Buff Monster & L'amour Supreme

Number Of The Beast

April 12th to May 5th, 2013

Continuing on their world wide rampage Buff Monster and L'Amour Supreme are preparing a show with powers from the dark side with Number Of The Beast. Please join us for the opening reception of Cotton Candy Machine's second anniversary event, with Buff Monster and L'Amour Supreme! This collaborative two man show will feature original paintings, drawings, inkings, custom toys, as well as a new silkscreen print and new T-Shirts.

Buff Monster
made a name for himself by putting up thousands of hand-silkscreened posters across Los Angeles. His work is characterized by happy characters living in brightly-colored bubbly landscapes. Along with meticulously executed paintings, he has created a wide range of merchandise ranging from prints and stickers, to vinyl toys and plush. The color pink, a symbol of confidence, individuality and happiness, is present in everything he creates. His work has been shown in galleries worldwide, and published by Juxtapoz, Nylon, Cool Hunting, The Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, and many more. After 15 years living and working in Hollywood, he has recently moved to Brooklyn.

L'Amour Supreme's influences range from street cultures of New York City, hip hop, hardcore and punk music all the way to 80’s and 90’s pop culture. He has travelled the world showcasing his work and live painting in places like Tokyo, Stockholm, Berlin and cities across the US. His background in architectural design has given him the ability to conceive his art in 3D not limited to 2D design. He has designed products ranging from custom furniture, jewelry, cars and footwear including many projects with Mishka. L'Amour Supreme would like to keep pushing the boundaries of how ordinary objects are perceived and always blending aesthetic form with function.

Check out their video here!

Show Opening Event Friday April 12th

7 to 11pm

Show Closing Event
Saturday May 4th
Live Painting with Buff Monster, L'Amour Supreme and David M Cook on Cotton Candy Machine's new Roebling Wall public art space.
2 to 6pm


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