Sara Antoinette Martin

Tee Shirt Party!

November 18th, 2011

Check it out here.

We're hosting a fun one night event with NYC based artist, Sara Antoinette Martin, introducing her Skelecore Tshirt and Print line!

Mastering the art of cuteness through darkness, but without being too obvious about it, Sara Antoinette Martin is multi-diciplined. Creating multi layered mixed media paintings, painstakingly detailed pen and ink drawings, and more recently, traditional inspired tattoos. She paints strong women, pretty intestines and her seemingly disparate influences include traditional tattoo art, fins, gills, flowers and Masonic and alchemical symbolism.

There will be lots of tee shirts and accessories, plus many affordable giclee prints, serigraphs and a few originals. If you have been to any of the recent Cotton Candy Machine events, she's the gal snapping all the photos!

Tee Shirt Party Friday November 18th
7 to 11pm


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