Brooklyn Biennial Submissional

December 13th, 2013 to February 2nd, 2014

Brooklyn Biennial Submissional from Cotton Candy Machine on Vimeo.

Ladies and Gentlemen it is a honor to announce the artists accepted for Cotton Candy Machine's Brooklyn Biennial Submissional!

Dima Drjuchin, Allison Sommers, Tina Lugo, Emroca, Cory Benhatzel, Sean Mahan, JoKa, Ronnie Ray Mendez, Hanna Jaeun, Amar Stewart, Wizard Skull, Gabi de la Merced

Opening Event Friday December 13th
7 to 11pm

Closing Event Saturday February 1st  7 to 11pm
With live musical performace
by Dima Drjuchin

To see a little more about the show and each of these artists visit our blog here.
Please email or call if you see any pieces your are interested in purchasing 718-387-3844.



Original ArtAllison Sommers$500.00

Eye Set (Dead Eyes, Cat Eyes, Eye Scream)

Original ArtJoKa$450.00

Only When It Was Funny

Original ArtJoKa$450.00


Original ArtRonnie Ray Mendez$750.00


Original ArtRonnie Ray Mendez$750.00


Original ArtRonnie Ray Mendez$750.00

Portrait of a Deer

Original ArtHanna Jaeun$550.00

Portrait of a Weasel

Original ArtHanna Jaeun$550.00

Show Yourself

Original ArtAmar Stewart$600.00

Bang The Drums

Original ArtAmar Stewart$450.00

Morocco Mole meets Dead Keneddys

Original ArtGabi de la Merced$1100.00

White Trash (Basura Blanca)

Original ArtGabi de la Merced$700.00

Lost at Sea

Original ArtGabi de la Merced$800.00

The Root Doctor

Original ArtGabi de la Merced$500.00

Spider Stroke

Original ArtJoKa

Minor God

Original ArtAllison Sommers

To Compostela

Original ArtAllison Sommers

Tickle Me Pink

Original ArtTina Lugo$450.00

They All Look Like Ducks To Me

Original ArtTina Lugo

Toothy Elegante

Original ArtEmroca$700.00

Rose's Tangles

Original ArtEmroca$650.00

El Cuco and Rose

Original ArtEmroca$750.00

Dos Troble

Original ArtEmroca$800.00

Foxgloves and Foxtails

Original ArtCory Benhatzel $575.00

Forest Satanicat

Original ArtCory Benhatzel$225.00

Occult Satanicat

Original ArtCory Benhatzel$225.00

Satanica Catus (blue)

Original ArtCory Benhatzel$290.00

Starlit Kit

Original ArtCory Benhatzel$185.00

Satanica Catus (pink)

Original ArtCory Benhatzel$290.00

Word On A Wing

Original ArtCory Benhatzel$575.00

Imaginary friends

Original ArtSean Mahan$1000.00

Believing Your Future Cant Catch Fire Wont Get You Through The Night

Original ArtJoKa$500.00

The Magic Number

Original ArtGabi de la Merced$1100.00


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