Original ArtJean-Paul Mallozzi$4000.00

Two Bathers

Original ArtKristin Liu Wong

The Neighborhood Watch

Original ArtKristin Liu Wong$575.00


Original ArtChristy Karacas$4500.00

Milwaukee Dreams

Original ArtRyan Heshka$475.00

Please Examine

Original ArtRyan Heshka$625.00

Today! Today! Today!

Original ArtRyan Heshka$525.00

Our Heritage

Original ArtRyan Heshka$1925.00

The Plastic Age!

Original ArtRyan Heshka$875.00

Old Future Monument

Original ArtIan Ferguson$500.00

Company Call

Original ArtIan Ferguson$500.00

Tangled Energy II

Original ArtIan Ferguson$1200.00

Tangled Energy

Original ArtIan Ferguson$1200.00

Hey. You. Get Off of My Cloud.

Original ArtKelly Denato$900.00

Hope is the Thing with Feathers

Original ArtKelly Denato$550.00

Strawberry Jam

Original ArtJoohee Park (Stickymonger)$900.00


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