Manimal Friends

Original Artwork from Ramiro Davaro-Comas

September 6

The Cotton Candy Machine is proud to be hosting Ramiro Davaro-Comas for an exhibit of original artwork from his newly released children's book, Manimal Friends! Manimal Friends is a big kids book that teaches its readers the proper grouping names of animals through colorful and whimsical illustrations. From a Barrel of Monkeys to a Bloat of Hippo's, Manimal Friends will keep you intrigued and laughing from cover to cover.

The idea for Manimal Friends came about one day as Ramiro Davaro-Comas was sitting in his apartment and he heard what sounded like a massive group of Buffalo running around in the upstairs apartment. He wondered what a group of Buffalo were called which he later found out was a Gang. This gang of Buffalo kicked off a million ideas and the project began to take form in May 2013 at an artist residency in NY. In December of 2013 the project was successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign and the final leg of the book was completed.

Signing Event Saturday September 6th
7 to 11pm


Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever Book Signing

Come Meet the Geniuses Behind this Paragon of Punk Fan Fiction

Wednesday, September 10th

Tom Neely, creator of the cult phenomenon, Henry & Glenn Forever, will be joining us on Wednesday, September 10th to share his newly released Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever, a new collection containing the comic strips, pin-up art and original covers from the previously serialized saga. Tom will be bringing some of the book's contributors along with him for the signing, so this is your chance to score autographs from sick comic artists like Keenan Marshall Keller, Kristina Collantes, Josh Bayer, Benjamin Marra, and Katie Skelly!

"June 23, 1955, some hellish crag opened up and spit out the mighty metal scion now known as Glenn Danzig. Through his work with the Misfits and his own eponymous band — plus his trips to the grocery store to buy kitty litter — the curmudgeonly doomster has influenced some untold astronomical number of reverent human beings. One of those is Los Angeles artist, author, and record nerd Tom Neely, who some number of years ago set out to depict "the greatest love story ever told" — a little cult-beloved slice of domestic bliss/angst called Henry & Glenn Forever, naturally revolving around the hypothetical romantic coupling of Mr. Danzig and one Henry Rollins. Neely and his friends' zine eventually became a comic, and in August it'll become a bona fide book. The Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever graphic novel compiles 20 short stories about these intense fellows and includes an original foreword written by Judas Priest's Rob Halford."
- Chris Martins, Spin Magazine
Read the whole article here!

Signing Event Wednesday September 11th
7 to 8pm

Sean Mahan & Elizabeth Winnel

September 12th - October 5th

Our first show of the Fall will be celebrating two incredible artists, Sean Mahan and Elizabeth Winnel, both of which you might remember from this year's Tiny Trifecta! Sean first showed with us last December, as part of our first Brooklyn Biennial Submission group show. His work stunned us all and we couldn't be happier to have this Florida-based painter back in New York! This show will mark Elizabeth's first time showing her larger works with us, although her tiny Lip paintings sold quickly at this year's Trifecta.

Sean Mahan
is a social realist figurative painter who works with graphite and acrylic washes on wood to depict a sense of wonder about the innate warmth of the human character and its conflict with structures of power and control. Sean has enjoyed creating cover artwork for the bands: Twelve Hour Turn, Floor, Daitro, Dauntless Elite, Jets vs. Sharks, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Beat Buttons, North Lincoln, Fires, Del Cielo, The Gifthorse, Mouthbreather, Senders, Little League, Kids on Bikes, and more.

Elizabeth Winnel received a BFA from in illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia and currently lives in Toronto, Canada. In her paintings she endeavors to make apparent the dichotomy of interior and exterior in relation to her self-image. Winnel begins each painting with a layer of drips, splashes and bleeding, the ‘associative layer’ binding form and color for emotive effect. The second layer depicts herself in vulnerable and often erotic poses. The aim is not self-objectification, but reflection and analysis.

Opening Event Friday September 12th
7pm to 11pm

Camilla D'Errico and Hikari Shimoda

Niji Bambini

October 10th - November 9th

Camilla d'Errico finds joy in angst - in shape and in form, in color and in texture – and in the embodiment of passion. She loves capturing the tension, the drama, and the unrest in people’s faces and showing them a reflection of their own deep seated emotions. It is about expressing what they feel and feeling what they express.

Hikari Shimoda Shimoda’s artwork paints a world where cuteness and horror coexist, and fantasy meets reality. She credits the Japanese pop culture she grew up with as the main source of inspiration of her Lowbrow “Irasuto” style, which means artwork made by people inspired by anime and manga. There are often children putting on heroic costumes such as Superman and “shojo” or magical girls, an anime sub-genre of young girls who use magic.
Through depicting children especially, Shimoda reveals the problems people in today’s society struggle with from within. Children possess a simple existence because their identity is ambiguous which provides her with an original point of view.

Opening Event Friday October 10th
7pm - 11pm

Arik Roper and Skinner

November 14th - December 7th

Arik Roper was born in 1973 in New York City, grew up in Richmond, Virginia, then returned to New York to attend the School of Visual Arts from 1991-1995. Since then he has built a universe of strange and familiar fantasy, horror, surreal, and psychedelic imagery. After starting out creating record and cd covers for a variety of bands, and various gigs in the commercial art world, he has continued onward and into more diverse areas of poster design and graphic illustration, and animation

Skinner is a self-taught artist living in Oakland, California who has meticulously crafted a balance of extraordinary mural work, bizarre and antagonistic installations while maintaining a prolific commercial career. Influenced by 80’s pop culture, human struggle, myths and violence, dungeons and dragons and the heavy metal gods, Skinner’s mind is one of psycho social mayhem fueled by a calculated chaos. Skinner has and continues to bring his own very specific weird art to anywhere in the world that can handle it. Skinner’s work has been celebrated in various publications including Blisss, Juxtapoz, Hi Fructose and Beautiful/Decay as well as numerous European publications.

Opening Event Friday November 14th
7pm - 11pm

Charlie Immer & Paul Pope

December 12th - January 4th, 2014

Charlie Immer is a fine artist and an illustrator. His work has been shown across the nation and has appeared in HiFructose Magazine. Charlie holds a BFA in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Paul Pope is a cartoonist living and working in New York City. His work combines the precision and romance of the European artists he studies with the energy and page design of the manga tradition. Pope has made a name for himself internationally as an artist and designer. He has been working primarily in comics since the early '90s, creating amazing award winning comics such as 100%, Heavy Liquid, and Batman: Year 100.

Opening Event Friday December 12th
7pm to 11pm

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