Michael Motorcycle, Dilek Baykara, Jeremy Hush, Paul Romano

Allegorical Quarter

September 13th to October 6th, 2013

"Allegorical Quarter" Closing Event
Saturday October 5th
Talks and Q & A from 6 to 9 pm

Paul Romano, Jeremy Hush and Dilek Baykara will give an insightful talk and Q & A at Cotton Candy Machine and you are invited. Join us for an evening to learn more about these amazing artists and their works.

In his heart, Michael Motorcycle is an artist who is compelled to tell a story. The storyline will often become apparent only once he has begun developing an image. But there are common themes throughout the images. These themes include the use or misuse of power, the human environment, and love. The theme of love and romance is a common subject in his art.

Dilek Baykara is an illustrator who was born and raised in the woods of northern New Jersey but is currently living and working in Brooklyn, New York. She attended School of Visual Arts for Illustration. She creates haunting images adorned with luxurious lines of ink.

Jeremy Hush's work is haunting and beautiful, wild and chaotic, dark and saturated, but entirely unique. Hush’s pieces feel like Grimm fairy tales, in the most visceral way possible prior to any of the sanitizing forces of Disney. The artist uses found materials to execute much of the work, everything from ball point pens, collected in the course of his itinerant travels, to coffee used for pigment, to inky fingerprints for crosshatching.

Paul Romano is a fine artist and designer living and working in Philadelphia. He began his professional career in the early 90s as an in-house illustrator and designer creating educational software for children. In 2000 he switched gears to pursue work in the music industry, concentrating on the visual identity of the band as a complete package.

Please join us for an event filled with original paintings, inkings, poster art, and beautiful merch.

Image above by Paul Romano.
Check out their video here!

Opening Event Friday September 13th
7 to 11pm


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