The Undermining Satanic Energies of an Incongruent Suburban Sickness

April 13th to May 6th, 2012

Check out the video here and here.

Skinner will be back in New York for his solo show The Undermining Satanic Energies Of An Incongruent Suburban Sickness at Cotton Candy Machine. Skinner's love for metal-dressed fully erect demons eating their enemies goes beyond his incredible paintings and murals. This amazing monster maker from Sacramento also plays in the metal band "Ungoliant" and he practices and tours in between his busy painting schedule. The custom toy world now has a new super star with his collaborations from Lulubell toys. Skinner decided to stop teaching years ago so that he could focus on his personal art. Even though he is not in the classroom anymore he is still teaching a new generation of artists by the way he works. Skinner's collaborations range from our local homies at Mishka to Europe with the Dead Sea Mob. Just last October, Skinner created a huge body of work and a zine called the "Butcher Kings" by teaming up with long time murder accomplice Alex Pardee. And 2011 marked the year Skinner and Zerofriends launch his personal apparel line Critical Hit. 2012 is going to need more than Armageddon to stop this Monster.

Opening Event Friday April 13th
7 to 11pm


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