Day Paintings by Joe Sorren

March 6th to March 27th

CottonCandyMachine‬ presents 'Momentary‬'

"Momentary" is an ongoing show where it is possible to admire the process through which Joe Sorren creates his whimsical creatures. They are not sketches, but bits of moments where colors become characters almost without meaning to. Sometimes a beast, or some other time a kid or a woman pops out of the background, looking at us with an inquisitive or funny glance. All together they are a harmony of sweet notes, inspired by the "here and now" that takes place in the artist's mind and hands. They are the fruits of this month of March as Joe paints daily at the Cotton Candy Machine. It is the first time that it is possible to observe the artist's technique in person. For the past seven months he has been livestreaming his work online from Italy, but this is the first occasion where he is painting outside of the privacy of his studio in Florence. Last year Joe worked in New York, before then he was based in Arizona; all of these places have influenced his work. The culminating show opens on March 27th but what is happening before then is the unique experience where Joe is inviting everyone to join him. Stop into the gallery to have a peek at what he is doing or follow the livestream to see his palette start to suggest a million little worlds and stories.

Day Paintings by ‪Joe Sorren‬. Artist Residency Live Streaming straight from Brooklyn throughout the month of March. Watch the LiveStream at

Join us for the Welcoming Party to celebrate the beginning of the Artist Residency Friday March 6th from 7 to 11pm.

Visit to experience Daily Live Painting in Joe Sorren's Open Studio Artist Residency inside Cotton Candy Machine Tuesday to Sunday throughout the month.

Exhibition of completed works opens March 27th. Make sure to follow @joesorren and watch his LiveStream here!

Click through the images of the paintings in progress. Once you click an image, the information will pop up! We will try to keep updating the images has the show progresses. The paintings are taking shape! Please email and we'll add you to the waiting list. Let us know which pieces specifically you are interested in learning more about. Requests will be honored in the order they are received, so it is always a good idea to pick a back-up or two. Thank you all for the excitment already.


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