Dima Drjuchin

Solo Exhibition

August 14th to September 6th, 2015

Dima Drjuchin's art is alive and constantly evolving, it is a separate reality from our own. His new show 'VISION QUEST!' is more personal than in the past, while his previous pieces were steeped in pure fantasy, in his new work Drjuchin has drawn himself into multiple pieces at varies ages as well as imagery of his wife Jeanette Converse and dog Glitter. Drjuchin's multi disciplined life is also reflected in references to music and cassette technology hinting at his simultaneous work recording a new 4 track analog album. "I used to record myself on a 4 track as a kid, so I think it also ties into affection towards my childhood and discovering music inside and outside of myself by becoming a musician." His album and show both use the moniker 'VISION QUEST!' which is a reference to Drjuchin's use of music and art as a form of meditation and a journey inward. These paintings seem more contemplative, all the works being based on drawings from Drjuchin's sketchbook and planned on wood panels with pencil before hand, "which i've never really done before, I find the results are a lot better. I can work and rework shapes until they are right, it's almost shameful that it took me this long to do this." This is a Vision Quest in a true sense, an experiment in ritual and solitude in search of a new reality and to invoke a vision from a guardian spirit, which in this case is Dima himself in different stages and forms as well as the Cosmic Serpent which can be seen in old and new art by Drjuchin. The serpent literally representing change, transformation and ultimately duality. Treat yourself to a Vision Quest of your own and see this show at The Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn NY.

Dima lives and works in Brookyn NY. This is his fifth solo show, his first with The Cotton Candy Machine. Please join us at the opening reception on August 14th at 7pm-11pm. Special after party performance of songs from Vision Quest! at the Tiger Lounge right around the corner at 11!

The Tiger Lounge is located at 272 Grand Street. Just follow the stares down by the Midway Bar.

Opening Event Friday August 14th
7 to 11pm


That Guy From That Thing

Original ArtDima Drjuchin$750.00

Fuck You I'm Strawberry Batman, Haunted by the Ghost of the Past

Original ArtDima Drjuchin$200.00

The Highly Decorated King of Dogs

Original ArtDima Drjuchin$500.00

The Nothingness of a Black Hole Generates a Sound in the Key of Bb

Original ArtDima Drjuchin$800.00

Tour Was Off to a Rough Start

Original ArtDima Drjuchin$1600.00

Vision Quest

Original ArtDima Drjuchin$900.00

Gigi the Snake

Original ArtDima Drjuchin$150.00

Professor Hiss

Original ArtDima Drjuchin$200.00


Original ArtDima Drjuchin$250.00


Original ArtDima Drjuchin$150.00


Original ArtDima Drjuchin$900.00

I Know the Way, It's This Way

Original ArtDima Drjuchin$1200.00

Bird Song

Original ArtDima Drjuchin

Tenacious Perserverance

Original ArtDima Drjuchin$5500.00


Original ArtDima Drjuchin

Return of the Wonderer

Original ArtDima Drjuchin

Magick Bun Bun

Original ArtDima Drjuchin$1300.00

Late to the Party

Original ArtDima Drjuchin$400.00

Hit a Snag Along the Way

Original ArtDima Drjuchin$500.00

Gonna Be a Hot One Today

Original ArtDima Drjuchin$400.00


Original ArtDima Drjuchin$200.00


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