Smithe, Kraken & Seher

Optometría del Ser (Optometry of Being)

August 15th to September 10th, 2014

We couldn't be more excited to host three prolific Mexican artists for our final show of the summer. Seher, Smithe and Kraken have been rocking the art scene for quite some time, painting murals, creating posters and showing original works all over Mexico. Now, they are about to cover our Brooklyn walls with all new works (we expect 10-14 small pieces from each artist!) and we can't wait to see what they have in store for us! All three of these talented artists exist in that ever-evolving space between the sanguine and the macabre, just how we like it!

is one of the those artists whose work wows just about everyone who see's it. From four story buildings to intricate drawings he will blow your mind and you will get to watch it deconstruct. Check out his new works and a preview of the show here.
"Again, the works are some of our favorites being made, a mix of analog and technology, and classic illustrative styles..."
"... an artist (who) creates his own universe by assimilating and creating relationships between symbols and images. Smithe got a serious relation with the concepts of construction, destruction, structure and the self as we can see on most of his artworks."

Kraken makes dark bold imagry in inks, water color and spray paint. His fine art illustrations and large scale murals depict visuals unique and striking enough to gain the attention of some the largest bands touring Mexico. He has produced gig posters with Queens Of The Stone Age, Black Sabath, Kiss and Mötley Crüe just to name a few. Check out his new works and a prewview of the show here!
"Known for his dark, gothic and somewhat disturbing images...Kraken’s work is often recognized for his use of repetitive graphics and what could be called an obsession with eyes."

Seher's work never stops. Some, the subjects seem to be sliding through a set of portals giving a unique view of the magic at hand. Techincal skill is aperent in every aspect of his art work. The detialed ink work will suck you in and the vibrant colors he paints will blow you away. Check out his new works and a preview of the show here!
"What started as an illegal graffiti hobby at the age of 15 has developed into an extremely successful career as a muralist and graphic designer."
"The wildly momentous use of color and movement in his work creates a supersaturated intensity that is often intertwined with beautifully bizarre, naturalistic and often macabre imagery."

Opening Event Friday August 15th
7pm to 11pm


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