Tiny Trifecta

June 6th to July 5th

All of your favorite Cotton Candy Machine artists and more, together for one of the most exciting art shows of the year! Curated by Tara McPherson.

John Baizley / Dilek Baykara / Melinda Beck / Andrew Bell / Andrei Bouzikov / Iain Burke / Zoe Byland / You Byun / Scott C / Deedee Cheriel / Luke Chueh / Ciou / Troy Coulterman / Lana Crooks / Gabi de la Merced / Kelly Denato / Camilla d’Errico / Dima Drjuchin / Emroca / Brian Ewing / Natalia Fabia / Eric Fortune / AJ Fosik / Mab Graves / Michael Hacker / Kelley Hagemes / Seldon Hunt / Jeremy Hush / Charlie Immer / Jordin Isip / Martine Johanna / JK5 / Joka / Erik Jones / Lyejm Kallas-Lewis / Aya Kakeda / Andrea Kang / Andy Kehoe / Kraken / Ian Kuali’i / Brad Kunkle / Grace Lang / Jesse LeDoux / Henry Lewis / Farron Loathing / Lola / Tina Lugo / David Mack / Sean Mahan / Malojo / Steven Manale / Sara Antoinette Martin / Megan Massacre / Dan May / Marco Mazzoni / Jim McKenzie / Brandi Milne / Junko Mizuno / Moki / Heiko Muller / Lori Nelson / Shaunna Peterson / London Police / Anthony Pontius / Arabella Proffer / Martha Rich / Jay Ryan / Isabel Samaras / Allison Sommers / Amy Sol / Brian Sparrow / Diana Sudyka / Adam Wallacavage / Elizabeth Winnel / Yoskay Yamamoto

Opening Event Saturday June 6th
7pm to 11pm
Pre Registration begins at 4pm

Glenn Barr

July 10th to August 9th

Glenn Barr's surreal creatures, specters and tragic characters live in a seedy universe, drenched in the grit and haze of a post-apocalyptic urban dreamscape. His Detroit work has been labeled Pop Surrealism, Pop Pluralism, Lowbrow, Underground, Regional, Outsider, Ashcan or as he coins the phrase “B Culturalism”. Barr finds inspiration in the city streets as well as from pop and counter cultures that infuse a familiarity in his many parallel realities. With a nod to old master painting, pulp art, comics and animation, Barr's paintings are mesmerizing in their narrative complexities and technical depth.

Opening Event Friday July 10th
7pm to 11pm

Dima Drjuchin

Wielding the culmination of human potential wrought from the depths of the bicameral mind, Drjuchin’s art is a hyperdimensional machine that invokes creatures who come bounding forward with affection and recklessness. These are not the Icons of the Byzantine Church—they are the new Incarnated Symbols of the Multiverse. Drjuchin allows us a glimpse into a fractulated moment of cultural hypnagogic modality and an opportunity to alter our perspectives of reality.

“My work channels different points of reference from my Russian background, to pop culture, to comic books, to fine art, to spirituality, to the occult. I can’t truly say that it’s a commentary on anything, because I am not interested in judging anyone or any thing. I believe it’s more of a reflection of multiple influences that get filtered through my mind and come back out all at once on my canvas redefined to my own liking. That said, I also try not to take anything too seriously and on some level I believe I still paint in a similar mind set I did as a child scribbling on a piece of paper. Most of my ideas are on the spot and I let how I’m feeling at that moment guide me to what happens next in the piece. I think ultimately I’m just trying to entertain myself.”

Dimitri Drjuchin is an artist/musician who was born in Moscow, but grew up making images and sounds in New York City. He graduated Parsons School Of Design in 2003 with a BFA in Illustration.

This will be Dima's fifth time showing with us! He first showed at CCM as part of our first Brooklyn Biennial Submissional in December 2013, then again with Ciou and Malojo in April 2014.  He has also participated in the Fourth and Fifth Annual Tiny Trifecta Group Shows!

Opening Event Friday August 14th
7 - 11 pm

Lori Nelson & Moki

September 2015

Lori Nelson is a Utahn living in New York City going on ten years now. She paints in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn and maneuvers her bike through the cobblestone streets, under and around the cathedral bases of the massive Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges. Lori loves to stand on the edge of the East River to see what has been hauled up out of the giant old garbage dump deep under the grey ribbon of water; one hundred year old china shards, rounded off factory bricks, chickenwire glass....New Yorkers of yestercentury, she is examining your refuse. In her work she strives to take ownership of the human narrative, but not too much so. Lori thinks of paintings almost as film-stills from really good and horrible movies that a lot of people feel strongly about for various reasons. Sometimes linking these stills up to create a larger narrative. The human story, with its layers of garbage, is her favorite read, certainly, and possibly her favorite movie.

Lori first showed with us as part of the Third Annual Tiny Trifecta in 2013. Since then, she has been in the Fourth and Fifth Tiny Trifecta group shows, as well as three woman show, "That Which Does Not Kill You" in March 2014 with Jessicka Addams and Lindsey Way, as well as small project show, "Internet Friends," in November 2014. T

German artist Moki Mioke works in different styles and techniques including surreal paintings, comics, animation, toys and performance art. Her acrylic paintings are inspired by Japanese anime of Hayao Miyazaki as well as beautiful and mossy Northern landscapes. Moki Mioke states: "Nature itself is an art, and it is the most beautiful thing that can be created." - Ignant.com

Moki has been part of the Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Annual Tiny Trifecta group shows and her work has always sold fast! This will be her first solo show with us!

Opening Event
Friday, September 11
7 - 11 pm

Junko Mizuno

November 13th to November 29th

Junko Mizuno is a Japanse artist born in Tokyo. Currently residing in San Francisco, she is constantly working on new comics, paintings,illustrations, and designs for products ranging from toys to clothing. In 1996, Junko Mizuno self-produced a photocopy booklet called "MINA animal DX" which brought her to the attention of the publishing industry in Japan. Soon after, she debuted as a professional comic artist and illustrator. In 2007, she started showing her work in galleries in US and Europe. Junko's next exhibition will be here in Brooklyn at Cotton Candy Machine! Junko has show with us in all five of the Tiny Trifectas and with David M. Cook in March 2014. We can't wait to have her back!

Opening Event Friday November 13th
7 - 11 pm

Brooklyn Biennial Submissional

2nd Biennial Group Show!

December 4th to January 3rd

We are so excited to host our second submission based show! If you are interested in submitting your work for consideration, send some examples over to Info@thecottoncandymachine.com!

Opening Event Friday December 4th
7 to 11pm

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