Tina Lugo & David M. Cook

April 10th to May 3rd, 2015

Inculcated by waves of Saturday morning cartoons, characters portrayed in comic book literature, and videogame culture, Tina Lugo became instantly infatuated with the bright colors of the animated world. As she grew up, the social and sexual undertones of these cartoons unbridled themselves from the confines of her childhood memory. Tina began to realize that the sexual and often tongue-in- cheek humor she expressed had stemmed from what she had watched on early 90’s television and only fueled her passion to uncover the subversive and controversial qualities in the pop culture of yesteryear. The use of enamel and plexiglas in her work is to suggest that the smooth, hyper-gloss finishing of a world that allures us will always be beneath a transparent barrier we can touch but never enter-a replication of the voyeuristic qualities we all posses. Her style references and pays homage to her variety of modern influences which include: Takashi Murakami, Toshio Saeki, Hanna Barbera, Japanese animation, and Henry Darger. Follow her online as she creates masterpiece after masterpiece for this awesome show, which she has titled "Sleep Sex."

David M. Cook is the architect of a mischievous microcosm. Amicable and unassuming, he hardly seems the “type” to consistently and skillfully crank out such a lewd labyrinth of work, but the cheeky hedonism comes all too naturally. Based in Los Angeles by of Brooklyn, but originally from Louisville, Kentucky, David (who also answers to Bonethrower) uses no shortage of fine lines to design a world that is equal parts modern mysticism and memento mori—at the end of the day, it all sinks in like a psychotropic drug. David has been in Los Angeles working away and we are so excited to have him back here on the East Coast! Follow him as he prepares for his return to Brooklyn with his new body of work, "Seeing Machines."

In addition to celebrating the incredible new work from these two artists, April 10th's opening will also serve as our 4 Year Anniversary party! In the gist of “something old and something new,” we thought it would be cool to celebrate this milestone with two artists that each represent the CCM attitude, but from two different stages in the evolution of our space! David Cook was one of the very first artists to show with us and has been one of the most consistent since then. Tina Lugo, on the other hand, is one of our newest artists and we are so excited to now consider her one of our “regulars,” who we will continue to love, support and show for years to come!

Opening Event Friday April 10th
7pm to 11pm


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