Wizard Skull & Killer Acid Present Zine Friends

A Zine Fest at The Cotton Candy Machine

Sunday, April 27th

On Sunday, April 27th, we will be hosting an awesome event facilitated by our buddy, the Brooklyn artist Wizard Skull and Killer Acid from 1 - 8 pm. These cool artists have assembled an all-star team of amazing zine-makers, each with their own unique work to offer.

These ten artists have been rocking out hard on the local scene for quite some time and we are excited to have them all here at once! The Zinefriends are:

Lale Westvind
Retard Riot
Heather Benjamin
Lala Albert
Killer Acid
Matt Crabe
Caca Pasa
Alabaster Pizzo
Chris Uphues
WIzard Skull

With such a variety of artists, we can promise there will be something for everyone! Looking at zines is a pretty perfect way to finish off your weekend, so come on by and check it out!

Jessicka Addams and Lindsey Way

May 9th to June 8th, 2014

Jessicka Addams Jessicka Addams Florida-born, Los Angeles-based artist (also known as surname-free Jessicka) has combined her fascination with Goth culture, all things John Waters, religious iconography, and cats, in her current body of work titled, "That which does not kill you.....". Her work provides an exploration of identity, vulnerability, and loss of innocence while maintaining an element of absurdity that lightens the heaviness of her melancholy sculptures and paintings. The self-taught artist is also the founding member and singer of such seminal indie rock bands Jack Off Jill and scarling. She is also the resident curator and researcher at Dark Dark Science. Addams has shown with us in all three of the Tiny Trifecta's and this will be her first time showing a complete body of work in Brooklyn!

Jessicka will be releasing her first limited edition print through Sloan Fine Art that will be available at the opening May 9th. Scarling's "Who Wants To Die For Art?" Limited edition 7" will also be available the night of the opening. Available on Cotton Candy Pink vinyl exclusively for the Cotton Candy Machine.

Lindsey Way was born in Dunoon, Scotland. She attended Pratt Institute, where she studied fine art and illustration. She then worked as a window display artist throughout New York City and assisted the prolific painter Ron English. Her work has been in CBGB's 32nd Anniversary Art Show, "Hung", and the traveling group show, "Draw". After years as a touring musician with the band Mindless Self Indulgence, she has been inspired by world art culture, and other influences include Mary Blair, Henry Darger and Georges Melies.

Opening Event Friday May 9th
7pm to 11pm

Tiny Trifecta

4th Annual Group Show!

June 14th to July 6th, 2014

Once again Tara McPherson will be curating the Tiny Trifecta!! All of your favorite Cotton Candy Machine artists and more, together for one of the most exciting art shows of the year! These talented artists will create three tiny pieces of $100 art.

Jessicka Addams, Esao Andrews, Dilek Baykara, Melinda Beck, Andrew Bell, Cory Benhatzel, Heather Benjamin, Robert Bowen, Jon Burgerman, Iain Burke, Zoe Byland, You Byun, Scott C, Luke Chueh, Ciou, Dave Correia, Troy Coulterman, Lana Crooks, Steven Daily, Gabi de la Merced, Camilla d'Errico, Dima Drjuchin, Jason Edmiston, Emroca, Brian Ewing, Shepard Fairey, P-Jay Fidler, AJ Fosik, Gris Grimly, Michael Hacker, Kelley Hagemes, Thomas Han, Thomas Hooper, Seldon Hunt, Jeremy Hush, Charlie Immer, Jordin Isip, Joka, Nathan Jurevicius, Aya Kakeda, Lyejm Kallas-Lewis, Ian Kuali'i, Kozyndan, Grace Lang, Henry Lewis, Farron Loathing, Tina Lugo, David Mack, Sean Mahan, Jim Mahfood, Malojo, Sara Antoinette Martin, Megan Massacre, Jim McKenzie, Tara McPherson, Ronnie Ray Mendez, Brandi Milne, Moki, Tomi Monstre, Michael Motorcycle, Lori Nelson, Saelee Oh, Shaunna Peterson, Anthony Pontius, Matt Ritchie, Paul Romano, Arik Roper, KRK Ryden, Mark Ryden, Jay Ryan, Victoria Salvador, Isabel Samaras, Erik Mark Sandberg, Scarecrowoven, Jon Schnepp, Skinner, Amy Sol, Allison Sommers, Jeff Soto, Bwana Spoons, Amar Stewart, Diana Sudyka, Fefe Talavera, Yosuke Ueno, Jonathan Wayshak, Elizabeth Winnel, and Chet Zar.

In an effort to create a smoother and more efficient experience for everyone, pre-registration to purchase the art will begin at 4pm the day of the opening at Cotton Candy Machine. We will be proceeding in order of those waiting. Limit of 2 pieces of art per person, first come first served. Initial sales are in person only the day of the event, remaining unsold pieces will go online the following week. Thank you!

Opening Event Saturday June 14th
7pm to 11pm
Pre Registration begins at 4pm


July 11th to August 3rd, 2014.

Cotton Candy Machine and Stranger Factory are teaming up to create a collaborative crossover exhibition, one big awesome event taking place simultaneously both at Stranger Factory Gallery in Albuquerque, NM and at Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn, NY on the same evening. All artworks by each artist will be split up evenly between both galleries, so no matter which location you attend you will experience the exhibition, each with a different perspective.

Glenn Barr, Dilek Baykara, Scott C, Katie Carillo, Karl Deuble, Jeremy Hush, Tim Lee, Tina Lugo, Jeremyville, Kozyndan, Stan Manoukian, Tara McPherson, Phil Noto, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Chris Ryniak, Amanda Louise Spayd, Lamour Supreme, Greg Rivera and Chet Zar

Workshops to be held Sunday July 13th! More details to come.

Opening Event Friday July 11th
7 to 11pm

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