Artist Residency: Amar Stewart

Open Studio at Cotton Candy Machine

February 4th to March 2nd, 2014

Amar Stewart is a London based artist and illustrator. His influences lie somewhere between, Music and City Life. Although all genres music inspire Amar's work, Hip Hop is the driving force behind the majority of his creations. Using heavy brush strokes and vibrant colours he tries to capture his subject in the grandest of light.

We had the whole month of February watching Amar paint in the gallery to get stoked about the Hip Hop Royalty Party, but nothing could have prepared us for the wild events that actually went down that night. As folks were happily chatting with Amar and admiring the work, four sneaky attendees were planning a heinous theft that rocked the Cotton Candy Machine community. A few hours into the evening, our gallery owner (and real life Batman) Sean Lenoard noticed three massive paintings missing from the back room and instantly ran out the door in hopes of catching the culprit. Being the rockstar that he is, Sean managed to chase down the thief holding the largest of the pieces, a 5 foot tall portrait of Jean-Michel Basquiat. He was able to detain the thief (while still clutching the painting) until the police arrived to arrest him. As the Daily News stated, "His thief-catching skills are a work of art."

To read more about the theft and news coverage, please check out our blog post!
To see more of Amar's work, check out his website and instagram!
Open Studio Artist Residency Tuesday to Sunday Noon to 8pm
Email for private viewings

Amar Stewart 
Hip-Hop Royalty Party Saturday March 1st
7pm to 11pm


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